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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 15 Recap

Ye Zhiyu and Wen Jinchen worked together almost every day because of the cooperation between the two companies. They looked like they were very “close” and very jealous. Jin Chen looked at her very funny, but Ye Zhiyu arrogantly dismissed her.

Long Xiaorong Yueyue should pay attention to her own dress and wear some famous brands, so that she might be able to defeat Ye Zhiyu in appearance. Yueyue went to the mall to buy clothes and specially bought a leather jacket for Wen Jinchen. The next day I dressed up and went to work, but when I got there, I learned that Wen Jinchen and Ye Zhiyu were out for dinner, and my mood instantly fell to the bottom.

At the dinner table, Ye Zhiyu fully informed Wen Liangye’s plan that Wen Liangye was the investor behind Tianyi Group. He originally planned to control Tianyi to withdraw from the cooperation with Wen after the final development rights plan was made, and take away Chengguan District’s cooperation. Development rights. Wen Jinchen wondered why Ye Zhiyu would tell this. Ye said that in the past few years, a person has been working hard in a foreign country just to match him one day. For him, he can give up everything, as long as the two can start again. Wen Jinchen expressed understanding but could not agree to her.

After Wen Jinchen left, Ye Zhiyu answered Wen Liangye’s phone call, but Wen Liangye became wary of Ye Zhiyu because the waiter came to ask if he wanted to take her husband’s tableware down.

The next day, the Tianyi Group held an internal meeting. Wen Liangye refused Ye Zhiyu’s participation. This was to kick people out of the plan. Subsequently, the news of Tianyi Group’s withdrawal from cooperation with Wen spread throughout the major news media. At the program competition meeting, Wen Liangye attended as a senior executive of Muya Group, a subsidiary of Tianyi Group, while Wen Jinchen spoke frankly in a leather jacket bought by Yueyue. Wen Liang, who thought that the salary from the bottom of the Wen Group would definitely help him to win the development rights, did not expect that his younger brother Wen Jinchen actually offered a brand partner higher than his own, and Wen finally won the development rights.

It turned out that since Ye Zhiyu appeared at the auction a few months ago, Wen Jinchen had doubts about this very mysterious Tianyi company, and did not reveal the true trump card of his company. He didn’t understand what benefit would Wen Liangye bring to Wen Liangye, who claimed that only in this way could he protect the people he wanted to protect.

Ye Zhiyu learned that Wen Jinchen had been defensive against herself from the beginning, and she sent a photo of Yuan Siya and Wen Liangye’s closeness to Grandpa Wen.

Pei Xiuzhe met Wen Liangye at the bar. Wen told his life experience that he was an illegitimate child. Grandpa Wen didn’t like him, so although he was an older brother, the position of President Wen was given to his younger brother. But because he brought back his illegitimate child, his wife’s wife passed away from a heart attack. He blamed himself, so he voluntarily gave up his own business, traveled around the world, and occasionally sent letters back.

On the other side, when Wen Liangye returned home, he met Yuan Siya. It turned out that grandpa knew that the two were happy, but he had to separate the lovers and then pushed the genius girl to Wen Jinchen. Wen Liangye is unwilling to give up his lover, his grandfather is stubborn and uses tough methods to threaten the Yuan family to marry Yuan Siya to Wen Jinchen. Wen Liangye condemned Yuan Siya very much, thinking that he could not even give her a fair and honest love.

That night, Yueyue dressed her home very beautifully, and was going to tell her about the two daughters of the Yuan family. At this time, grandpa came and took out the intimate photo of Wen Liangye and Yuan Siya sent by Ye Zhiyu, and realized that the man named Wen that his sister liked was Wen Liangye. The reason they planned all this was only to get grandpa’s love. Acknowledged, but now I can’t tell what happened between myself and my sister. Facing Wen Jinchen’s misunderstanding, I couldn’t dispute it every month.

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