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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 23 Recap

Fang Yuncheng saw that Jiang Tianling was driven out by Zhanzhi, he hurried back and told Jiang Baiyu and the others that Jiang Baiyu was not surprised at all, he had known it would be such a result a long time ago. Jiang Tianling had never suffered such a big setback, and several people were very worried about him, so they went to him together. Jiang Baiyu and others searched Jiang Mansion but did not see Jiang Tianling’s figure. Several people saw him on the bridge in Xishi City.

Several people thought he couldn’t think of it, so they quietly walked around behind him and hugged him from both sides. Jiang Tian Ling explained that he didn’t want to commit suicide. This was the first time he saw Zhezhi dancing and also the first time he saw his heart clearly. Several people comforted Jiang Tianling, Jiang Tianling decided not to give up after listening to them.

The old lady asked the host of Xiangguo Temple today to calculate the earthquake disaster in Chong’an on the eighth night of August, so Hou Chang’an and others should be careful. Jiang Baiyu said that if Shui Wuxia was afraid to stay with him, he could protect her. Fang Yuncheng also said that if she was afraid he could stay with her, Qi Delong refused.

Fang Yuncheng came to Huadengfang to find Uncle Qi, and helped him find the best inn to live in, and let him meet Qi Delong. Jiang Tianling broke into the room. Zhezhi and several bosses were drinking. When Zhezhi saw that Jiang Tianling was deliberately close to others, he hoped that Jiang Tianling could retreat. Jiang Tianling said that the earthquake disaster was serious, and several bosses left one after another. Jiang Tianling said that neither he nor Zhezhi had tried it. How did he know that it was inappropriate. Zhezhi asked Jiang Tianling to come to Huadengfang tomorrow to let him experience her life for one day. Jiang Tianling agreed.

The next day Zhezhi went out together and saw Jiang Tianling sitting outside drinking tea and reading a book. She was surprised. He said that he was here to experience her day in life. It has been three hours, during which he read three books and drinks. A pot of tea. Jiang Tianling watched Zhezhi’s dance and found that her way of exerting her strength was wrong. He told Zhezhi the reason and danced with her. Jiang Tianling helped Zhezhi tidy up the room in an orderly manner, and carefully prepared Fu Lin ointment for her sprained ankle.

Fang Yuncheng pulled Qi Delong and wanted to take her to Hongyan Tower. Shui Wuxia found them and told them that Senior Sister Seven could meet Langya Pavilion later. Qi Delong’s father and the master were in the chamber now, Jiang Baiyu was dealing with it, Shui Wuxia asked Qi Delong to follow She went to the chamber and asked Fang Yuncheng to find a place to hide.

The old lady showed the portraits of Jiang Tianling and Qi Delong to Qi Delong’s father. Qi Delong’s father doubted that this was obviously not the young master he knew. Jiang Baiyu used gold and silver jewelry to divert his attention. Qi Delong’s father took Jiang Baiyu away. Qi Delong came to Fang Yuncheng and told Fang Yuncheng to leave her father alone in the future. Fang Yuncheng kept talking for her father. Qi Delong said she would rather not have a father.

Jiang Baiyu was sitting on the opposite side of Shui Wuxia while reading a book. There was a big earthquake. All the bottles and jars in the room fell to the ground. The screen was about to fall on Shui Wuxia’s body. Jiang Baiyu hurriedly jumped over to help. She blocked the broken screen. The people in Jiangfu were all running out, and the people in Huadengfang were also running out. Jiang Tianling squeezed into Huadengfang in retrograde. She was very scared when she saw Zhezhi squatting in the corner holding her head. The earthquake stopped, Jiang Tianling came over and called Zhezhi, Zhezhi hugged him. After the earthquake, Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia accidentally kissed each other, and Jiang Baiyu injured his neck.

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