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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 8 Recap

Gu Chuan opened Jiang Xiaoning’s notebook, and it was full of Jiang Xiaoning’s careful thoughts every day at work. Gu Chuan smiled as he watched it. On the other side, my aunt saw the photo in the study. The other smile in the photo was a good friend of her brother and Jiang Xiaoning’s father. The old brother was accused of embezzling public funds. In fact, it was this good friend who did it.

In my heart, the aunt immediately clamored to move away, which made Tang Xu very embarrassed, and could only go downstairs to calm the situation. Jiang Xiaoning steadied her aunt and simply informed her of the fire in the renting house, and confessed that there was no money left to rent a house, and her aunt was defeated by the cruel reality, so she calmed down. Jiang Xiaoning went downstairs to apologize to Tang Xu. Tang Xu was afraid that Jiang Xiaoning would change his mind. However, Jiang Xiaoning said that Tang Xu in front of him will always be his brother Xu.

Gu Chuan was writing comments on the design drawings in Jiang Xiaoning’s notebook. Xu Chengran was surprised when he saw it and immediately forced him to ask. Gu Chuan said that he was willing to cultivate Jiang Xiaoning and Xu Chengran took back the notebook. In that case, Xu Chengran might as well bring this notebook. Use it as an opportunity to make an appointment with Zhao Yan.

Tang Xu quickly wrote the operation plan and showed it to Xu’s father. Xu’s father was very satisfied after reading it. However, he also made a request for Tang Xu to transfer a certain amount of funds from the company. Tang Xu’s expression hesitated, but Still nodded in agreement. Xu’s father came to visit Tang’s father, and the two chatted to Tang Xu. Tang’s father was very grateful for Xu’s father’s care, and Xu’s father said that he should.

Su Manlin returned to the company but didn’t see Jiang Xiaoning. Knowing that all Jiang Xiaoning’s tasks were directly assigned by Gu Chuan, Su Manlin had to silently return to her seat, her thoughts filled. Jiang Xiaoning was still at Gu Chuan’s home. Gu Chuan kindly guided Jiang Xiaoning’s graduation homework. The moment his eyes met, Gu Chuan’s heart rate rose again.

Gu Chuan’s palm attached to the computer caused the whole family to lose power, and Jiang Xiaoning had to call to the property. When the property was repairing the electric box, Jiang Xiaoning looked around for Gu Chuan, but did not hear a response. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but get anxious. He accidentally hit and bumped into Gu Chuan’s charging room. Gu Chuan hurriedly returned to the charging room and grabbed Jiang Xiaoning.

Fortunately, the innocent Jiang Xiaoning didn’t guess the real function of this room, so Gu Chuan took her away from home, and the two of them went for a walk in the park. The wind in the park was very noisy. Watching Jiang Xiaoning hurriedly sorting out his bangs, Gu Chuan secretly grabbed a hairpin in the convenience store to pay for the milk, but the little brother who paid the bill happened to meet Jiang Xiaoning, Jiang Xiaoning.

Introduced to Gu Chuan, he was his friend, and he was a famous handsome guy in the department. Gu Chuan couldn’t help feeling jealous when he heard that the man tried to ask Jiang Xiaoning to eat alone, but he could only hide in his brows. Back at the company, Su Manlin and the designer made a proposal to Gu Chuan, but Gu Chuan only looked at the issuing card he bought, and his thoughts drifted to the sky, and had to hurriedly agreed to the two proposals.

Xu Chengran returned to the café where Zhao Yan had met last time, trying to block Zhao Yan, but Xu Chengran really blocked Zhao Yan. When he saw Zhao Yan, Xu Chengran couldn’t get rid of it like a dog skin plaster. Seeing Xu Chengran’s dogleg smile, Zhao Yan went to the gym and took this opportunity to torture Xu Chengran. Sure enough, as Zhao Yan had expected, Xu Chengran looked like a puppet falling apart when he returned to Gu Chuan’s house. But the good brother Gu Chuan couldn’t take care of Xu Chengran’s wailing. Instead, he opened the photo of Jiang Xiaoning’s classmate in the morning, and secretly asked Xu Chengran whether he was more handsome compared to him…

The next day, Gu Chuan clutched the card he had just bought in his pocket, feeling anxious in his heart, and simply fabricated a reason for buying milk to send the card, and gave the card to Jiang Xiaoning. Although aware of the strangeness, Jiang Xiaoning didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, he put on the card issued in front of Gu Chuan and was full of joy. Looking at Jiang Xiaoning’s face, Gu Chuan couldn’t help but smile.

Su Manlin received a call from Mr. Cheng from an art gallery. A wall in front of her art gallery would affect the beauty of the design, but Mr. Cheng looked at the graffiti on the wall and couldn’t let go of the worry. Su Manlin ended the conversation with Teacher Cheng, turned her head to the office, and saw the card issued on Jiang Xiaoning’s head at a glance. On that day, I also saw the card issued on Gu Chuan’s desk. Thinking back to Gu’s mother’s confession to herself, Su Manlin felt uncomfortable. So he called Jiang Xiaoning and threw the problem of the old wall of the museum to Jiang Xiaoning.

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