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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 27 Recap

As soon as Liang Chen walked out of the studio, he saw Sister Qing, Ke Ke and Ma Shanshan looking at her with tears. Liang Chen thanked Ma Shanshan and hoped that Ma Shanshan could start again with her. Ma Shanshan nodded and agreed. , And distressed that Liang Chen persisted all the way to the present.

Liang Chen went to meet Lu Jing last and embraced Lu Jing. Several people were happy for them. On the night before the game, Liang Chen left home alone, came to the place where Lu Jing often came, threw the music scores into the water, just as Lu Jing rushed over and jumped into the water to pick up those music scores and return them to Liang Chen. Lu Jing believes that this is Liang Chen’s future and cannot be given up easily. Even if the game is uninstalled and reinstalled, Lu Jing embraces Liang Chen and persuades Liang Chen not to give up, face it bravely, and come on. Thinking of these, Liang Chen thanked Lu Jing for his encouragement and kissed Lu Jing on the cheek, and Lu Jing returned the kiss.

Taro also offered to go on an outing with Ma Shanshan. For the first time, Ma Shanshan did not refuse taro. Taro was happy from the heart. At the same time, Jiayun also sent a blessing, congratulations to Liang Chen for the successful transformation with his own efforts.

Liang Chen just sent a WeChat message to inquire what Lu Jing did. Lu Jing replied that he missed Liang Chen. The two of them even went out to school. They saw Liang Chen wearing thick clothes standing by the roadside. Lu Jing quickly rubbed his hands and held it. Liang Chen’s hand was removed. Lu Jing admired Liang Chen’s tablemate before, and he could see Liang Chen from one side. Liang Chen also expressed his admiration for Lu Jing’s roommate, who could see Lu Jing when he opened his eyes. When the two couldn’t help but kiss each other, the security came. They were so scared that they hurriedly hid. They were also locked in the classroom. Lu Jing pulled Liang Chen through the window and escaped.

On the playground, Lu Jing and Liang Chen happened to see Qi Qi and Gu Feiming arguing. Qi Qi felt that they were not suitable to be separated. Gu Feiming thought that Lu Jing had betrayed him and was so scared to explain quickly, but instead they betrayed themselves. Qi Qi turned around and left. Gu Feiming was anxious to catch up but fell down suddenly. Liang Chen and Lu Jing walked out and stood in front of Gu Feiming. Gu Feiming suddenly saw Liang Chen alive and couldn’t believe his eyes. They were so scared that they pulled their legs and left. The roommate must have said that he had not misunderstood the person, but Zhou Zhou and others had known it a long time ago and were not surprised.

Lu Jing and Liang Chen made an appointment to travel together. As soon as they were about to have an intimate kiss, Lu Jing heard Liang Chen’s stomach groaning, and hurriedly took Liang Chen to eat. While driving, Taro accidentally released the player in the car, but Ma Shanshan’s program was played. Taro did not hide it, claiming that he had always liked Ma Shanshan. He liked every piece of it, Ma The mountains are sweet in their hearts.

Taro deliberately prepared a lot of food, and went on a picnic with Ma Shanshan, but suddenly encountered a heavy rain. Taro hurriedly packed up and let Mashan mountain get on the car to hide from the rain. Ma Shanshan smiled at the busy figure of Taro. . Ma Shanshan was worried that the taro would catch a cold, so taro hurriedly showed off his body, but couldn’t help but sneezed. Ma Shanshan couldn’t help but smile. He even took off the confetti from the taro’s hair with his own hands, but the taro was stunned for a long time when he touched the head, and the little deer in his heart slammed into it.

Lu Jing painted for Liang Chen. Liang Chen asked to paint her more beautifully. Lu Jing immediately kissed him. Liang Chen kissed Lu Jing on the cheek with a shy smile. Lu Jing went to paint with satisfaction, Liang Chen also painted in a decent way, and in the end he painted an impressionist portrait for Lu Jing.

Lu Jing hugged Liang Chen all the way, but met some tourists who almost recognized Liang Chen, and Lu Jing blocked him back, but there was a paparazzi who didn’t want to pass them by.

In the evening, Liang Chen sprayed perfume on purpose and chose a relatively pure and attractive pajamas. Lu Jing happened to come over. Liang Chen was a little nervous and wanted to brush his teeth. Lu Jing simply went over and put his arms around Liang Chen to brush his teeth together. Liang Chen couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. After Lu Jing’s Adam’s apple was broken, Lu Jing was panting nervously.

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