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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 14 Recap

The golden ori learned that Ye Xiaomei was going to subsidize the nursing home with money, and ridiculed her and advised her to abandon the nursing home as soon as possible and not to repeat Lin Sufen’s mistakes. Ye Xiaomei did not want to listen to her long-winded, but only wanted to get back the 50,000 yuan. If she wanted to use this as a bargaining chip to threaten Ye Xiaomei, Ye Xiaomei would often come to see her.

Guo Sanshuang changed his strategy and sold cheap and high-quality bamboo skin mats to the elderly in nursing homes. The old people enthusiastically bought them. Guo Sanshuang soon sold out all the mats. He returned to the office and saw Ye Xiaomei crying sadly. Weeping, he hurriedly took out the 2000 yuan he earned from selling the summer mats, and wanted to improve the food for the elderly, so Ye Xiaomei stopped crying and thanked him repeatedly. Ye Xiaomei cursed the golden oriole and couldn’t save her. Guo Sanshuang persuaded her to lower her posture to beg the golden oriole, so as to ease the relationship with the golden oriole. Ye Xiaomei resolutely refused to accept it.

Ye Xiaomei wanted to exchange the comics for publication. She invited the editor-in-chief to eat. Eva was by her side. The editor-in-chief glanced casually while eating. Ye Xiaomei wanted to get the contract fee first. The editor-in-chief found all kinds of excuses to excuse her. When she went back and continued to make changes, Ye Xiaomei complained in her heart. They are not happy to be greedy with Hou Lao, they ask Shang Lao Li to play the game of Xiao Xiao, the guard, Master Zhang, not happy to take the opportunity to steal the key to open the door, he and Lao Hou sneak out, and follow the cafeteria chef to the vegetable market to buy pork head meat. To be greedy, but the nearby vegetable market was closed because of the decoration, so they went to a vegetable market elsewhere to buy.

Guo Sanshuang came to the fitness equipment store to investigate and visited, and found that the store lacked products suitable for the elderly, so he put forward reasonable suggestions to the store manager. Guo Sanshuang suddenly received a call from Ye Xiaomei and hurried over to see her, only to know Ye Xiaomei’s The manga work was killed by the editor-in-chief, and Ye Xiaomei was very sad. Guo Sanshuang read it through and gave Ye Xiaomei suggestions for revision.

Due to the recent relocation of the vegetable market to a far place, it takes three or four hours for the chef to buy vegetables every day, and there is no time to cook. Ye Xiaomei and Wu Hui have discussed with Wu Hui to find a buyer to ensure that they can eat fresh vegetables every day, Wu Hui recommended Sanshuang, but Ye Xiaomei decided that Sanshuang would not do it. Early the next morning, Ye Xiaomei and Wu Hui came to the vegetable market early and bought a tricycle full of vegetables in one go. The front was uphill, and the two of them tried their best to push up.

The golden oriole and friends passed by since then. The friends kept complimenting their daughter’s filial piety. The golden oriole saw Ye Xiaomei who was pushing hard for three rounds, and felt very disappointed. Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to admit defeat in front of her, so she stepped on three rounds and walked upward in anger. Because of lack of physical strength and let go, the tricycle directly hit the golden oriole’s leg. Ye Xiaomei had to send the golden oriole to the hospital.

The golden oriole pretended to be seriously injured and insisted on being hospitalized. The doctor repeatedly emphasized that she did not need to be hospitalized, but the golden oriole was determined, and Ye Xiaomei had to agree to go home to take care of her, and the golden oriole left with satisfaction. Ye Xiaomei called for a Didi, and the golden oriole limped over. Ye Xiaomei ignored her, and the driver hurriedly picked the golden oriole into the car.

Ye Xiaomei hadn’t come back very late, she was not happy, Hou Lao, Granny Gui and others were not relieved, they forced San Shuang to call Ye Xiaomei, but her mobile phone was never answered. Ye Xiaomei settled the golden oriole and helped her clean up the room. Ye Xiaomei wanted to rush back to the nursing home as soon as possible. The golden oriole asked to soak her feet before going to bed. Ye Xiaomei had to bite the bullet and wash her feet. Cook and do it.

Seeing that there were only green cabbage and eggs in the refrigerator, Ye Xiaomei made shredded cabbage and scrambled eggs. The golden ori looked at the back of Ye Xiaomei cooking, and she was very relieved. Ye Xiaomei dismantled her face-to-face, she was pretending to be lame, and asked her to wait obediently. After dinner, Golden Oriole ate all the two dishes made by Ye Xiaomei in one go, and was full of praise for her.

Guo Sanshuang kept calling Ye Xiaomei’s mobile phone, but no one answered, Guo Sanshuang was anxious. The golden oriole instructed Ye Xiaomei to wipe the floor. Before Ye Xiaomei finished her work, the golden oriole was about to eat dumplings and fruit. Ye Xiaomei couldn’t be more disturbed.

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