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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 15 Recap

Ye Xiaomei cooked glutinous rice balls patiently, cut the fruits, and put toothpicks on each piece of fruit according to the requirements of the golden oriole. The golden oriole excused that she could not eat the glutinous rice balls and the fruit. She was already hungry for a busy day. Hungry, she finished eating in one go. It was already late at night, and the golden ori allowed Ye Xiaomei to go back to rest, and told her to come back tomorrow morning and buy the buns from the Chen’s shop for breakfast. Ye Xiaomei only wanted to get back the 50,000 yuan, and she urged the golden ori to fulfill her promise as soon as possible, golden ori. She declined because of her bad attitude.

Ye Xiaomei left the Golden Oriole’s house with her head down. She never thought that Sanshuang was waiting for her downstairs. Ye Xiaomei took the opportunity to spit out bitterness at him. Not only was the Chen family’s shop far away, but there was also a long line every day. She wanted to find a chance to approach her. Ye Xiaomei didn’t buy it at all. Guo Sanshuang took the opportunity to offer to be her boyfriend, but Ye Xiaomei refused to agree and kept claiming to be a boyfriend with a monthly salary of 100,000.

Ye Xiaomei got up late in the morning. She hurriedly got up and went to the Golden Oriole’s house. After Sanshuang had already bought buns and tofu nao, she asked Ye Xiaomei to send them to Golden Oriole. Ye Xiaomei learned that Sanshuang had bought buns from other stores, and she was worried. She couldn’t get past the blunder, but it was too late to go to the queue, so she could only take the buns and tofu brains to the golden ori.

The first bite of the golden oriole was not from the Chen’s shop, nor did she dismantle Ye Xiaomei. The golden oriole wanted to redeem the mother-child relationship with Ye Xiaomei and persuaded her to leave the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei flatly refused, thinking only about the 50,000 yuan, Jin Oriole promised to introduce her to a friend who is in the cold chain business and ask her friends to deliver food to the nursing home every day. Ye Xiaomei did not appreciate it, and insisted on going shopping for the food in person.

When Ye Xiaomei returned to the nursing home, she knew that Sanshuang had gone to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. She hurried out to pick up the vegetables. She saw Sanshuang pushing a cart full of vegetables under the downpour, and Ye Xiaomei ran to help the cart. Guo Sanshuang caught a cold from the rain, and Guo Jiangdong felt distressed and couldn’t help but complain about him.

Ye Xiaomei came to visit Sanshuang, Guo Jiangdong hid wittily, and hid quietly outside the door to listen to Ye Xiaomei chatting with Guo Sanshuang, Hou Lao also came to join in the fun, Granny Gui visited Sanshuang and Ye Xiaomei, Guo Jiangdong hurriedly called her there Aside. Guo Sanshuang persuaded Ye Xiaomei to accept the help of the golden oriole. Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to give the golden oriole any chance.

Elderly people in nursing homes secretly bought Zi-He pot, they hid in the kitchen to feast, and asked the chef to taste it. The chef was full of praise for Zi-He pot. Ye Xiaomei took Sanshuang to the farmer’s market for purchases. Suddenly received a call from Golden Oriole. The Golden Oriole promised to give her fifty thousand yuan. Ye Xiaomei hurried over. The Golden Oriole took her to collect debts and promised to give her the five. Ten thousand yuan.

Boss Qiu borrowed from Golden Oriole Company for working capital, but it was not repaid when it was due. Golden Oriole did not dare to force the debt, so he could only help Boss Qiu find a way to raise money, and also wanted to reduce interest for him. Ye Xiaomei couldn’t figure it out, and the debt collector asked for repayment. People, Golden Oriole wants her to experience that making money is not easy. Golden Oriole brought Ye Xiaomei to see Boss Qiu. Boss Qiu is borrowing wine to soothe his sorrows. All the internet celebrities he cultivated have run out. Now he is penniless. Boss Qiu proposed to postpone it for another six months. Boss Qiu asked Boss Qiu to find a way to raise money. money.

Boss Qiu found that Ye Xiaomei was very beautiful, so he wanted to train her to be an online celebrity and make money. She also forced her to drink with him. She was disgusted and could only dodge. The golden oriole desperately made a rescue. Boss Qiu became angry and his career went bankrupt. The wife was going to get away, and he wanted to die for a long time. He immediately turned on the gas and wanted to die with the golden ori and the others. Ye Xiaomei was so frightened that she persuaded Boss Qiu with all her heart, and moved out the child to help him, encourage him to cheer up and don’t let it go. The child was disappointed, and Golden Oriole was about to ignite the fire. Boss Qiu was immediately dumbfounded. Ye Xiaomei took the opportunity to turn off the gas and open the doors and windows for ventilation.

Boss Qiu was embarrassed by what Ye Xiaomei said. He squatted helplessly on the ground. Xiaomei Ye felt the same way. She picked up a glass of wine and drank it all, persuading Boss Qiu not to be discouraged. As long as he stayed with the child and became the backbone of the child, it would be fine. Slowly saving the child’s heart, the golden oriole had mixed feelings after hearing what Ye Xiaomei said.

Guo Sanshuang purchased a cart of food, and suddenly received a call from a friend who was a medical device. The friend claimed that the boss liked Guo Sanshuang’s sales talent and wanted to recruit him into the company. Guo Sanshuang was ecstatic, he asked for help. The owner of the side stall looked at the cart for help, and hurried to the company for an interview. The boss was very satisfied with Guo Sanshuang and promised him generous remuneration and benefits.

Guo Sanshuang hurried back to pick up the car, and found that the tricycle and the vegetables were all missing. He gritted his teeth with anger. Ye Xiaomei and the golden oriole cooperated tacitly and finally wanted to get back the money. Ye Xiaomei was still in shock, and she specially invited the golden oriole to eat. The golden oriole was full of praise for her performance just now.

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