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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning came to find Teacher Cheng Yu and tried to persuade him to agree to the request to demolish the wall. Cheng Yu firmly believed that this wall was his bottom line, but when Jiang Xiaoning said that Cheng Yu’s husband had agreed to demolish the wall, Cheng Yu became furious. Unexpectedly, his husband had already agreed, and Cheng Yu directly drove Jiang Xiaoning out of the house, even Ask for a refund in person.

As soon as Su Manlin heard that the customer wanted to return the order, she directly relayed the matter to Gu Chuan and even hinted that Gu Chuan would fire Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan agreed to dismiss Jiang Xiaoning, and Xu Chengran, as an investor, resisted Gu Chuan and saved Jiang Xiaoning face to face, promising to give Jiang Xiaoning a second chance to save the situation. Jiang Xiaoning returned to his work desk with a folded five-pointed star on the table, but a little warmth still couldn’t make up for the sadness in his heart.

Although he got a chance, Jiang Xiaoning was still disappointed in his heart, holding Zhao Yan and crying. When Zhao Yan heard that Xu Chengran was so prestigious today, she couldn’t help but start to change her mind about Xu Chengran. On the other side, in Gu Chuan’s home, Xu Chengran triumphantly showed off today’s acting skills. It turns out that today’s scenes are all the performances of Xu Chengran and Gu Chuan singing and playing together, just to keep Jiang Xiaoning. Waiting for Xu Chengran to leave, Gu Chuan thought for a long time and asked the person in charge Wang Kai for the contact information of Cheng Yu…

When grandma noticed Jiang Xiaoning’s movements, she came out to comfort Jiang Xiaoning. In her grandma’s eyes, Jiang Xiaoning was still a child who made a mistake and cried. With grandma’s warm encouragement, Jiang Xiaoning felt that her mistake might also be reduced to a wrong question. Now all she can do is erase it and do it again.

Jiang Xiaoning revisited Cheng Yu with a bouquet and gift, but she was still rejected. Gu Chuan happened to be passing by, and seeing Jiang Xiaoning being rejected, Gu Chuan bluntly said that it is better to win by design instead of empty apology. Jiang Xiaoning’s tears came out again. Gu Chuan couldn’t help but hand out a paper towel. Jiang Xiaoning recognized that the pattern of the paper towel was the same as yesterday’s five-pointed star. Only then did he discover that Gu Chuan had not blamed his thoughts, so he had to be well. Struggling to breathe, began to think of a way.

Xu Chengran bought a lot of roses to express his feelings. Zhao Yan looked funny, but this time it was an excuse. Xu Chengran returned Jiang Xiaoning’s notebook to Zhao Yan. The two were still fighting, but this This time, Zhao Yan took a rose, and Xu Chengran looked at Zhao Yan’s back, feeling that he had seen the dawn secretly.

Jiang Xiaoning came to the art museum to find some clues from the old wall itself. He happened to meet Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning thought he needed to chat with Cheng Yu’s husband to find the story behind the old wall. The two went down the mountain together. Gu Chuan asked carefully whether Jiang Xiaoning would hate him for what happened at the meeting a few days ago. Jiang Xiaoning smiled and showed that he didn’t mean it at all. Although Gu Chuan still frowned on the surface, but in his heart It feels more comfortable.

Jiang Xiaoning found Cheng Yu’s husband, and only then learned the story behind the old wall. It turned out that Cheng Yu’s son died of drowning. The two built this art gallery to commemorate his son. It sounds like Jiang Xiaoning understands Cheng Yu’s feelings. Thinking back to her dead parents, Jiang Xiaoning also frankly expressed her thoughts. He also hid his parents’ old things to avoid touching the scene, but this made his emotions more immersed In the past, it is better to face everything calmly, perhaps the best way to convince yourself to face reality.

Originally wanting to come to understand the truth, Jiang Xiaoning unconsciously began to persuade Cheng Yu’s husband to also agree to keep the old wall. Cheng Yu has been standing in the living room listening to the conversation between the two. Jiang Xiaoning’s confession and opinions shocked and moved Cheng Yu. He couldn’t help but tear in his eyes…

Su Manlin took the document to Gu Chuan for signing, secretly mentioning that Gu Chuan’s attitude towards Jiang Xiaoning was unusual. Su Manlin vaguely guessed that the quarrel between Gu Chuan and Xu Chengran the day before was just a play to keep Jiang Xiaoning. Although Gu Chuan readily admitted, Su Manlin still felt like an outsider. Although Gu Chuan remained silent, she also asked Su Manlin’s intention to hand over this extremely difficult case to Jiang Xiaochuan. Su Manlin was a little agitated while talking, but Gu Chuan remained silent, and the two of them were still unhappy in the end. And scattered.

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