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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 12 Recap

Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning into the taxi, and the two came to the project they were in charge of: the ski resort. One was for Jiang Xiaoning to visit, and the other was to take Jiang Xiaoning for fun. When Jiang Xiaoning came to the ski resort like a child, she begged Gu Chuan to take pictures of herself. The two of them played for a while before continuing their learning journey. Jiang Xiaoning, who doesn’t know how to ski at all, is very envious of Gu Chuan’s previous skiing experience.

Seeing Jiang Xiaoning actively taking photos with his ski equipment, Gu Chuan once again helped him take pictures and put his feet on the skateboard. Jiang Xiaoning accidentally slid down high. Fortunately, Gu Chuan hurriedly stopped, and the two slid face to face all the way to the bottom. Looking at Jiang Xiaoning’s surprised face, Gu Chuan couldn’t help but start to speed up…

Walking out of the ski resort, Jiang Xiaoning held two dolls from the ski resort: a crow and a lizard, and he couldn’t put it down. Jiang Xiaoning also secretly recorded a voice in the body of the lizard doll. Gu Chuan took the doll, and after pinching it, Jiang Xiaoning’s voice came out. Gu Chuan could not help but smile. The doll said: I hope all Jiang Xiaoning’s wishes can be realized…

After the team building was over, Gu Chuan offered to exchange dolls with Jiang Xiaoning. Originally, he recorded a copy of Gu Chuan for the crow doll. Hearing Gu Chuan talk about the exchange, Jiang Xiaoning felt guilty, but still agreed to exchange. Back in the room, Jiang Xiaoning found that the lizard doll sent a blessing from Gu Chuan. And Gu Chuan also heard Jiang Xiaoning imitating himself, and couldn’t help but start to laugh, the echo of the two people in the room, Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but smile…

After the days of team building, the relationship between Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan seemed to have gone a step further. Even Gu Chuan’s dress is a little bit more colorful. During the lunch break, Gu Chuan wants to find Jiang Xiaoning. Who knows that Su Manlin said Jiang Xiaoning and Tang Xu will go to dinner in advance.

After Gu Chuan heard this, he couldn’t help pacing anxiously in the office, and couldn’t help sending a warning message to Jiang Xiaoning. As Jiang Xiaoning thought about it, he was still afraid that Gu Chuan would be hungry and angry with himself. So I felt like saying goodbye to Tang Xu and bringing the takeaway to Gu Chuan’s office, but Gu Chuan was no longer seen. Jiang Xiaoning became anxious, for fear that Gu Chuan would start to be angry with him.

Xu Chengran lay facelessly at Zhao Yan’s house again, but Zhao Yan bluntly said that today he and Jiang Xiaoning would enjoy the night flowers together. Upon seeing this, Xu Chengran hurriedly called to Gu Chuan to lead Jiang Xiaoning away. As soon as he heard Jiang Xiaoning was there, Gu Chuan, who was still resisting, agreed and brought his favorite professional equipment to Zhao Yan’s house. The four people gathered around the table of Zhao Yan’s house. The epiphany bloomed slowly while waiting, revealing the beautiful petals. Everyone was overjoyed and decided to keep a photo to commemorate.

On the second day, there was a meeting in the studio. Everyone talked about taking over the business of the Internet celebrity cafe. Gu Chuan believes that the Internet celebrity cafe has a certain reputation and can help the company in the future. Upon hearing Gu Chuan’s meaning, Su Manlin, who had originally opposed it, went uncharacteristically and agreed to the task, and asked her to lead Jiang Xiaoning to be responsible.

At the end of the meeting, Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to watch the construction of the art gallery, watching his idea approaching realization step by step. Jiang Xiaoning was very proud and asked Gu Chuan to help him take a photo. Gu Chuan looked at Jiang Xiaoning’s smile. Can’t help but start to speed up his heartbeat.

Xu Chengran returned to his father’s house, only to find that the man who had robbed him appeared at the door. Xu Chengran became suspicious and told Xu’s father. Xu’s father noticed something was wrong, but he didn’t elaborate, just warned Xu Chengran. be careful.

Su Manlin reported to Gu Chuan the basic situation of the Internet celebrity cafe. Gu Chuan called Jiang Xiaoning again, and the three set out to investigate the coffee spot. When he arrived at the destination, Jiang Xiaoning looked at the lake view in front of him and couldn’t help but start to daze. The photographer Chen Wenwen passing by watched Jiang Xiaoning’s figure merge with the lake view, couldn’t help but press the shooting button, and the two met. The names were exchanged.

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