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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 29 Recap

Lu Zheng decided to use the rookie to launch the missile this time, but Shao Shuai made a firm objection. How many veterans are still there? Why did Lu Zheng have to use the rookie? Lu Zheng tried his best to persuade him, but Shao Shuai still refused to agree. Concerning that the veteran of the 270 brigade is the safest, he proposed to use Yang Wanjin as the basis, even if Lu Zheng asked Lin Anbang to replace the driving position, he had no objection. Determined to be an artist who wants to enter the literary and artistic team. Lu Zheng had no choice but to propose a democratic vote. Shao Shuai had no objection. He didn’t think there were so many veterans who could give this precious opportunity to a group of raw melon eggs.

Lu Zheng broadcasted the vote on the radio and selected the person who was considered the best in each position. The result of the vote came out. Xia Zhuo got the highest number of votes. Shao Shuai and Lu Zheng disagreed. Lu Zheng did not agree because of Xia Zhuo. I want to go back to university, but after all, it is an open vote, and the result must be announced. Yi Zimeng didn’t get a vote, and Shao Shuai and Lu Zheng were not surprised.

The four top-ranked people are on the starting list, and there are 15 hours left before launch. Yan Yibing packed his things and prepared to go to the standby warehouse, and Huang Wen was also going to follow. Lu Zheng didn’t want her to come in and make trouble, but Huang Wen had guessed what Lu Zheng was going to say.

Lu Leiqi has reached the news of the landslide, because the launch location is still uncertain, and it would be difficult if he had to pass through here. Huang Wen got the approval of the base leader and he just broke in. Lu Zheng almost couldn’t control his temper. Shao Shuai quickly explained for him. Huang Wen came here to collect data. She took out the field bracelet independently developed by the Rocket Army Hospital to help Shao Shuai put it on. She needed everyone to wear it, and Shao Shuai quickly arranged for someone to distribute it. The bracelet was handed out, and Lu Zheng reluctantly put it on.

The town was organizing an evacuation due to a landslide. Liang Nuo and others also decided to find a place to hide. After all, the lives of the children are important. Liang Nuo decided to take everyone to the army, which is the safest place. Yi Zimeng left the storage room. A person who didn’t get a vote was superfluous. Of course, Yi Zimeng felt uncomfortable. Yi Zimeng doubted himself again, and sat in the dormitory looking at the honor wall for a long time.

Xiaoxuan and the principal drove the children to the army in a truck, saying that they had taken the children to avoid because of the landslide, but they couldn’t make a call because there was no signal phone. The monitor wanted to ask his superiors. Yi Zimeng suddenly broke out and said that Liang Nuo was his classmate and everyone came in smoothly. The children all came to the army. Yi Zimeng and Liang Nuo said that Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun had both gone to the waiting room, and Liang Nuo thought that Yi Zimeng was staying for creation.

Yi Zimeng was very moved. Liang Nuo still remembered that he could sing. When he enlisted in the military farewell party, Yi Zimeng suddenly rushed up and said that he did not want to be a soldier because he was afraid that he would never see her again. Then Yi Zimeng confessed to Liang Nuo in public that he has liked Liang Nuo for a long time. Liang Nuo took Xia Zhuo into consideration and chose to leave in a hurry. The face of Xia Zhuo in the audience became stiff and he chased him out. Liang Nuo could not be contacted without catching Liang Nuo.

On the coach who enlisted in the army, Lin Anbang reconciled the relationship between Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng, but Yi Zimeng saw a crude lunch suddenly broke out of the dinner plate while eating lunch. Lu Zheng was very angry, but Xia Zhuo rushed to the rescue but still did not. Stopped, Yi Zimeng’s attitude was arrogant and directly threw the steamed buns on the ground. Lu Zheng was so angry that he almost beat him. Xia Zhuo picked up the steamed buns and ate them in three. This matter was finished. Yi Zimeng and Xia Zhuo also reconciled. Up.

Yi Zimeng and Liang Nuo went for a walk and chat. They talked about the two years of teaching life. They also told Yi Zimeng that Xiaoxuan’s father was actually a comrade-in-arms of the principal. Because of the death of his comrade-in-arms, the principal raised Xiaoxuan. it is good. The time in the standby library passed by, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were suddenly called out.

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