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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 2 Recap

The stone pendant has an exquisitely carved pattern and is tied with a blue tassel underneath. It is not only the girl’s personal body, but also the real purpose of her entering the city. It is nothing more than to find the rumored jade-faced judge. Originally, Chu Chu mistakenly thought that Xiao Jinyu should be a jade-faced judge, but the other party immediately denied it. On the contrary, Zhou Han seemed to be interested in the pendant and watched closely when he came.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Jinyu hid the pendant behind her, found a reason to dismiss Zhou Han, and then returned it to Yu Chuchu, telling her not to show it in public at will. On the way to the scene of the murder case, Chu Chu took out the medicinal ointment to bruise Xiao Jinyu, and would rather risk his qualifications and refuse to reveal the origin of the pendant unless he sees the real Jade face judge.

Zhou Han left the examination hall and immediately reported to Qin Luan what he had seen and heard today, and then mentioned a stone pendant. According to Zhou Han’s description, Qin Luan believed that this pendant was a token of love between Princess Xiping and Xiao Heng, but now it appeared in Chu Chu’s hands, so he suspected that Xiao Heng was not dead, so he sent Zhou Han to catch Chu Chu and ask if he understands. .

After arriving at the scene of the murder case, Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu, based on the clues they found, conducted a mock murder again to restore the truth of Yan Ming’s murder. That night, the deceased Yan Ming wanted to show off the calligraphy in front of his relatives and friends. As a result, he just went to the study to take the calligraphy, and suddenly there was a scream.

As the first person to arrive at the scene, Jing Yi immediately sealed off the Yan government for investigation, and there was no trace of the suspect. In the end, after these two demonstrations of the death process, Xiao Jinyu judged that the two screams were from the same population. Even if the murderer was good at it, the dancing girl could at least see a clue, unless she was the thief shouting and catching the thief.

Xiao Jinyu found the weapon in the study and told Jing Yi to go and capture the dancer. Since the case has not been completely solved, Chu Chu was not allowed to leave Chang’an City at will, but stayed in the city on standby to help him solve the case. When parting, Xiao Jinyu helped Chu Chu get back the lost baggage, and even paid out wages. In private, he sent someone to follow Chu Chu so that he could keep track of the other party’s movements.

Qin Luan took the opportunity to file a complaint with Tang Xuanzong, claiming that the time limit for the unsettled case was approaching. Instead of finding out the cause, Xiao Jinyu used the body as an exam question, disregarding the majesty of the sage. Instigated by Qin Luan, Tang Xuanzong couldn’t help but furious, and ordered Xiao Jinyu to close the case before sunset, otherwise he would be dismissed from office.

Afterwards, Sun Deming was ordered by Qin Luan to personally take the rare treasures to please Princess Xiping. However, the princess Xiping did not buy it, because she had already seen Qin Luan’s true face, so she used a whip to make the eunuchs piss off. Seeing them run away with fright, Princess Xiping completely calmed down her anger, still believing that the consort Xiao Heng is still in the world, but she has not found a trace so far, and she cannot tell her son Xiao Jinyu about the clothes.

Since the lightning strike was solved, the Sanfa Division posted a notice at the gate of the city, and the people watched and admired it. Chu Chu was a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t hide his pride. Just as she turned to leave, she knocked down a lame man. She wanted to send him home out of kindness, but she didn’t know that she had been tricked.

The man led Chu Chu to an uninhabited alley, then showed her a dagger and placed it on Chu Chu’s neck, threatening her to hand over the stone pendant and go somewhere with him. At the critical moment, Wu Jiang came with a team of guards. Although he succeeded in saving Chu Chu, the man was murdered and the murderer fled on the spot.

Chu Chu escaped, and the moment he saw Xiao Jinyu, the whole person cried with rain, and at the same time he did not forget to check the man’s body. Xiao Jinyu became suspicious of Chu Chu, that is, she was curious as to why she wanted to please herself everywhere in order to enter the three law division to become a work, but would rather give up the opportunity of employment than tell the origin of the pendant.

Considering that Xiao Heng died in the southwest, it happened that Chu Chu was from the southwest, and Jing Yi had praised Chu Chu before, the connection between Xiao Jinyu was unpredictable. Even if Xiao Jinyu never doubted Jing Yi’s intentions, he still wanted to find out the details of the judge of Yumian, so he decided to write to Leng Yue for inquiries, trying to open the gap and understand the origin of Chu Chu.

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