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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 13 Recap

Yang Xiongchu hung on the edge of the cliff with the help of using a piece of cloth to restrain the roots of the tree, and he could climb up with difficulty when the Kuomintang soldiers turned around and left. The Zou’s workshop was searched inside and out. The KMT officers and soldiers in an inexplicable workshop halfway up the mountain demanded that the Zou family must leave immediately. Although they argued hard on reason, the KMT officers and soldiers said they would never give the Communist Party a place The opportunity to ignite the workshop.

Zou Shubao came to the mountain at night and felt very guilty and distressed for Zou Shubao’s young people who were burnt down to protect themselves. However, Zou Shubao felt that the sacrifice would be worthwhile as long as the older Chinese people can have a house to live in. Under the escort of the Zou family and the armed squad all the way, seven young party members and comrades finally arrived safely at the Minxi Brigade, watching the trafficmen who turned away silently, they could only record their stalwart figures with a camera.

The Zou family was cleaning up the ruins of the burned house. Without the workshop, they could only go back to their hometown temporarily. Zou Shubao asked Thea and his sister-in-law to go home first. The Bogongwa transportation station could not be interrupted. They must stay here to rebuild the transportation station. However, Thea and Sister-in-law insisted on staying. After all, there was still a family with their care, and with the support of the eldest brother, Zou Shubao still kept the family.

Cao Ruiying recalled that Sun Tongjie, the shopkeeper of Tongtian Hotel, came to deliver food to herself that day, but the food was not salted. He was keenly aware that he must have something important while cooking and then he forgot to put it in a panic, and Sun Tongjie did it. The time of the dishes coincided with the time of the electric boat’s arrival. Heizi immediately remembered the day when he ran into Sun Tongjie panicking downstairs, and turned around to check.

Cao Ruiying stopped the impulsive Sunspot. He once went to the Tongtian Hotel to check the location where the best investigation of the river can be done. It can be said that the Kuomintang got the information and the Communist Party will send a radio expert to the Fujian, Jiangxi and Soviet areas. Dapu will be a must pass. He wants to use Tongtian Hotel, a transportation station, to catch the big fish sinking in the water.

In the evening, my sister-in-law told Zou Shubao not to go to Chayang often and be careful to be recognized by Lai Shouzhang, but Zou Shubao felt that Lai Shouzhang should not be an outright bad person if he could risk his life to save himself. Looking at Pan Yuqing standing in the dark, Zou Shubao met him in the past, and there will be important personnel passing the border in the near future.

Zou Shubao sat in the dormitory thinking about what Pan Yuqing said to him and his observations of Pan Yuqing these days, and he became more affirmed of his own thoughts. The next day, Lai Shouzhang took the initiative to go to the shore to find Pan Yuqing, but Pan Yuqing refused his request to carry him. Lai Shouzhang said a poem but Pan Yuqing couldn’t answer the next one, but he also vaguely said that it could match. The person with the verse will definitely appear. Lai Shouzhang immediately told him that he was afraid that if he waited too long, he would delay eating at the Tongtian Restaurant, because the place would be sealed up soon.

Pan Yuqing hurriedly ran across the street. The Tongtian Hotel was where the escort radio expert and the traffic man carrying the equipment met. He watched the Heizi and other special agents walking to the store and hurriedly pretended to stop calmly, how to recognize the expert in time Stopping them with the trafficmen and informing Sun Tongjie became Pan Yuqing’s primary problem. Lu Qingquan was not in the store at this time. Pan Yuqing listened to the sound of the electric boat coming from the shore and knew that it was the expert and the traffic man who had arrived.

Pan Yuqing remembered Lu Qingquan’s words that there was an emergency that he could use the hat as a signal. As long as he saw the hat, it was a signal to stop all actions. He bought a large-sized hat and came to Tongtian Hotel to ask Sun Tongjie for the fish money. This obvious signal was immediately understood by Sun Tongjie. He pretended to go out to return the hat to Pan Yuqing, who had already left, and took the opportunity to hang the hat at the door to sign the end of the action.

When Pan Yuqing saw a blind man carrying an erhu and a young man walking to the Tongtian Hotel, he obviously hesitated and left. He immediately understood that these two were experts and trafficmen. Pan Yuqing, who followed, was subdued by the two, but fortunately, he immediately said that the same day restaurant had revealed that he was here to pick up the two. It turned out that the young man was an expert and the blind man happened to be the traffic man who escorted him and the equipment.

At night, there were spies’ eyeliners outside Tongtian Hotel. Sun Tongjie told his nephew to go back to his hometown. He held the child’s hand and asked him to greet his family well, and took out the money he saved to let him leave immediately. Sun Tongjie opened the hotel. A hidden door sent away the child, but the child was caught by the sunspot and put into the interrogation room as soon as he left the house. But the kid didn’t know what the Communist Party was, let alone whether his uncle was a member of the Communist Party, so Heizi had to imprison him first.

Sun Tongjie was clearly arranging the funeral, and Cao Ruiying understood it, because the letter he picked up from the table was Sun Tongjie’s last confession to his father. It would be an honor for him in this life to dedicate himself to the cause of communism. The next day, Sun Tongjie calmly opened the door of the restaurant and drank a sip of tea, then turned to look at the fearless face of Heizi who came with the spy.

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