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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 18 Recap

When the sirens sounded on the ship, Li Junjie felt something bad when he saw Ruan Taiyuan’s people stepping up their guard. Shi Yunhao thought that he had to take advantage of the victory, and the captain thought he couldn’t explain to the headquarters. At this time, a policeman held a loudspeaker and shouted at the people of the Ruan Taiyuan organization, asking them to surrender immediately. The people on the ship didn’t listen at all, took up weapons and shot the policeman.

The two sides fought fiercely, and Shi Yunhao quickly called for support, and the other side told them to evacuate immediately, otherwise they would enter the territory of another country. Shi Yunhao was very angry and continued to resist. Ruan Taiyuan’s weapons were too fierce, and he knocked down one of Shi Yunhao’s ships. When Shi Yunhao didn’t want to leave, the captain ordered the ship to turn around and suppressed Shi Yunhao who wanted to fight forward, saying that if he continued to do this, everyone would be killed.

Zhou Zixuan was detained in solitary confinement room, while Li Junjie was hung in the detention room. After the two met, they hugged and kissed each other, showing how reluctant they were. Calais came over to take Zhou Zixuan away, and Li Junjie broke his throat and told them not to move Zhou Zixuan.

When he returned, Shi Yunhao drank boring wine, remembering that he had joined Mo Shi with Li Junjie in order to get to Bacheng and find out who was the murderer of his parents. Li Junjie heard that Zhou Zixuan was also an orphan, and said that she was obliged to protect her in the future, so that she must find herself if she encountered difficulties.

The friendship between the three is precious, and Shi Yunhao feels sad the more he thinks about it. In the memory, Shi Yunhao and Li Junjie went to buy gifts, breaking Mo Shi’s rules and accusing them of being unworthy. It was Li Junjie who begged Chen Gang to give another chance, and the three of them shared the joys and sorrows and accepted the punishment. Mou Chuan called and said that he didn’t know how to comfort him, but that he would walk with him in a long life.

When Shi Yunhao returned to Mo Shi, Amanda thought that they had carried out rescue activities alone, and did not tell herself that she wanted to know when Shi Yunhao fell to Mu Chuan’s side. Shi Yunhao said that Mu Chuan is his boss and should listen to him.

The mayor wanted to hear what Mu Chuan said. Mu Chuan brought Shi Yunhao to the meeting, and Chen Haodong asked them about the problems in their arrest of Calais. Everyone at the meeting thought that Moses was incapable. Ma Qiming was almost assassinated at the beginning, and the international crisis that was almost triggered by the arrest of Calais this time. Mou Chuan said that Mo Shi must be capable, and he refuted the doubts of others at the meeting. The mayor believes that the current issue of the international community is to continue to let Moses take charge of social security.

Mou Chuan returned to the room and found that there was someone in the room. He didn’t expect it to be Ruan Taiyuan, and he was relieved. Ruan Taiyuan personally made Mu Chuan fried noodles, reminding Mu Chuan not to get too close to Alpha and not to forget about himself. Mu Chuan hoped that Ruan Taiyuan would not be too greedy. He despised Ruan Taiyuan and believed that it would not harm his family. Ruan Taiyuan said, let Mu Chuan not blame himself for being ruthless and righteous, because he has Zhou Zixuan in his hands.

Both Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan were hung in the house. Li Junjie said that he liked Zhou Zixuan very much and expressed his affection. Zhou Zixuan was very moved and said that she loved him too. Li Junjie asked her what she would do if she could go out alive. Zhou Zixuan thought it was a proposal, but Li Junjie said he wanted to buy her favorite skittles. Li Junjie made her believe in herself and would definitely take her out alive.

Ruan Taiyuan asked Li Junjie to agree to cooperate with him. Calais took a gun and wanted to play a game with Zhou Zixuan. At a critical moment, Li Junjie promised to go to Mo Shi to help Ruan Taiyuan. Mu Chuan saw that Shi Yunhao was very stable and he wanted to give him all the confidential resources of Mo Shi, hoping that he would not let himself down.

Ruan Taiyuan asked Li Junjie to choose a few good soldiers. Li Junjie didn’t dare to be interested. He offered to bring Zhou Zixuan to the action, because he wanted people inside Mo Shi and only Mu Chuan’s fingerprints could enter. Maya has been unable to figure out the cause of Ma Xiaojun’s death. Shi Yun returned to the computer and used the permission given by Mu Chuan to repeatedly check the scene where Li Yun was shot and killed, and found a strange thing.

Thinking that Hassan’s goal at the time might be Li Yun, not Ma Qiming, maybe Li Yun had mastered someone’s secrets. Mou Chuan asked him to think from another angle and promised to tell him all the truth. Mou Chuan told Shi Yunhao that apart from himself and Alpha, the founder of Scorpio had someone he didn’t know. As long as he continued to do things for himself, one day he would tell him the whole truth.

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