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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 16 Recap

Yueyue called Siya and asked her sister to come back, and the two could explain things clearly to her grandfather. However, Yuan Siya told that Zeng had already tried to win Wen Liangye, but the Wen family was really stubborn, so I was forced to escape from marriage. The only thing I can do now is to become strong as soon as possible, so that I have the confidence to talk about conditions with Grandpa Wen, otherwise, whether it is Yueyue or myself, I will never want to be with my beloved person for the rest of my life. After hearing this, Yueyue realized that she really couldn’t tell her true identity now, otherwise once Grandpa Wen knew, then she would definitely take punitive measures against the Yuan family, and no one would have a good fruit to eat.

Wen Jinchen finds Wen Liangye. He does not yet know what happened between Yuan Yueyue and Yuan Siya. He thinks that his brother and his beloved “Yuan Siya” are the true love, and Wen Liangye thinks he knew it. Regarding the two daughters of the Wen family, he admitted that he loved Siya very much, and Wen Jinchen left sad.

Grandpa Wen drove Yueyue away from Wen’s house, saying that he would arrange to dissolve the marriage between the two, and Yueyue could not resist and left silently.

At the bar, Pei Xiuzhe and Yueyue met. Originally, he had agreed to meet with Siya today, but it was Yueyue who came. Pei Xiuzhe was sad to realize that Siya now has something to love, and he has never had any affection for him. The relationship between men and women, he decided to let go.

At night, Wen Jinchen, who returned home, and Yuan Yueyue, who had stayed at Long Xiaorong’s house, tossed and turned. The two recalled the past, and they were confused.

In the bar, Wen Liangye was drinking with Pei Xiuzhe. Wen Liangye told him that he was leaving and was going to return to Singapore. He advised Pei Xiuzhe to find a girlfriend as soon as possible, and then live steadily. The next day, Wen Liangye waking up at Pei’s house to have breakfast with Pei Xiuzhe. When he talked about Pei had prepared breakfast for Yuan Siya but others had never accepted it, Wen Liangye sighed with relief like a joke. The two former rivals now clarify the matter, talk about everything, and untie the knot. Wen Liangye also plans to invest in Pei Xiuzhe’s company to help him build a national chain store.

Yueyue and Wen Jinchen broke up completely, no matter how Yueyue got it back, and sent someone a bento with love every day, Wen Jinchen still cruelly dismissed it. Where did Yueyue get the news from her dad, it turns out that her dad and the Wen family have signed the overlord clause. If her daughter dissolves the marriage contract, all her own business will become that of the Wen Group.

Wen Jun and Long Xiaorong tried to help Yueyue save Wen Jinchen. The two pretended to be close and wanted to stimulate Wen Jinchen. However, Boss Wen didn’t want this at all. Yueyue intends to open a restaurant on her own, instead of relying on others, it is better to use her own efforts to break into a world.

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