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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 21 Recap

Jiang Tianling picked up the folded shoes and put them on the desk. He couldn’t help but want to read them. The book couldn’t go in. Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Tianling what the prescription had analyzed. Jiang Tianling nodded and said in a low voice that it was an irregularity in the treatment of the moon. Jiang Baiyu’s father and Ma Rulong couldn’t use this, and the last time Wanmatang used a man to test the medicine.

Shui Wuxia asked if the location of the medicine cabinet was different from that of seven years ago. Jiang Baiyu remembered that this medicine cabinet was renovated because of insects two months ago. Fortunately, Jiang Tianling still remembers the placement of the medicine cabinet before. Place the location. Jiang Tianling discovered that this prescription was used to treat dark rashes, and there was a problem of drug interaction. It was only drinking poison to quench thirst, which would make people more likely to die. It seems that Jiang Baiyu’s father’s prescription has not yet been completed.

Shui Wuxia is waiting for Shen Qingli on the roof. Shui Wuxia already knows Ma Rulong’s purpose. She feels that her brother must be unwilling to help Ma Rulong test the medicine to be brutally hurt, so she can rest assured that she will let this happen. Shui Wuxia looked around to see why Shen Qingli hadn’t come. Suddenly someone threw a note on the roof and told her to walk through the back streets and alleys.

Fang Yuncheng took the medicine and went out. Qi Delong stopped him and asked who he was boiling the medicine for. He said it was for Qi Delong’s father to make up for him. Qi Delong was angry that her father spent the whole day in Huadengfang, can he not be deprived of qi? She thinks that her father not only needs to replenish qi but also replenish his heart.

Fang Yuncheng also needs to make up, let Fang Yuncheng nourish his brain, and tell Fang Yuncheng not to think he pleases her father in every way , She would like him impossible. Qi Delong walked out, Fang Yuncheng stopped her and said that she didn’t expect her to hate her father so much. She turned to face him and said that not only hated her father but also hated him, and hated him to be nosy.

Shui Wuxia walked across the street and saw the fireworks on the side of the road. Following the arrow-turning bridge, there was a band playing gongs and other musical instruments, and someone came to give her flowers. Shui Wuxia was very happy. Jiang Baiyu didn’t give money when ordering flowers. The girl who gave the flowers asked Shui Wuxia to pay for it. Shui Wuxia learned that the one who gave the flowers was Jiang Baiyu, and Shen Qingli couldn’t show up, so she had to go back.

Shui Wuxia asked Shen Qingli to meet. Shui Wuxia explained to Shen Qingli the relationship between her and Jiang Baiyu, saying that he could not like Jiang Baiyu, so he should not misunderstand.

At the criminal class, Hou Changan brought a case that the government hadn’t settled and asked them what they thought. The woman had a scar on her body and the body was floating on the river. Zidron felt that it must be a murder, and if the man was the murderer, he would not have drowned together.

The dossier says that one of them is the next person and the other is the ladies, but they each wear two sachets embroidered with mandarin and duck. It is conceivable that the relationship between the two is unusual. The woman’s father also said that he saw it with his own eyes. This man first injured his daughter and then forcibly took her away. This man should be too extreme.

Shui Wuxia felt that no matter how much he liked someone, he shouldn’t be so impulsive, and he had to accept that others didn’t like him. The woman’s personal maid said that there was no wound at first and it was only added after death. Qi Delong felt that some of them must have lied. According to Yi Qi Delong, the father must think that his daughter’s elopement was insulting to the lintel. An extra wound was added to the dead daughter’s body.

Jiang Baiyu opened the door from Zhezhi’s room and saw Jiang Tianling outside the door. He learned that his younger brother seemed to like Zhezhi. He felt that his younger brother was not suitable for Zhezhi. She was so unconventional and prudent. She changed him to abide by the rules, she can sing and dance well. He has a poor tone, and he thinks they are inappropriate.

Shui Wuxia couldn’t sleep on the roof, and Shen Qingli also came. He took her to Xia Ke Addiction. They gave money to people with injured eyes, rescued girls who had been abducted, and gave food to poor families.

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