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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 14 Recap

The CCP has transported wireless orders and personnel to the Soviet area. The experts who arrived in the Soviet area safely installed the electronic equipment and brought great help to the victory of the Communist Party’s frontline operations. The Kuomintang Shangfeng was quite dissatisfied with Lu Wenchao’s detective work in Shantou. Cao Ruiying was also very dissatisfied with the performance of the detective team, but Sun Tongjie, who was arrested, was tortured but did not speak at all. Cao Ruiying furiously berated the sunspot, but he was in a daze as if he saw Sun Tongjie standing in front of him panic picking up. The gun came and held the table to calm down.

Lai Shouzhang came to see Cao Ruiying with two packs of tea, and asked about the arrested shopkeeper of Tongtian Hotel, but only learned about his death, and Cao Ruiying, who had just recovered his composure, mentioned Zhou Cheng again, and Lai Shouzhang wisely turned away. Up the topic. On the way back, Lai Shouzhang looked at the sealed-up Tongxing Hotel, thinking about the conversation he had with Pan Yuqing, with a melancholy expression on his face.

In Shanghai, Ling Feng talked to Peng Gengnian about the dangers of the current traffic lines and wanted to conceal the traffic lines, but Peng Gengnian opposed this idea and believed that the comrades on the traffic lines were loyal to the party. Ling Feng was very satisfied with his confidence and courage. Right now, the central government was about to transfer all agencies. Peng Gengnian thought that after Sun Tongjie’s sacrifice, there would be no one to take over at Chayang Transportation Station. Make the schedule so as to ensure the safety of the entire traffic line.

At the port of Dapu, Lu Qingquan sat in a cafe on the side and kept observing that the commuters and Peng Gengnian picked up their heads, and the two went directly to Qingxi. Secretary Li was also waiting for them, and they all deeply admired Sun Tongjie’s fearless spirit of sacrifice and mourned for him. Peng Gengnian conveyed the instructions of the Central Committee and Zhou Enlai that their communication line must safely transfer all the institutions, and every trafficman must be prepared to sacrifice in order to complete this difficult task.

Lu Qingquan took the initiative to get out of local work and devote all his efforts to transportation work. Although this is a relegation, it is not worthwhile for the party’s victory. At the same time, Lu Qingquan proposed that his father ran an old-fashioned small store called Tongfeng Grocery Store, and he wanted to shoulder the work of Chayang Transportation Station with his father. Lu Qingquan deliberately manipulated the account books to allow shareholders to abolish themselves and take the opportunity to return to the grocery store at home to help.

Lu Qingquan returned home with his luggage. The father looked at his son and said that he had cheated on the money from the shop, but he understood that his son knew that he had done something other than that. Father Lu knew that when his son came back this time, he wanted to stay in this grocery store. Lu Qingquan knew his father knew his identity. Father Lu clearly told him that he could act deaf and dumb as long as he needed it. He said nothing about it.

Pan Yuqing came to the Tongfeng grocery store and said a secret code to Lu’s father. Lu’s father then asked him to find his son Lu Qingquan. When he saw Lu Qingquan and Pan Yuqing, he was very surprised. He did not expect that his leader would become the stationmaster who obeyed his own command. Only Communist Party members can have such dedication in such a demotion.

Lu Qingquan told Pan Yuqing that the task of transferring large troops was about to be carried out, and that the entire communication line must be prepared. Father Lu keenly discovered that the person standing on the side was a “dog” who came to inspect. Pan Yuqing, who walked out the door, talked to Father Lu about buying a flashlight with a battery. The two of them would cross the sea without saying a word to me.

Cao Ruiying was drinking tea with the head of the Ma and Kuai County. Cao Ruiying was not proud of the closure of the Tongtian Hotel’s liaison station. He hoped that this was just the beginning. He would strengthen his defense against the Communist Party. It is far from the time to be happy. . Regarding the rather loose attitude of Head Ma and the Chief of Kuai County, Cao Ruiying told them about the successful arrival of seven cadres and radio experts in the Soviet area to warn them that the current situation in Dapu is definitely not optimistic.

Cao Ruiying returned to the detective team to report the situation in Dapu with Lu Wenchao in the evening. It turns out that at today’s tea bureau, Commander Ma and Kuai County proactively admitted that they had accepted bribes and let Zhou Cheng go.

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