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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 22 Recap

Jiang Tianling asked Jiang Baiyu what he did after he was sure he liked Shui Wuxia. Jiang Baiyu said that since he understood his mind, he must do something, such as giving her a gift, and then… Jiang Baiyu reacted and asked Jiang Tianling if he did not. Are you not planning to let go of the broken branches? Before he could answer, Jiang Baiyu went on to say that Jiang Tianling was not sure whether he liked Zhezhi or not, and the other was unable to determine whether Zhezhi liked him.

It was basically why people from the two worlds had to join together. Jiang Tianling told Jiang Baiyu that even if they were people from two worlds, they could create the same world. Jiang Baiyu asked Jiang Tianling to go back and sleep as a dream, then borrowed the book and went back.

In the morning, Jiang Baiyu and Jiang Tianling practice archery together. Jiang Tianling said that he was very happy to see Baiyu and thought he had given up, but he did not expect that the next sentence he decided to confess shocked Jiang Baiyu. Jiang Tianling knew that he was too far apart from Zhezhi and even contradicted everywhere, and it was also inappropriate everywhere, but to him, he and Zhezhi were like this bow and arrow, although they were very different, they were a match made in heaven.

Jiang Tianling saw that Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia had a problem recently, and felt that Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia must be lack of communication. Jiang Tianling decided to help him, Jiang Tianling asked Jiang Baiyu to get Shui Wuxia out.

Shui Wuxia kept Jiang Baiyu three feet away from her. She said that she already knew that he liked her. She said that she had worked so hard to draw a line with him. She didn’t expect him to be so slow and didn’t notice at all. I hope he won’t find it anymore. They were in vain, they were absolutely impossible, she already had other people in her heart, and because she was in her heart, she hoped that he would not have expectations of her, and that he would not be too sad because of what she said. ,

Saying that others are actually pretty good. Shui Wuxia turned around and wanted to leave, but didn’t want to be helped by a tree branch and sprained her foot. Jiang Baiyu told Shui Wuxia that he just regarded him as a friend. Shui Wuxia believed him, and Shui Wuxia sprained her foot and couldn’t walk. Jiang Baiyu had to carry her back to the house, and Jiang Baiyu gave her medicine.

Hearing that Zhezhi Chong’an Ball won the first prize, Jiang Tianling specially came to Huadengfang to send her congratulations on wealth and wealth. Zhezhi asked Jiang Tianling to take Jiang Tianling to the second floor and open a big bag to play by himself.

Jiang Tianling explained that he would come and talk to her again. The old lady came to Qi Delong. Now that the affairs of Qi Delong and Jiang Tianling have been settled, the old lady thinks that Pavilion Master Qiu should know earlier, and she has prepared a betrothal gift for them and assured Qi Delong that the gift this time will not be more flawless than the last time. Bad, will not let her be wronged.

The old lady was going to send these to Langya Pavilion in these two days. Qi Delong quickly disagreed and felt too anxious. After all, it was still in the assisting period. I was afraid that the pavilion owner would be unhappy. Qi Delong said that he did not want Jiang Tianling to be embarrassed, and the old lady expressed understanding. The gift may not be given first, but it is still necessary to notify the old lady. The old lady has sent someone to send the letter to Langya Pavilion.

Qi Delong asked Shui Wuxia to help Sister Seven deliver the letter two days later, and her father would come to divorce in two days, and then she and Jiang Tianling could break up, Shui Wuxia wrote to Sister Seven immediately. Jiang Baiyu came to Huadengfang to look for broken branches, and saw the wealthy bamboo on the table. It was of the same taste as Jiang Tianling, and he thought it was given by his brother. Jiang Baiyu said that he already knew about Zhezhi and Jiang Tianling, Jiang Tianling must have liked Zhezhi completely.

That day, Jiang Tianling came to Huadengfang again to give Zhezhi things, and confessed to Zhezhi. Since the last time he watched her dancing, he carefully calculated that on average he missed her 82 times a day, and there were fifty branches that had been broken by mistake. It was more than a hundred times as if she thought of her, and his heart felt soggy and itchy when he thought of her, Zhezhi rejected him.

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