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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 13 Recap

Gu Chuan and Su Manlin talked about the design of the cafe. Gu Chuan saw that this case was won by location, so he thought about the basic design style. Su Manlin and Gu Chuan saw Jiang Xiaoning downstairs at the same time. Gu Chuan went downstairs to find Jiang Xiaoning, wondering why Jiang Xiaoning didn’t go upstairs to study together, but Jiang Xiaoning said that Su Manlin stopped herself and said she would tell her.

On this business trip, the three of them stayed in a luxury hotel. Jiang Xiaoning put on his swimsuits and went to the hotel’s outdoor hot springs. Unexpectedly, he happened to ran into Chen Wenwen. The two chatted happily. Chen Wenwen talked about returning to China with her engaged husband, and Jiang Xiaoning also praised her boss Gu Chuan. Chen Wenwen knew that Jiang Xiaoning had a deep admiration for Gu Chuan. Feeling laughed, Jiang Xiaoning touched his head shyly, worried that Gu Chuan had already seen through himself. Chen Wenwen had heard Jiang Xiaoning’s words and wanted to meet Gu Chuan inexplicably. Before she left, she still persuaded Jiang Xiaoning to be careful not to lose her job and love.

Su Manlin led Gu Chuan to her room on the grounds of showing the plan. Seeing the dialog box sent by Gu Chuan, Su Manlin quietly put on perfume. Gu Chuan knocked on Su Manlin’s door and went straight to the desktop to take away the computer. Su Manlin called Gu Chuan and asked about Gu Chuan’s future plans. Su Manlin mentioned Jiang Xiaoning to Gu Chuan again. Gu Chuan frankly said that Jiang Xiaoning had a different influence on her. Be in sync with yourself.

Su Manlin asked if Gu Chuan would fall in love with Jiang Xiaoning, but Gu Chuan only replied with a wry smile that she might not fall in love with anyone. The two ended the conversation in this way, and just opened the door, they saw Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning, who had just soaked in the hot spring, saw the bright stars and the moon as soon as he looked up, and was excited to find the two, but Su Manlin and Gu Chuan in sexy pajamas stood together. Jiang Xiaoning returned to the room with a lonely expression on his face. ,

Went to the balcony and looked at the sky. Gu Chuan next door also walked out and mentioned to Jiang Xiaoning that he had just discussed the plan with Su Manlin. Gu Chuan kindly persuaded Jiang Xiaoning to rest earlier. Holding his emotions, Jiang Xiaoning happily forgot about it as soon as he returned to the room. The appearance of Gu Chuan’s explanation was engraved in his heart. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but blame his guesswork just now and almost misunderstood Gu Chuan.

Xu Chengran brought flowers to surround Zhao Yan. At this time, Manager Wei came downstairs and ran into the two of them. Zhao Yan deliberately called Xu Chengran his cousin. Manager Wei looked disdainful, but still greeted Xu Chengran with a smile on his face. Waiting in the car for Zhao Yan to eat together. Zhao Yan deliberately said that Manager Wei was her boyfriend, Xu Chengran’s heart was suddenly angry, and she couldn’t believe every word Zhao Yan said.

Zhao Yan followed Manager Wei to the high-end Japanese food store. Manager Wei was also jealous and asked about the relationship between Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran. Zhao Yan slopped and mixed the topic, who knows that Xu Chengran rushed. When they entered their private room, Manager Wei was about to take this opportunity to fight Xu Chengran. When the two toasted, Manager Wei deliberately called himself brother-in-law. This completely detonated Xu Chengran’s temper, and the two instantly scrambled into a ball.

Zhao Yan was naturally very dissatisfied with Xu Chengran’s naive behavior, so she punish him, and the two had a big fight. Xu Chengran took Zhao Yan’s words seriously and wondered why Zhao Yan would rather choose a middle-aged greasy man than a lover. Yourself. Xu Chengran turned his head in anger and left, crying loudly in the car. Zhao Yan had heard Xu Chengran’s words and was petrified in the same place.

Zhao Yan and Jiang Xiaoning complained that she was really afraid that Xu Chengran would really be hurt this time, but the appearance of the son of Xu Chengran made Zhao Yan, who had been emotionally injured, very scared. Zhao Yan earnestly persuaded Jiang Xiaoning that she might have to keep her distance from Gu Chuan, otherwise she would sink deeper and deeper. The next day, Jiang Xiaoning carried Gu Chuan to work and looked at Gu Chuan’s face along the way. Today’s Jiang Xiaoning kept recalling Zhao Yan’s advice last night, and he was very hesitant. Gu Chuan also wondered why Jiang Xiaoning was so quiet today.

Chen Wenwen sent the photos taken a few days ago to Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning happily called back and learned that Chen Wenwen had a film exhibition to be held in the near future. Jiang Xiaoning recommended letting her own studio take care of it. You can wait until Jiang Xiaoning happily finds Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan asked Jiang Xiaoning to hand over the job to Su Manlin. Unfortunately, he had been blowing a rainbow fart for Gu Chuan for so long. Jiang Xiaoning knew that Chen Wenwen could not see the excellence of Gu Chuan, and was a little disappointed.

Tang Xu followed Xu’s father’s order and transferred a huge amount of money. Although he had doubts, Tang Xu honestly followed suit. Xu’s father’s tone on the phone sounded irrelevant, and Tang Xu’s mood was relaxed a lot.

Su Manlin and Jiang Xiaoning found Chen Wenwen together. The two came to the rooftop and found Chen Wenwen. Su Manlin was secretly hostile to Chen Wenwen. Perhaps it was because Jiang Xiaoning was in the middle. Su Manlin kept interrupting Chen Wenwen. Fortunately, Chen Wenwen had a good temper. , Or follow Su Manlin’s plan to continue the discussion. At the end of the conversation, Chen Wenwen and Jiang Xiaoning made an appointment for dinner.

At the table, Chen Wenwen pierced Su Manlin’s hostility towards Jiang Xiaoning. Perhaps it was because Su Manlin also loved Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning was surprised to hear that, but now she has no confession at all. Courage, Chen Wenwen silently encouraged Jiang Xiaoning, and sometimes she needs to pursue happiness by herself.

The next day, Jiang Xiaoning brought Chen Wenwen to the company to discuss the plan. Unexpectedly, Chen Wenwen was stunned when she saw the logo of the studio. Gu Chuan happened to walk towards the two of them. When she saw Chen Wenwen’s figure, Gu Chuan was also surprised. Chen Wenwen turned her head to look at Gu Chuan with a serious look.

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