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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 10 Recap

Zhao Yan looked at the roses that she got from Xu Chengran that day and couldn’t help but start to take care of her. Thinking back to Xu Chengran’s face, Zhao Yan thought about it for a long time, opened the WeChat friend list, and agreed to Xu Chengran’s friend application. Xu Chengran, who was originally tired and paralyzed in the gym, was immediately energetic when he saw the reminder from WeChat. He drove to the downstairs of Zhao Yan’s company.

Although Zhao Yan was still disdainful on the surface, facing Xu Chengran’s smile, she stepped into the driving position and took the initiative.

Cheng Yu called the studio again, agreed to keep the old wall, and called for Jiang Xiaoning to design. It must be the chat that day that made Cheng Yu understand that Jiang Xiaoning might have the same experience as himself. Jiang Xiaoning was very pleasantly surprised, but she was also apprehensive. Fortunately, his colleagues are willing to help Jiang Xiaoning. At this time, Jiang Xiaoning needs to devote all his attention to come up with a design concept.

Zhao Yan and Xu Chengran sat in the bar and chatted together. Xu Chengran began to explain his identity as a rich second-generation, and actually always made money with his own ability. The two talked about family accidentally, and both seemed to have the same experience.

Zhao Yan also experienced the divorce of her young parents, and she wandered in a friend’s home. After the dinner, the two were about to go downstairs. Unexpectedly, a man in black was holding a bat to block the way between them. Xu Chengran tried to protect Zhao Yan and came out alone, but Xu Chengran, who seemed tall, could not stand the fight. Zhao Yan has to come forward for everything.

When she returned to Xu Chengran’s house, Zhao Yan gave Xu Chengran medicine. Although Xu Chengran was beaten, she still looked unwilling. She hoped that Zhao Yan would not need to beat others personally in the future, but could protect her by herself. Zhao Yan was very moved and couldn’t help giving Xu Chengran a kiss. The two of them ran into the fire and rolled on the sofa.

Jiang Xiaoning’s thoughts are stuck in using another space to protect the old wall. Gu Chuan borrowed glass balls to inspire Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning was inspired by the elements of glass cover to preserve the wall. The next day, Jiang Xiaoning proposed his idea to the Chengs, and Gu Chuan added something, and the Chengs finally left contentedly. Jiang Xiaoning looked at Gu Chuan’s face and couldn’t help talking about his thoughts about Gu Chuan.

Although Gu Chuan’s eyes were dim, he had also seen the light in his eyes. Gu Chuan couldn’t help being awakened in his heart, life is too short, why not live as happy as possible. Looking at the beautiful sunset, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone to take a selfie, and Gu Chuan also followed him. Facing the beautiful scenery, the two smiled happily. Back home, looking at the cameras in the room, Gu Chuan couldn’t help turning on his phone and asking Jiang Xiaoning for today’s photos, the beautiful sunset and Jiang Xiaoning’s smile, Gu Chuan decided to make himself happier in the days to come.

When he returned to the company the next day, Gu Chuan not only bought flowers for himself, but even asked Jiang Xiaoning to buy more flowers for his colleagues. Colleagues couldn’t help but speculate about Gu Chuan’s changes, and guessed that Jiang Xiaoning might have fallen in love with Gu Chuan. Su Manlin was very jealous when she listened. Gu Chuan received a phone call from the doctor. It turns out that the changes in mood over the past few days have made Gu Chuan’s heart data perfect.

The doctor encouraged Gu Chuan to maintain such a mood. Su Manlin came to report at this time that the resort project was postponed for some reason and might not be able to catch up with the awards. Gu Chuan, who would have been very angry, suddenly felt that it might not be a bad thing to spend a lot of time in a year, and then use the remaining time to feel it. Take a look at life.

So Gu Chuan took the opportunity to arrange the company’s team building. Su Manlin looked at the smiles of Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning, and she was even more unhappy. When Gu Chuan left, Su Manlin asked Jiang Xiaoning to stay and finish the rest of the art gallery. Wang Kai, the other person in charge, naturally couldn’t understand Su Manlin’s arrogance, and specially came forward for Jiang Xiaoning, and won the team building opportunity for Jiang Xiaoning.

Tang Xu brought gifts and specialties to Jiang Xiaoning as soon as he came back from a business trip. Tang Xu insisted on wearing the necklace around Jiang Xiaoning’s neck, which happened to be seen by Gu Chuan who went downstairs and kept it in his heart. Back home, Gu Chuan still showed the smiles of Tang Xu and Jiang Xiaoning, so he called Jiang Xiaoning and even bluntly said that he likes Jiang Xiaoning very much…

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