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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 20 Recap

Shi Yunhao was very worried about Zhou Zixuan, and Mu Chuan said that if he wanted to find her, he could only rely on the two of them. Li Junjie played the piano, attracting Calais over. Calais said that his life’s greatest hobbies are killing people and music. Zhou Zixuan approached the glasses and said that she hated Ruan Taiyuan the most, trying to persuade the glasses to join him and leave Ruan Taiyuan forever. The glasses were worried, saying that he still had relatives in the hands of Ruan Taiyuan.

Calais has always wanted to know about Li Junjie’s plan. Li Junjie told him that if he were to rely on his men, he would definitely be wiped out. There are several passages in Moses, one of which leads directly to the vault, but there are many armed security guards guarding it, and you will definitely die if you force it in. There is also an unguarded passage. In the underground passage, only Mou Chuan’s identity is needed and the entrance of the secret passage must be found.

Calais let the glasses find a secret channel through the computer. The glasses deliberately said it was difficult and asked Li Junjie to try it. Li Junjie sent a message to Chen Jingwen through the computer, and said a cake shop. The atmosphere was tense, Zhou Zixuan was worried about being discovered by Calais. Calais noticed it and told everyone to stop and let the glasses check if there was a problem. The glasses replied three times with no problem, and Li Junjie was not betrayed. Li Junjie lost his temper deliberately and dropped the computer. Calais said with a smile, Zhou Zixuan had no time to wait for him to lose his temper.

Li Junjie continued to use the computer to reply to Chen Jingwen’s message and told her to wait in the afternoon. Mou Chuan ran with Shi Yunhao, hoping that he could create a new world with him, but he always sacrificed part of his profits before creating. Meng Liang is going to rescue Li Junjie, and Chen Jingwen also wants to go. Meng Liang said that she is not clear about the situation now and let her stay at home. Amanda reached Mou Chuan’s thorny spot, and Shi Yunhao helped Mou Chuan report to the headquarters. The headquarters ordered Amanda to exceed the investigation order and asked her to return to the headquarters as soon as possible.

Li Junjie drove the car and suddenly stopped to buy something and ran out. The wolf in his car ran over and stared at him. Calais said that if Li Junjie made any movement, Zhou Zixuan would be brutally killed. Li Junjie ran out, bought a lollipop, and handed out the message to Meng Liang with cash.

After getting off the bus, Li Junjie and the wild wolf entered Mou Chuan’s residence, their glasses shielded the surveillance, and Zhou Zixuan was taken with him. Zhou Zixuan used the device to successfully apply the fingerprint on Mu Chuan’s keyboard, and his glasses were responsible for copying Mu Chuan’s identity. The wild wolf wanted to watch TV. Li Junjie attracted the attention of the glasses. Zhou Zixuan went to Mouchuan’s bedroom and saw her mother’s picture frame. He deliberately put the picture frame upside down on the table.

Meng Liang asked Xiao Zheng to turn on the computer, check the marks on the banknotes, and found a string of codes to tell Shi Yunhao to Meng Liang, tell him about Calais operations, and let Shi Yunhao set up ambush in Moss. Chen Jingwen was very happy. Meng Liang felt that things were not that simple, and asked Xiao Zheng to arrange more brothers to help Li Junjie.

When Mu Chuan returned to the accommodation, he felt that someone had entered the room. He found the fallen photo frame and asked Jiang Hua to bring the technical team to his home. Zhou Zixuan was a little worried, and said that she also had a hand, which gave Mou Chuan a signal. Calais found the channel, successfully found the identity code, and divided the work for everyone, but did not arrange Zhou Zixuan to let the wolf stay. Li Junjie was very impulsive, Zhou Zixuan fainted from the poisonous attack, Calais reminded him that if he can’t get the vx3, he won’t give him the antidote. When Shi Yunhao received information about Calais action, Li Junjie confessed to Calais that he had released the action.

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