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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 1 Recap

The curfew had passed, and the night wind did not move. At that time, thunder was passing by, and a woodman leaped out of the canopy, carrying a lantern and carrying a basket. After a while, lightning hit the woodcutter along the tree trunk and killed him. After a few days, he could not be solved. It was an undecided case.

It is now in the middle and late Tang Dynasty. Because of the eunuch who supported Xuanzong’s upper position, he then took charge of the imperial army and guarded the palace. Xuanzong specially set up the Three Laws Department and ordered Xiao Jinyu, the king of Anjun, to take charge of the affairs of prisons in the world. The Department of Three Laws places great importance on the use of cases in handling cases. It sets up a selection test in Beijing every year. There is no limit to everything, and talented people can live in it.

Since then, during the exam season, there have been many people from all over the world to take the exam, including Chu Chu, the daughter of the Southwestern family of people, who is now disguised as a man and arrived in Chang’an alone a thousand miles away. At this moment, the city of Chang’an was very prosperous, and she looked at her shoulder to shoulder and heard loud voices. Before she took a closer look, she suddenly saw a carriage crashing into the old man, making the other party fall to the ground.

The owner of the car offered to send the old man to see the doctor, but the old man hurriedly refused, without leaving the medical expenses. At first, Chu Chu stood beside him to join in the fun, but found that the old man’s calf injury was different, and it was clear that he wanted to touch porcelain. Seeing Chu Chu publicly expose the young brawny to pretend to be an old man and forge wounds, Jing Yi, as the Shaoqing of Dali Temple, naturally would not let the scammers get away with it, and immediately sent people to subdue him.

Jing Yi became interested in Chu Chu and took the opportunity to get acquainted with her. Just as the two introduced each other, it was unexpected that a group of eunuchs rode straight from a distance and almost hit Chu Chu. Fortunately, Jing Yi’s eyes and hands were quick, and he protected Chu Chu in time. The chief guard of the palace, Wu Jiang, descended from the sky and kicked the imperial eunuch Sun Mingde on his horse, successfully controlling the chaotic scene.

Sun Deming looked at the identity of the incoming person, and his attitude was very arrogant, and he didn’t put King An in his eyes, and directly moved out of the name of Qin Luan, the acting eunuch chief. However, Xiao Jinyu was not afraid at all, and in accordance with the law, Wu Jiangzhang was required to blame Sun Deming. After witnessing the whole incident, Chu Chu was extremely impressed by his fair enforcement of the law.

The turmoil subsided for the time being, and Chu Chu was about to take the test. It was inevitable that there were some worries in his heart, worried that he would not be eligible for admission. Upon hearing this, Jing Yi took the token from her arms and handed it to her, claiming that the token was like a passport. Sure enough, just as Jing Yi wanted, Chu Chu smoothly came to the Sanfa Division.

Since yesterday was the nuclear test, today it has reached the selection stage. If you pass, you can enter the Three Laws Division to play for King An. Hubu Shangshu Wang Jun was dissatisfied that Xiao Jinyu left his secretary Lang Da case unchecked, and even presided over the exam with a leisurely heart. Because of Wang Jun’s added oil and jealousy, the Criminal Department Shangshu Han Ji was even more angry, not only jealous of Xiao Jinyu’s holy favorite, but also indignant that he had to listen to this nasty child.

Regarding this exam, it’s a novelty. The two corpses that Xiao Jinyu used as exam questions are all unsettled murder cases in Beijing. One of them is the case of secretary Lang Yanming. So far, he has not been able to find out the truth behind the scenes. fierce. At the same time, Chu Chu personally inspected the woodcutter’s corpse and inferred the process of his death with a reasonable basis. The invigilators were impressed, and Xiao Jinyu was also impressed by Chu Chu, especially her method of steaming vinegar and fumigating, which really surprised the people around her.

Sun Deming limped to the front of the hall and personally sued the emperor An Junwang for lynching. Afterwards, Tang Xuanzong reprimanded Xue Rucheng as Xiao Jinyu’s master for not disciplining good apprentices, and even arousing dissatisfaction with many ministers in the DPRK, so he told Xue Rucheng to let Xiao Jinyu know how to constrain.

Back then, Xiao Heng investigated the Southwest party against the party, and the eunuch Qin Luan led people to respond. In fact, he secretly framed Xiao Heng and Jiannan Jiedu to make Chen Ying conspiracy against the party. As a result, the corpse was not seen in the battle, so that he was in the aftermath of the battle. For more than ten years, I was worried all day long, always worried that Xiao Heng was still alive. Now Anjun Wang Xiao Jinyu has become the weather, so Qin Luanwei often tripped Xiao Jinyu in front of Tang Xuanzong, and at the same time ordered Zhou Han to spy on the news.

Chu Chu took over the injury examination questions and mistakenly regarded Xiao Jinyu as a living corpse until the other party revealed her identity, which made her knelt on the ground and kowtow. Xiao Jinyu directly exposed Chu Chu’s false identity, and based on her smell and autopsy experience, inferred that she was from a family of scholars, not a scholarly family.

No matter how eloquent Chu Chu spoke, Xiao Jinyu insisted on his own point of view. He did not pursue the fake identity, but decided to take Chu Chu to see the scene of the corpse case. However, a few people met the guy at the inn as soon as they left the house, and the crowd criticized Chu Chu for not paying for the accommodation. Xiao Jinyu recognized that the buddy was holding the jade pendant pledged by Chu Chu in her hand, and doubted her identity, so Jing Yi paid the money to the inn and booked the room that Chu Chu had previously stayed in.

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