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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 15 Recap

Li Junjie looked at Zhou Zixuan in a daze, not wanting to feel any pain. Chen Gang told the three that they would fight side by side and train together. Zhou Zixuan recalled the scene with Li Junjie. Others said he was stupid, but she didn’t think it. Mandala thinks Zhou Zixuan’s vision is too unique, Zhou Zixuan said that Mou Chuan strongly opposed her and Li Junjie. Mandala wanted to hear their confession story. Li Junjie confessed to Zhou Zixuan in a special way, and the two were together. Zhou Zixuan said that Li Junjie is his own world.

Ruan Taiyuan asked Calais to hide everyone with a green cloth and created a video of Li Junjie’s death. The purpose was to make everyone think that Li Junjie was dead, so that he could return to the vx3 of Moss, so that she could control everything on the Internet. It’s just that Mou Chuan currently controls vx3, and the stock market crash in Bacheng is likely to be his masterpiece. Li Junjie asked why he wanted to help her, he could not have three demands, and Ruan Taiyuan let him suffer hardship and grow his memory.

Zhou Zixuan believed in Li Junjie, and Mandala believed that Li Junjie had no need to save. She said that the reason she was arrested was because there was a man who accompanied her affectionately day and night, said promises, and finally chose to betray her. Zhou Zixuan once again expressed her determination. Li Junjie is the one she has always adhered to.

Even if Li Junjie left for three years before, she would have been upset. The warden also heard their conversation outside the screen, and his eyes were red. Zhou Zixuan moved Mandala. Mandala wanted to give her a gift called Leo. It might be her pass, but it could also be a reminder, and she sent a card to Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan thanked her. Mandala said that she was Luo Man. He saw a beam of light enter the prison and felt free.

When Yunhao drank a dull wine, Mu Chuan hoped that he would not be immersed in sorrow, but should take into account the safety of Moses, saying that he was the power that had been protecting Moses. He took Shi Yunhao to look at vx3 and talked about its great power, saying that he needed his help. The property filled in at this time, took out the Scorpio logo, and told him the secret of Scorpio.

One of the founders of Scorpio was Alpha, but he died in less than a year. Shi Yunhao knew that Li Junjie had been touching the bottom line of Mo Shi, only to get rid of him. Mou Chuan said that Zhou Zixuan should not be allowed to know, otherwise she would be in danger, but he liked Shi Yunhao because he thought he could help him, and was the most rational, let him follow him.

When Chen Jingwen saw the video of Li Junjie’s death, she had been in a trance, compiled a code that only Li Junjie and her knew, and had been waiting for a reply. Shi Yunhao thought about the ups and downs and said that he was faced with a very difficult choice, but in order to help Li Junjie, no matter how others misunderstood him, and no matter how dangerous the force, he would do his best to investigate.

Ruan Taiyuan asked Calais to continue to pressure Li Junjie and tortured him with cruel methods. Li Junjie was beaten all over his body and fainted in the detention room. Amanda turned on the computer and asked Maya to give herself the monitoring route of the vault last night, and found that Mou Chuan had shown Shi Yunhao there. She couldn’t wait to ask Mou Chuan to question. Mu Chuan did not answer, and Shi Yunhao deliberately refused to cooperate. Mou Chuan persuaded Amanda to leave Bacheng early.

Shi Yunhao drove Zhou Zixuan to see Amanda. Amanda asked her to think clearly that if she became a mandala, she would act alone and it would be dangerous. Zhou Zixuan spoke earnestly and determined that she would do this.

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