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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 14 Recap

Yuan mother complained and followed Yuan father to the hotel to meet Wen Jinchen. Yueyue repeatedly told Wen Jinchen not to show off his wealth. When Yuan Mu came and saw Wen Jinchen in work clothes, she had a very good impression on her. Yueyue and Yuanfu helped to conceal Wen Jinchen’s true identity.

Wen Liangye came downstairs to Pei Xiuzhe’s house to have a party and drink with him. Pei personally came down to pick up the people. This scene was filmed by the people who Ye Zhiyu had brought. Wen Liangye told him that he had been planning something, and now this event is finally about to kick off.

On the other side of Yueyue’s family, Yuan’s mother was very satisfied with Wen Jinchen and agreed to take care of her daughters in his family. She said that if they divorced one day, they would definitely be like herself and Yuan. The father is as respectful as a guest. Yueyue heard that she was almost shocked by a mouthful of blood.

After drinking a lot of nights, Wen Liang said that by waiting until the 20th, he would get everything he wanted when he won the right to develop. He kept repeating the 20th day. Yuan Mu and Yueyue spoke alone. She had long seen that Wen Jinchen’s dress was deliberately pretended, but since his rich brother can accompany his daughter in this play, he must love her very much, so They agreed to the marriage, waited for Wen Jinchen to take the right to develop the Chengguan Commercial District, and married his daughter gracefully.

After Wen Liangye left, he left his coat at Pei’s house. Pei Xiuzhe felt very familiar with the coat. Thinking of the photo of Yuan Siya hugging other men, he opened the phone album and compared it. The man who could only see his back was dressed exactly the same. Coat, recalling Yuan Siya’s previous announcement that she would come back on the 20th of the month, Pei Xiuzhe realized that Wen Liangye was the man who took Yuan Siya away.

Pei Xiuzhe found Wen Liangye to question, and clarified the matter very straightforwardly, but Wen Liangye denied it without hesitation. Yuan Yueyue herself drafted a pre-marital convention with very strict content. Wen Jinchen thought that Yueyue was guarding herself like a wolf, and he had no choice but to manually change a few items before signing it.

Ye Zhiyu’s investigation of the Yuan family’s affairs has already begun. Ye roughly guessed about the Yuan family’s two daughters, so he personally met Yueyue, reminding her that she is not at her own ability level, it is best not to delusion, but Yue Yue did not hear her voice. Ye Zhiyu asked the two to compete on a fair basis and first assist Wen Jinchen in completing the plan for the development zone, and we will see the results when the results finally come out.

Ye Zhiyu returned to Tianyi Group to meet with Wen Liangye and said that he had contacted major brands. Once they settled in their own group, they would have more cost to win the development rights when they split with Wen. When the Wen family, Yueyue and Wen Jinchen were sweet, Ye Zhiyu called. Yueyue was very jealous and kissed Wen Jinchen. Wen Jinchen was shocked, so she hung up Ye’s call.

In the next few days, because of the cooperation with Wen Group, Ye Zhiyu returned to work with Wen Jinchen almost every day in the company. Yueyue saw the two walking very close and became jealous.

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