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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 17 Recap

Buss deliberately tried Zhou Zixuan and gave her a fake gun. Although Zhou Zixuan pressed the ring of the gun, the bullet did not sound, and she was very angry. Buss said that he saw her sincerity, but arranged for his men to keep watching her. Zhou Zixuan suspected that the bullets had no gunpowder, and it was Ruan Taiyuan who was testing her.

Returning to her room, Zhou Zixuan used a special hidden weapon to hit the water pipe, a signal that only Li Junjie could understand, and the two contacted each other. Shi Yunhao and the police surrounded Calais car and guarded it all night, almost exhausted. When the people in Adewang village shot Yun Hao and others with force, the two sides fought fiercely. Ruan Taiyuan informed Calais that he should return to the ship as soon as possible at all costs.

The person guarding Li Junjie sent a dispute because of gambling. During the three people’s arguing, they dropped something on the table. Li Junjie grabbed a coin that fell on the ground and wanted to get out of the rope. The police wanted to take action to catch Calais, and Shi Yunhao asked Mou Chuan for help. Mou Chuan told him not to worry and would deal with him immediately. The captain insisted on taking action, but was blocked by a call from his superiors.

Zhou Zixuan continued to send a signal through the water pipe to express her love for Li Junjie. She intends to go out as a real mandala. After finally grinding the coin, Li Junjie cut the rope in his hand and continued through the water pipe, replying to Zhou Zixuan and letting her go quickly. Through the water pipe, the two expressed their friendship and love to each other, which made the cyclops notice. Zhou Zixuan acted alone and found a masked person sleeping in a room. She thought it was Li Junjie and went up to call him. Unexpectedly, this was a trap of Bath, and Bath asked Zhou Zixuan to explain it to herself. Zhou Zixuan said that besides taking refuge in Ruan Taiyuan, she also needed a task to kill Li Junjie.

Li Junjie used the Morse code to convey to Zhou Zixuan that she was at Gate 12, ready to leave here together. But noticed by the Cyclops, the Cyclops wanted to take her to see Ruan Taiyuan, and changed her to a room without water pipes, saying that she was using the Morse code. Zhou Zixuan did not admit it, but was still being monitored. She asked her little brother to help play a piece of music, and only Li Junjie knew the secret code.

The captain continued to insist on taking action to catch Calais. Shi Yunhao stopped him and told the story that he and Li Junjie are brothers. He understands that Calais is a criminal who has caused everyone to lose their brothers, sisters and family. He said that Calais is just a bait, and the most important thing is to attack the people behind him. , I hope these brothers and policemen will not die innocently, and stay if they are willing to stay.

The people present thought that Shi Yunhao was right, and said they would stay and listen to him. Unexpectedly, Calais violently rebelled against them and blasted them with grenade while the police were not paying attention. The two sides fought desperately, and Calais ran away in the chaos. Finally, the car that was blocked was a fake, and Calais was replaced by a fake. When Shi Yunhao watched Calais escape by boat, they also boarded the speedboat to add Lai.

Li Junjie pretended to be uncomfortable, and when the guards came in, he knocked him out. Shi Yunhao wanted to shoot Calais on the ship, but was unable to aim at the target due to the shaking of the ship. As the night got darker, the Cyclops sneaked into Zhou Zixuan’s room. Zhou Zixuan was beaten severely by Zhou Zixuan and sent him to Ruan Taiyuan to ask the guilt. Calais returned to the ship, recognized Zhou Zixuan, and pointed a gun at her head.

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