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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 26 Recap

Liang Chen immediately said that he still had a job, and he didn’t have time to miss Lu Jing, and he also agreed that whoever went to find someone first within a week would be lost. Lu Jing immediately counseled and asked for a video. When Lu Jing left, he reminded Liang Chen that he could make a video if he really wanted him. Liang Chen insisted that he would not think of Lu Jing first, but as soon as Lu Jing arrived at the elevator, Liang Chen rushed over to hold Lu Jing from behind, and gave himself a stubborn mouth. Looking for a reason, it was not yet the agreed time, Lu Jing couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth.

The first dance of the winter is an adaptation of Liang Chen’s song, but because the change is extremely difficult, no one is willing to help. Sister Qing also contacted all the people she knows but they disagree, Sister Qing can’t help but run over. Lost his temper at Liang Chen. Ke Ke also persuaded Liang Chen to change songs. The band members wanted Liang Chen to change songs to find a certain song, but Liang Chen said that she was not happy singing, she just wanted to do what she wanted to do and sing her favorite songs.

Sister Qing blames Liang Chen for only considering her own feelings. Her success is also the result of everyone’s joint efforts. If his stubborn stubborn family can’t be restored by anyone, Liang Chen insists on being herself, and thinks that she has been following her all these years. Sister does it in the direction she planned, and she hopes to have her own plan. Sister Qing left angrily, and said she would leave Liang Chen alone.

Liang Chen continued to take everyone to rehearse, and Lu Jing delivered chicken soup to Liang Chen, knocked on the glass door and left. Liang Chen did not see Lu Jing, but when he came out, he saw the chicken soup sent by Lu Jing and expressed his right. With Liang Chen’s support, Liang Chen rarely smiled.

Ma Shanshan has always been worried about Liang Chen, and started to worry when he heard Taro say that Liang Chen was in trouble, because she also knew that the song was difficult to change, but Taro kicked the throttle to bring Liang Chen here. Liang Chen seemed to see hope and asked Ma Shanshan to help see the problem with her song, but as soon as Ma Shanshan saw it, he sweated and hurriedly left.

On the way back, Ma Shanshan repeatedly thought about the appearance of singing rock and roll with Liang Chen when they were in school. They were so energetic. Ma Shanshan returned home, locked herself in the room, thinking about the past between herself and Liang Chen, and the last quarrel. She gave up the common dream with Liang Chen for the scumbag. Ma Shanshan lifted the long-dust drum set, changed a score one night and sent it to Liang Chen.

However, because the pitch of the second half was too high, the band members worried that if they could not go to the scene of a car accident, Ma Shanshan expressed that she believed that Liang Chen’s ability would definitely be able to do it. The rehearsal began again. Ma Shanshan watched them rehearsing nervously. Liang Chen had a problem with his voice before. Everyone wanted to lower the tune a bit, but Liang Chen insisted on trying.

At this time Sister Qing and Ke Ke also came over, Ke Ke worried that Liang Chen had been singing all day, what if her voice broke down, Sister Qing also looked worried, but did not speak. Lu Jing came as soon as Ke Ke sent Liang Chen back, but knocked on the door but no one agreed. Lu Jing anxiously called Liang Chen and the other party was still turned off. Lu Jing anxiously began to look for Liang Chen.

The show started. When Liang Chen came on stage, everyone in the audience was waiting nervously. Liang Chen appeared on the stage as scheduled. With the star-studded stage, Liang Chen finally reached the height he wanted, Ma Shan Mountain burst into tears, Sister Qing was also excited for Liang Chen, and Lu Jing kept applauding. Liang Chen looked at Ma Shanshan with tears, and Ma Shanshan nodded slightly and gave Liang Chen an encouragement. The audience in the audience shouted Liang Chen’s name.

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