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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 27 Recap

General Cao, who was in charge of the Queen’s trip with Lu Qi, drank alcohol unhappily because he was angry with Lu Qi. As a result, he accidentally slipped off the hill and injured his leg. General Cao couldn’t follow the army, nor did Lu Qi. After thinking about it, he escorted the queen and others away first. The queen called Fu Rou to travel together and asked her how she felt. Fu Rou didn’t hide it, saying that her destiny should be decided by others.

This was really uncomfortable. The queen knew Fu Rou wanted to go out of the palace, but she asked Fu Rou if she knew it. Her own wish, the queen hopes to help the emperor manage the harem, but her health is not good. She hopes that Fu Rou can help herself more in the palace. The situation in the palace is chaotic, and she must comfort him. This time the affairs of King Liang made Fu Rou suffer. To compensate for the grievance, the queen rewarded her with a word of forgiveness. With this word of forgiveness, a person can be pardoned for a small sin. Only Fu Rou was the one who received this pardon in the palace. Fu Rou quickly thanked her.

Halfway, Hong Yide rushed to the emperor’s frame with his men. Lu Qi hurriedly led his troops to meet the enemy. The rockets burned in the crowds’ carriages. Several people hurriedly got out of the car. Smoke billowed and just left the Taoist temple. Seeing the situation, Sheng Chumu hurried forward to support her. Empress Fu Ronghua found a carriage, but King Liang refused to let the Queen and Fu Rou get in the car after letting the Supreme Emperor get in the car.

Fortunately, the Empress let the Queen get in the car. When everyone got on the cart, King Liang drove away in a carriage, Hong Yide’s men chased him, Fu Rou desperately protected the queen, and finally got off a part of the chasing troops, but the carriage fell apart. Fortunately, Fu Rou found a cave. Hurry up to hide in the cave with everyone.

Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi resisted the enemy together. Soon after they arrived, Hong Yide hurried to escape. Lu Qi wanted to thank Sheng Chumu for his help, but Sheng Chumu punched Lu Qi to count Lu Qi. Instigating King Liang to provoke Fu Rou’s account, reinforcements rushed to pull the two away, Sheng Chumu went to find Fu Rou’s whereabouts, Lu Qi arrested the rebels for interrogation, but the rebels said that the Lu family and them were accomplices. Lu Hanxing colluded with Hong Yide. Lu Hanxing killed the rebel army and killed him, and went to chase Hong Yide. Unexpectedly, Hong Yide had support. Hong Yide’s party name was Fu Shui, who looked exactly like Chen Ji. He asked Hong Yide first. Go, he hit Lu Qi’s chest with an arrow.

Although Fu Rou and the others escaped chasing soldiers, the cave they entered was a Jedi maze. The terrain in the cave was complicated. Everyone wanted to go back and found that they had lost their way. They walked for a long time, found a place to rest, and just sat down. Not long after, King Liang suddenly fell to the ground.

After checking, the queen found that King Liang’s wound was black. It seems that Hong Yide and their weapons were coated with poison. It was sprinkled on the queen, and she grabbed the queen’s neck with her hand. Seeing that the queen was about to be strangled to death, Fu Rou couldn’t care about the identity of the Supreme Emperor. She picked up a crock pot and stunned the Supreme Emperor. Although King Liang wanted to harm herself, But Fu Rou still couldn’t save him. She took out the antidote pill given by Yuan Daochang and fed it to King Liang.

After the Supreme Emperor woke up, Fu Rou told the Queen that he had deliberately told the Supreme Emperor that it was the Queen who reminded herself of Yuan Daochang’s pill. After feeding the emperor to the King Liang, King Liang had already improved, and the Supreme Emperor had regained his sanity. The queen also gave the emperor a step down. Fu Rou finally found some water and was about to give it to the queen, but King Liang threatened Fu Rou with a sword to give the water to himself.

The queen asked Fu Rou to give the water to King Liang, and Fu Rou could only give it reluctantly. The Supreme Emperor had a bit of conscience and asked King Liang to leave a sip of water for the Queen, but the Queen left the last sip of water to Fu Rou. After all, Fu Rou is now the most physically strong and most likely to find a way out of them. The hope of finding a way out is pinned on Fu Rou.

When Concubine Yan heard that the queen and others were missing, she was burning incense and praying. The emperor suddenly came. Concubine Yan relieved the emperor with a few words, but the emperor blamed himself very much. He felt that he was not decisive enough at the time, so that the queen went to observe the matter.

Concubine Yan also blamed herself. The queen asked about the whereabouts of King Zhou. The next person said that King Zhou had heard that the queen was missing and had gone to Dacang Mountain to find him. The emperor learned that the crown prince was burning incense and praying instead of going out to search like King Zhou. , And became angry with the prince again, even considering whether the prince is suitable for the prince.

Fu Rou finally found the exit, but ran into a tiger at the exit. Fu Rou accidentally lost the map she had drawn while escaping for her life. After Fu Rou fled, she wanted to find support. She heard Sheng Chumu’s call. When he wanted to respond, he was knocked out by Yan Zifang and taken away. Fortunately, Sheng Chumu picked up the map drawn by Fu Rou and found the Supreme Emperor and the Empress, but seeing that Fu Rou was not there, he asked to stay and continue searching for Fu Rou’s whereabouts.

After Fu Rou woke up, she was a little surprised to see Yan Zifang. After inquiring, she knew that Yan Zifang knew that Hong Yide was in Chang’an, but he had nothing to do with him. Fu Rou was a little disappointed with Yan Zifang and felt that he was disregarding the lives of ordinary people. . Yan Zifang left Fu Rou’s clothes, stained with blood, and placed them next to the tiger’s footprints. When Sheng Chumu and Zhou Wang looked for Fu Rou, they were a little scared and worried that Fu Rou had been killed.

Lu Qi was sent back to the Lu Mansion. Although the trauma was not serious, there was still blood in his skull. He did not wake up for a long time. Fu Yin probed Lu Qi’s forehead and went out to call the maid Jasmine. Lu Hanxing took this opportunity to enter. In Lu Qi’s room.

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