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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 15 Recap

Regarding the proactive attitude of Chief Ma and the Kuai County Chief, Cao Ruiying kindly let them sit down. He didn’t care that Zhou Cheng was what he wanted the money he received. The entire Dapu could take out two hundred foreigners at once. Not much, just follow this clue to find out the clues. After thinking about it, Lai Shouzhang confessed to Cao Ruiying that Zhou Cheng was the benefactor of one of his distant cousins, and he had given him two hundred oceans to help dredge, but he immediately said that he would find Zhou Cheng in three days.

Heizi came to Cao Ruiying’s place at night. Sun Tongjie’s nephew was forgotten after he was locked in a small black room. When he remembered to visit, the child was already dead. He felt very guilty for this. Unexpectedly, Cao Ruiying thought that this child might also join the Communist Party when he learned about his uncle in the future. This is one reason why the Communist Party is always incapable of being wiped out. To these people is cruel to the party state.

Ling Feng assigned tasks to his subordinates. The personnel transfer plan of the central government has begun. The first thing they will transfer is the important party member code-named “Big Cousin”, and they will design a drip-proof identity for him throughout the night-director of Hong Kong Huafu Company. And set the destination to Xiamen to deceive people. The eldest cousin is already an important member of the Kuomintang who is offering a reward of 100,000 for arrest. He memorized his disguised identity all night, and officially started the action the next day after putting on makeup.

The detective team’s inspections on the Dapu Wharf are more stringent, and even those who don’t have the right accent will be taken away for investigation. Lai Shouzhang went to see Thea and later went to Cao Ruiying to explain that the distant relative of the same family had moved to Nanyang, and now people go He hoped that Cao Ruiying could be in grace for a few days. Although Cao Ruiying was dissatisfied and suspicious, she still agreed to give him a few more days.

The eldest cousin who arrived in Hong Kong met with manager Hua, a local liaison officer. Manager Hua dispatched a small boy as a traffic man, and secretly arranged two traffic men to protect him in secret. Peng Gengnian called Lu Wenchao and said that he was going to borrow his car to pick up people. The big boss of the head office arrived by boat at 8 o’clock and he wanted to perform well in front of the boss. Although Lu Wenchao agreed, he was hesitant in his heart.

Peng Gengnian borrowed a car to make it easier to leave Hong Kong, but Lu Wenchao personally drove to Huafu Electric Material Co., Ltd. Peng Gengnian thought that the purpose of Lu Wenchao’s move could only be calculated, and he vaguely reminded the old Gu to do the bills and not let people watch After the flaw, we got into the car with Lu Wenchao. The two came to the dock and waited for their cousin and others to disembark. Peng Gengnian went down to meet Lu Wenchao and kept watching his movements in the car.

The big cousin’s alias Huo Dong and Manager Hua went up to shake hands with Lu Wenchao. Lu Wenchao greeted Huo Dong very flatteringly, and personally drove them to the Fulin Hotel. Several people were talking. Old Gu knocked on the door and delivered the account books of the Shantou company. Huo Dong also gave the order of eviction during the conversation. Manager Hua told Lu Wenchao, who wanted to be an affair, that Huo Dong would only stay in Shantou for one day. They come to arrange.

Faced with such a tense situation, Manager Hua said that this is a problem on the transportation line and they will solve it by themselves. For Lu Wenchao’s sudden intervention, they had to play with the spirit of twelve points. Back at the office, Lu Wenchao immediately arranged for his subordinates to contact the Hong Kong Detective Team to verify the identities of Manager Hua and Huo Dong. The Hong Kong Detective Team discovered that Huo Dong had formed to go to Xiamen, but he immediately dispatched personnel in Shantou to conduct another verification.

Peng Gengnian contacted Lao Gu and Xiao Luo on the phone of the hotel, saying that the big boss wanted two rooms when he arrived, and Xiao Luo changed his clothes and went to the junction of Haiping Road. Peng Gengnian and Manager Hua set out to prepare the second set of plans. They plan to let their eldest cousin leave the waiter passage, and Ronaldinho will pick them up through the alley, and then the traffic officer will take them to the waiting boat to leave. Peng Gengnian called Lu Wenchao to check his tone. Lu Enchao readily agreed to the evening meal, and told his subordinates in Hong Kong to send it to himself immediately after replying and called the action team.

Peng Gengnian and Manager Hua hesitated about the purpose of Lu Wenchao’s move. Peng Gengnian also felt that his borrowing of the car was a little self-defeating, but if he rushed to implement the second plan, Peng Gengnian would be exposed, and such a line of traffic that spans thousands of miles would fall short. But the eldest cousin must be safely sent to the Soviet area. Peng Gengnian decided to make preparations for the implementation of the second plan. He went downstairs to meet Lu Wenchao, and Manager Hua immediately signaled Ronaldinho to be ready to implement the plan at any time.

The Hong Kong detective team verified the identities of Manager Hua and Dong Huo, but they still have no clue as to why Donghui Huo switched to Shantou, and Lu Wenchao, who is about to go to the banquet, told the secretary to take action immediately as long as the Hong Kong side replies clearly. The team went to Fulin Hotel for arrest.

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