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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Zixuan hoped that Shi Yunhao would help her attract Calais to appear. She wanted to find a way to get into the ship organized by Ruan Taiyuan and get Li Junjie out. Shi Yunhao disagreed, thinking that the danger was too high, mainly because Calais knew him and wanted to go with Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan thinks that this will make it easier to be exposed, and it is enough to go alone.

Chen Jingwen did not eat for three days, Xiao Zheng kindly brought her noodles, but she was called a liar. Meng Liang severely and fiercely took Chen Jingwen and let her eat. Mu Chuan walked around and asked Shi Yunhao to come to the office, hoping that he would bring Zhou Zixuan back, because Zhou Zixuan had lost contact. Shi Yunhao inquired about Calais’ whereabouts by the way and said that he would definitely bring Zhou Zixuan back.

Li Junjie was tortured half-dead, and Ruan Taiyuan asked him if he would cooperate with him to upgrade his torture methods. Li Junjie was dizzy, thinking of Chen Gang’s training for himself, he must find a way to confuse the other party, make them feel conceited and have a glimmer of life, and learn to disguise. Ruan Taiyuan told Calais that if Li Junjie still doesn’t agree to cooperate, let him die.

Shi Yunhao found the location of Adwang Village, surrounded them with the police, and deliberately left a person to inform Calais. After receiving the information, Ruan Taiyuan arranged for Calais to teach them a lesson. When Shi Yunhao and others were guarding in Adwang Village, they saw Calais car approaching and reminded everyone to obey orders. But the chief of the police station couldn’t help but fired a shot to startle the snake.

Bass and others caught Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan said that he was a mandala and wanted to see Ruan Taiyuan. Bass asked her to prove that she was a mandala. After seeing the tattoo, Bass took Zhou Zixuan on the ship.

Li Junjie was in a daze, seeing Chen Gang’s reminder to himself, asking him to stand up hard, there is no perfection in the world, calmly thinking about breaking through defense. Li Junjie was taken out and deliberately paralyzed the opponent with a method, so that the opponent lowered his defense. The other party used a polygraph to test Li Junjie, let him proactively tell the location of vx3, and let him cooperate with him. Li Junjie used the opponent’s arrogance to let him relax his vigilance and stun the opponent.

Li Junjie had planned to leave the ship, but saw Zhou Zixuan being taken to Mandala. Zhou Zixuan said that she wanted to defect to Ruan Taiyuan and planned to work for her. Because of her fame, she was all pursued and killed. Ruan Taiyuan didn’t believe that she was a mandala. Zhou Zixuan mentioned Leiou, who was the person who had previously hired Ruan Taiyuan to kill him. Ruan Taiyuan believed it, but didn’t want to take her in. Zhou Zixuan sold miserably, saying how pitiful she was, and Ruan Taiyuan promised to keep her for a few days.

Zhou Zixuan checked the situation on the ship everywhere, and heard that a bloody corpse was thrown a few days ago. Li Junjie was careless and was caught again. He thought Zhou Zixuan was too stupid. Bass took out an old gun and asked her to kill a policeman with a hood. Zhou Zixuan was not sure about this person and couldn’t put her hand off, saying that she would only use her own bullet to let them see what the blood mandala is.

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