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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 14 Recap

Chen Wenwen took the initiative to say hello to Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan lowered his tone and called Chen Wenwen into the office. Su Manlin, who noticed something was wrong, called Jiang Xiaoning away. Gu Chuan and Chen Wenwen began to reminisce about the past. Chen Wenwen asked how Gu Chuan’s heart was. When Gu Chuan was in a car accident, Chen Wenwen ran to the door of the ward anxiously, but only saw the red light in the operating room. Every time afterwards, Chen Wenwen wanted to visit Gu Chuan, but was refused by Gu Chuan.

Gu Chuan who was strong didn’t want Chen Wenwen to see her embarrassed appearance. Chen Wenwen understood Gu Chuan’s intentions, but Gu Chuan who avoided seeing people made her feel. When he was unfamiliar, since Gu Chuan could not say goodbye, Chen Wenwen started first. In this way, 20-year-old Chen Wenwen ended the relationship with Gu Chuan after receiving the admission notice from abroad. Recalling this past event, Gu Chuan did not have any resentment towards Chen Wenwen, and the two could still get along like friends when they saw each other.

At this time, Su Manlin was holding a tea cup and heard everything from the side. After the discussion was over, Su Manlin deliberately asked Chen Wenwen for dinner. At the dinner table, Su Manlin couldn’t help but inquire about the relationship between Chen Wenwen and Gu Chuan. Chen Wenwen bluntly said that Gu Chuan would not like Su Manlin. Instead, Jiang Xiaoning matched Gu Chuan more. After Chen Wenwen left, Su Manlin felt that she couldn’t swallow her breath.

Jiang Xiaoning once again recalled Chen Wenwen’s encouragement for her confession. When Jiang Xiaoning sent Gu Chuan downstairs, Jiang Xiaoning was about to confess to Gu Chuan. Unexpectedly, a phone call came and the female voice on the phone provoked the relationship between Jiang Xiaoning and Chen Wenwen. To put it bluntly, Chen Wenwen wants to use Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan to rekindle the old relationship, and the excellent Chen Wenwen is naturally unmatched by Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning is a complete fool in the eyes of two people. After hearing this, Jiang Xiaoning was stunned, and Gu Chuan leaned in suspiciously, but Jiang Xiaoning hurriedly explained that it was her aunt’s call, and hurriedly left.

The shocked Jiang Xiaoning plunged into Zhao Yan’s arms. Zhao Yan was also distressed when she heard Jiang Xiaoning’s cry. After finally waiting for Jiang Xiaoning to finish crying, Zhao Yan opened the circle of friends, but saw Xu Chengran released a bottle of wine and scattered pills. Zhao Yan found that something was not right, and hurried to the hotel where Xu Chengran was. At this time, Xu Chengran’s deliberate strategy worked, and he lay down in the bathtub to enjoy. There was a knock on the door. Xu Chengran deliberately soaked the red wine in the bathtub.

Unexpectedly, it was the waiter Zhao Yan called and saw Xu. Indeed, closing his eyes tightly, the waiter was panicked and hurried out to call the police. Xu Chengran knew that he had misunderstood, so he chased after him. Only then was Zhao Yan who was guarding the living room stopped. Xu Chengran just stood aside like a child. When Zhao Yan was about to leave, Xu Chengran held Zhao Yan’s thigh tightly and blocked it in every possible way. Zhao Yan really had nothing to do with Xu Chengran, who was stalking him. When Xu Chengran slept in the doorway with energy consumption, he secretly left.

Jiang Xiaoning left Zhao Yan’s house and returned home. Auntie found tear marks on the corner of her eyes. After her aunt’s questioning, Jiang Xiaoning said that she was broken in love. After hearing Jiang Xiaoning’s words, Jiang Xiaoning mistakenly thought that Jiang Xiaoning had failed to chase the stars, so she relaxed. Minded. But Jiang Xiaoning stared at herself in the mirror, and couldn’t help but feel lost, but even if her love was lost, Jiang Xiaoning decided to try her best to hold on to her work.

The next day, Jiang Xiaoning came to take Gu Chuan to work as usual, but Gu Chuan noticed that Jiang Xiaoning’s mood was something wrong recently. Even if Jiang Xiaoning concealed it in every possible way, Gu Chuan carefully observed Jiang Xiaoning’s daily behavior. The evening was the birthday of his colleague Wang Kai. Gu Chuan took the opportunity to call everyone. Gu Chuan at the party couldn’t help but stare at Jiang Xiaoning, and the lost Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help touching the glass. Under the persuasion of everyone, Jiang Xiaoning drank it.

The next glass of wine made Gu Chuan very worried. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s wine glasses, his colleague suggested to play a game. The real adventure began. The rotating wine bottle kept pointing to Jiang Xiaoning. The question asked was about first love. Jiang Xiaoning silently said that his first love is now, not yet. The beginning is over. Gu Chuan saw it in his eyes and felt a lot of feelings in his heart. Everyone began to present cakes to Wang Kai. Hearing the birthday song sounded, Jiang Xiaoning’s mind flashed back to the day of the car accident when he was a child, and there was fear in his heart, so he secretly left.

Su Manlin blocked Gu Chuan who wanted to check, and went to find Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning knew that Su Manlin was calling that day. Su Manlin’s hostility and Chen Wenwen’s reminder made Jiang Xiaoning see the situation clearly. She shouldn’t fall into the love rival made by Su Manlin. In the illusion, if Gu Chuan was the starry sky he admired, perhaps he should work harder to catch up with that star. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaoning would stand up spikes to face herself one day, Su Manlin frowned and left.

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