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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 11 Recap

Gu Chuan got through Jiang Xiaoning’s phone and almost said that he liked Jiang Xiaoning very much. Fortunately, he changed his mouth as soon as possible, saying that he liked the things Jiang Xiaoning picked for him. So Jiang Xiaoning was asked to choose clothes with him. The next day, everyone from the company set out for the team building destination. Su Manlin didn’t feel happy when she learned that Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan were on another trip.

Jiang Xiaoning danced a set of sportswear for Gu Chuan, and the waiter on the side took the opportunity to take out a set of clothes that matched Gu Chuan, mistakenly thinking that the two were lovers. Jiang Xiaoning hurriedly denied it, but Gu Chuan persuaded Jiang Xiaoning to try it instead. The clothes really fit, and Gu Chuan paid for both of them. Along the way, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help the throbbing in his heart, and kept peeking at Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan also watched Jiang Xiaoning carefully, and the two of them couldn’t help but feel ripples.

Xu Chengran couldn’t contact Zhao Yan in the past few days. However, Zhao Yan refused to accept all information bombing and telephone attacks, and simply shut down and escaped. Xu Chengran felt very lonely looking at the people coming and going at the coffee shop where Zhao Yan met. Zhao Yan’s manager once again proposed a dinner together.

Since the last time she asked for leave, she casually agreed to the manager’s request that she must have a dinner together. This time, Zhao Yan had no reason to refuse, so she had to sit in the manager’s car obediently. When the car drove out of the company, Zhao Yan saw Xu Chengran’s figure hovering downstairs. She couldn’t help feeling touched. She kept groping for the phone with her fingers, but she did not press the call button.

When Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning’s couple clothes were matched, they attracted everyone’s attention. Su Manlin took this opportunity to catch Jiang Xiaoning and deliberately instructed Jiang Xiaoning to go back to finish work, and she took Gu Chuan to celebrate with everyone. After dinner, Gu Chuan knocked on Jiang Xiaoning’s door. Gu Chuan, who doesn’t like junk food, asked Jiang Xiaoning to eat. Jiang Xiaoning deliberately took out the thick porridge he made himself.

The two of them ate while looking at the conceptual drawing that Jiang Xiaoning drew. Gu Chuan saw the mistake at a glance, so he helped Jiang Xiaoning correct the mistake in twos or twos, which made Jiang Xiaoning feel more grateful to Gu Chuan. At this time, fireworks were set off outside, and the fireworks bloomed brightly in the night sky, dotted with the sky full of stars. Jiang Xiaoning took the opportunity to make a wish. Gu Chuan stared at Jiang Xiaoning’s closed eyes and smiled unknowingly.

Su Manlin held the cake and milk she had prepared and wanted to pass it to Gu Chuan, but she knocked it a few times but didn’t respond. Who knew that as soon as he turned around, he saw two figures in Jiang Xiaoning’s room. You don’t need to guess that it was Gu Chuan who was staying in Jiang Xiaoning’s room. Su Manlin was angry, holding the tray, angrily and left.

After Jiang Xiaoning revised the drawing according to the instructions of Care Chuan, he turned his head and found that Gu Chuan was already asleep on the sofa. Jiang Xiaoning put a blanket on Gu Chuan and turned his head to continue working again. Gu Chuan, who was asleep, fell into a nightmare again, and woke up to find Jiang Xiaoning curled up in the seat asleep. Gu Chuan listened to Jiang Xiaoning’s dream talk, then put the blanket back on Jiang Xiaoning’s body, and left by himself. When Su Manlin saw Gu Chuan walk out, she stopped Gu Chuan and secretly asked about the relationship between the two people, but Gu Chuan only briefly summarized and did not realize her love for Jiang Xiaoning…

After Zhao Yan ended the work party, she was drunk by the manager. When I got home, I forgot to close the door. Xu Chengran walked into the living room silently, watching Zhao Yan collapse on the sofa, and looking helplessly at Zhao Yan’s smile gradually faded. Zhao Yan looked at the hot water that Xu Chengran handed her, and she was unconscious and talked nonsense, which made Xu Chengran amused and liked it. Zhao Yan, who seems to be strong, also needs an arm to lean on at this time. Xu Chengran hugged Zhao Yan tightly, and the two hugged tightly, feeling each other’s body temperature.

The activities on the second day of the team building were mainly free activities. Everyone looked at the introduction in the travel brochure and discussed the places to play. Jiang Xiaoning looked at the introduction of the various attractions, greedily wanting to go anywhere. Gu Chuan couldn’t stand it anymore and called Jiang Xiaoning privately.

On the other side, Zhao Yan saw Xu Chengran’s figure after waking up, and suddenly felt a headache. But at this time, Xu Chengran seemed to have put herself in the identity of her boyfriend, and she refused to give up under Zhao Yan’s three orders and five applications. She insisted on pestering Zhao Yan. She couldn’t remember what happened last night. Zhao Yan suffered from a headache. , Still gave an ultimatum to Xu Chengran, which made Xu Chengran leave his home.

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