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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 14 Recap

Shi Yunhao was sad, and Mu Chuan asked him to come out, not to live in the past. Amanda came over and knew Shi Yunhao’s relationship with Li Junjie. Shi Yunhao said that he and Li Junjie were brothers. Amanda believes that Li Junjie is very suspicious and needs further investigation. First of all, we must understand the purpose and forces behind it. Shi Yunhao also believes that it is necessary to continue the investigation, and Mou Chuan also supports it.

Amanda asked Shi Yunhao what happened when the lighthouse met before. Shi Yunhao replied that Li Junjie had always suspected Mu Chuan because the fourth email was sent by Moshi’s internal server. Amanda believes that there is no evidence pointing to Mu Chuan, and Shi Yunhao believes that Zhou Zixuan should not be allowed to find Li Junjie alone to investigate Ruan Taiyuan, but he can’t persuade him.

Amanda asked Zhou Zixuan to meet at the tattoo shop, saying that he could help her get close to Ruan Taiyuan, that is, let Zhou Zixuan pretend to be a killer named Mandala. Ruan Taiyuan once hired mandala as a killer, and was later controlled by the police and detained in a prison. Only the high-level police knew about it, and he has not disclosed it to the public. Mandala is very cunning, and has not revealed any useful information during his detention, which has caused the police to be helpless. Amanda arranged for Zhou Zixuan to see Mandala secretly. Fortunately, no one had seen Mandala’s true secret before being imprisoned.

Meng Liang looked for someone to watch the video again, but found no trace of being edited. Chen Jingwen confided to Xiao Zheng that she was lonely and helpless until she met Li Junjie and took her out of the killer’s hands, which made her feel like she had found her support. Xiao Zheng confessed that he liked Chen Jingwen and accidentally told about the murder of Li Junjie. Chen Jingwen was sad and didn’t know what happened to Li Junjie.

When Zhou Zixuan came to the prison, the warden began to embarrass her, but Zhou Zixuan bit her back. The warden asked Zhou Zixuan to prepare. Mandala was a person who did not cooperate with the police and was cruel.

Amanda asked Mou Chuan, thinking that Li Junjie’s rebellion was purely framed. Mou Chuan accused Amanda of not letting Zhou Zixuan act alone. Amanda said that Zhou Zixuan is the commissioner of Mo Shi and has the ability to handle things well.

In the prison, the mandala performed a dance. Zhou Zixuan talked to Mandala alone and asked her to consider her current situation. If she cooperates with herself, she can consider helping her. Mandala giggled and had a weird temper, and almost cut Zhou Zixuan’s face with a card. The warden and his subordinates took money to gamble to see how long Zhou Zixuan could stay. Zhou Zixuan continued to negotiate with Mandala, saying that she would borrow her identity to save a friend she cared about. Mandala kept going around in circles, kindly reminding Zhou Zixuan that it might be possible to meet the person she wants to meet without her identity. Face it is the best way.

Amanda had heard that Mandala rejected Zhou Zixuan and said that there was another rescue operation and asked her to join Shi Yunhao’s team. Zhou Zixuan begged Amanda to continue to help herself because she confirmed that Li Junjie was still alive. Zhou Zixuan recalled the assassination experience of Datura, knowing that she had never failed, and then went to the flower shop to buy a bunch of Datura flowers.

Zhou Zixuan came to the prison again, and Mandala knew that she was not just for sending flowers, so Zhou Zixuan told herself a story. Zhou Zixuan said that the person she wanted to save was her lover, recalling the scene where he appeared, it was like falling from the sky, so handsome.

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