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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 31 Recap

The time for the first satellite flight was up. Xia Zhuo judged that Lin Anbang stopped in time and did not expose it. However, the backup car group wanted to take the opportunity to overtake them and did not stop. Eventually, they were forced to stop for four minutes because they did not avoid the flight time. When the satellite flight was over, Lin Anbang immediately started the vehicle, and soon caught up with the 822 car where Ouyang Jun was. Seeing being overtaken by the 928 car, Ouyang Jun was full of resentment. As soon as four minutes came, the 822 car departed immediately. Old Xue secretly filmed the video and absconded.

The secretly filmed video could not be disseminated through the Internet temporarily. Lu Zheng quickly ordered the guard platoon to return to the camp to protect the students and teachers, and dispatched drones and electronic jamming vehicles. After receiving an instruction from the command center, Xia Zhuo wondered why he had to turn on electronic jamming. Lin Anbang’s joke made Xia Zhuo diligent. Maybe he really found a spy, and there are heretical communications that must be interrupted in the acting area.

Old Xue got out of the car to look for signals. Ouyang Jun was panicked because he was ten kilometers behind, but Qin Li, the driver of the car, was calm. After all, it was a twenty-four-hour pull. Qin Li admired Ouyang Jun’s ability to launch the hundredth missile, but he hadn’t had this chance after ten years as a soldier. Principal Zhao had already received the treatment. Xiaoxuan cried as she watched from the sidelines and quickly thanked Yan Yibing. When Yan Yibing talked about the fake mask, Xiaoxuan did not know about it, and Yan Yibing also expressed his belief in her.

Yi Zi dreamed of borrowing a car to help Principal Zhao get the books back, and the platoon leader went with him. The 928 car encountered a big tree blocking the road. Several people quickly pulled the big tree aside with a tow rope, and the vehicle passed smoothly. Old Xue had run out for a long time, and he sent the video after the mobile phone had a signal. The drone also spotted Lao Xue and found that he was transmitting files. Lu Zheng asked the communication jammer to stare at the screen. Once it reached 70%, he would choke the signal.

Lin Anbang thinks that they should pull the big tree back again. Why should the next car pass by like this? Not to mention it’s a race. 70% of the file was transferred and it was stuck, and the drone sounded Lu Zheng’s voice. He sent a state secret. Lu Zheng asked Old Xue to rein in the horse to come back and explain the matter honestly. Even if the story is turned over, Old Xue still Pretending to be stupid, he ran away in the end.

Xia Zhuo and the others pulled the tree back again. They did not expect the 822 car to arrive at this time. They mistakenly thought that the big tree was blocked here by the 928 deliberately and was very angry. Yang Wanjin explained that the tree was here just now, but Qin Li did not. Ken believed that the two immediately quarreled. Xia Zhuo said that there were two rope marks on the tree, one front and one back, exactly two directions, Ouyang Jun must be able to see it. At this time, Huang Wen found that Ouyang Jun’s heartbeat was speeding up.

Ouyang Jun struggled for a long time and chose to open his eyes and tell nonsense, Lin Anbang was very angry, and others even pretended to be confused if they didn’t understand him. Yang Wanjin and the others got into the car directly, Qin Li also found that the traces were obvious, and Ouyang Jun had to admit that he saw it. Qin Li was very angry. It was not terrible to lose. The terrible thing was that he couldn’t afford to lose. In a fit of anger, he canceled Ouyang Jun’s qualification to launch a trumpeter. Ouyang Jun thought he was not qualified and the atmosphere was very tense.

Lu Zheng sent two drones to chase Old Xue, who was very panicked. Lin Anbang is still scolding Ouyang Jun in the car, and Xia Zhuo is unavoidable that it is a pity that a smart person like Ouyang Jun does everything in front of his reputation. Lao Xue couldn’t run the drone no matter what, and was finally surrounded by Lu Zheng’s people and taken home.

Lin Anbang found out that the 822 car seemed to be in an accident, and there was no response when he contacted him. Yang Wanjin immediately asked him to turn around to find out the situation, but they did not expect that this was the 822 method. The white smoke was not the car, but the big tree. At this time, 822 Already moving forward at full speed. Xia Zhuo realized that he had been tricked into getting into the car quickly. Qin Li was very satisfied with Ouyang Jun’s idea and returned him the qualification to test and send the trumpeter.

928 chased 822. Yang Wanjin let Lin Anbang drive smoothly. When asked if he would save him again, Xia Zhuo answered, yes. Yi Zimeng picked up chalk at school and accidentally got a lunch box, and there was a bomb in the lunch box that was counting down. Yi Zimeng was startled, his hands and the lunch box were tightly glued together, Yi Zimeng forced himself to calm down and leave the classroom cautiously.

The platoon leader quickly drove to find someone for help. Yi Zimeng worried that others would not return to the standby warehouse, and asked them to bring tools to find a hill. If they couldn’t dismantle him, they would bury him on the spot. The platoon leader comforted Yi Zimeng, who kept saying that he would chop off his hands, even if he couldn’t play the guitar. The platoon leader decided to return to the company, now there is only this way. The 822 car reached the launch position first, and the 928 was one step behind.

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