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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 32 Recap

The two convoys all entered the launch position, and the two sides looked at each other with a tough attitude, and Lu Zheng handed over the launch task to 928. 822 was very dissatisfied. Lu Zheng showed them the video of 928 driving away the big tree. Lin Anbang lamented that the sky has eyes , Xia Zhuo also used eye gestures to show Ouyang Jun, Ouyang Jun was full of unwillingness. Lu Zheng said that competition is a good thing, but don’t forget that they are soldiers, and they use improper means to achieve success. It is disgraceful and meaningless.

When 928 entered the launch process, Xia Zhuo suddenly saw the HBU light turn on. Yang Wanjin and Lin Anbang didn’t believe it, but Xia Zhuo said that he was right. How can the HBU light be on? At this time, the HBU light flashes to indicate that the transmission is stopped. Xia Zhuo tried hard to recall, and once again confirmed that it was indeed bright. Shao Shuai hurriedly went to find Chen Haofeng, Yang Wanjin sighed. This was the hundredth bullet in the brigade.

A hundred shots a hundred hits because of Xia Zhuo’s sentence, and it was completely cold. Xia Zhuo hoped that Yang Wanjin would believe in himself, but Yang Wanjin refused to give up his request to continue the launch process. Xia Zhuo was strongly opposed to it. They must be responsible for the missile launch! Lu Zheng was not willing to give up easily, and repeatedly asked Xia Zhuo to think clearly before answering, but no matter how many times he asked, Xia Zhuo’s answer was the same.

Lu Zheng could only let the 822 launcher take over, and Ouyang Jun became excited again. When the 928 people saw this, they sighed deeply. Yang Wanjin hopes that everyone understands that heroes are not judged by success or failure. They cannot get out of the car in such a frustrated manner. They are soldiers and soldiers, and they must face the king at all times. , No matter who shot the hundredth bullet, it is the honor of the 270 brigade!

Xia Zhuo got off the car with Lin Anbang, Yang Wanjin and others, and watched Ouyang Jun press the launch button to launch the hundredth missile. The launching mission was over, Xia Zhuo was downcast, and Yang Wanjin and Lin Anbang couldn’t help. Xia Zhuo still insisted on his ideas. He told Lu Zheng that the light was really on. Lu Zheng said that he believed him, and set up a team to troubleshoot the problem, comforting them to go back to the camp area and get a good night’s sleep.

Ouyang Jun greeted endless cheers and thanks. Xia Zhuo heard their lively cheers and left without looking back. Xia Zhuo retched, Lin Anbang angrily scolded Ouyang Jun, the villain Dezhi, saying that he must have been nauseated by Ouyang Jun. Lin Anbang told Xia Zhuo that Liang Nuo was in the camp. Yi Zimeng told him that Xia Zhuo couldn’t believe it. Old Xue was taken away by the police. The principal and Xiaoxuan were about to leave with the children after saying goodbye to Yi Zimeng and Yan Yibing.

Liang Nuo looked at the door blankly, hoping to take a look at Xia Zhuo. Yi Zimeng said that Xia Zhuo might not be able to come back tonight. He has a mission, but he must bring Liang Nuo’s thoughts to him. Liang Nuo got in the car and left. Yi Zimeng looked at the rear of the car and said goodbye. It was too late for Xia Zhuo to rush back, just one step away!

Ouyang Jun sent everyone a fruit to celebrate, and his entire face was filled with joy. Yi Zimeng looked at his injured hand and talked to Xia Zhuo about the situation that day. The old Xue not only sold intelligence, but also planted a bomb in the elementary school to save him. Fortunately, the bomb was successfully demolished. Xia Zhuo asked Yi Zimeng if she saw Liang Nuo’s gift, and if she had mentioned anything about herself.

Yi Zimeng said that Liang Nuo is very good now and he is very happy to teach children in school. Yi Zimeng asked Xia Zhuo why he didn’t talk to them about Liang Nuo for so long. Xia Zhuo sighed. They couldn’t even see them. He didn’t know what the future would be like with Liang Nuo. Yi Zimeng surely told Xia Zhuo that Liang Nuo had him in his heart.

Lu Zheng slept on the table and was awakened by Shao Shuai. Huang Wen came to them to report on the psychological collection. She returned to the camp in the afternoon. Yi Zimeng woke up and found that Xia Zhuo had already left. He wanted to take another look at Liang Nuo before returning to the team on time. Xia Zhuo ran for a long time to the elementary school under the mountain, looking forward to seeing Liang Nuo.

Lin Anbang was very dissatisfied with Ouyang Jun, and ran out of yin and yang, threatening that even if he was admitted to the military academy, he would report his misdeeds under the real-name system. Ouyang Jun tried to explain that things were not what he imagined, and that not all the honors in the world belong to Xia Zhuo. Is it wrong that he wants to be honored as soldiers?

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