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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 13 Recap

Shi Huijiao asked Ye Xiaomei to go back and make a good calculation. She paid back the money from the nursing home as soon as possible. Ye Xiaomei explained that Shi Changsheng had already paid it back. Shi Huijiao and Gao Ming were both surprised and could not guess where Shi Changsheng raised the money. This is Ye Xiaomei. The secret to Shi Changsheng, Ye Xiaomei let Shi Changsheng live at home with peace of mind, the original high and low bed has been changed back, Shi Changsheng’s heart is happy, Ye Xiaomei sees their family reconciliation as before, and then feel relieved to leave, Shi Huijiao again and again to Ye Xiaomei Express thankfulness.

That night, Ye Xiaomei stood on the roof of the nursing home, looking at the stars in the sky, with mixed feelings. Wu Hui came to Ye Xiaomei to talk to her and affirmed her work. She even surpassed Lin Sufen. Ye Xiaomei grew up in a nursing home and was very interested in this place. Very deep feelings. Ye Xiaomei enthusiastically told Wu Hui the story of Shi Changsheng, and also drew his story into the comics. Since Shi Changsheng returned home, he has completely stayed away from health care products, got along well with his family, and often visited nursing homes. Ye Xiaomei felt that his mental state had undergone earth-shaking changes.

Guo Sanshuang officially works in the nursing home, and he wholeheartedly assists Ye Xiaomei in her work. The two of them cooperated tacitly, and the work in the nursing home was done very well. The golden ori took the initiative to call Ye Xiaomei to meet, and wanted to introduce her to the comics studio. Ye Xiaomei didn’t buy it at all and wanted to stay in the nursing home. The golden ori moved out of Lin Sufen’s deathbed to talk about things, and wanted to use her personal connections for Ye Xiaomei’s comics.

Ye Xiaomei flatly refused to pave the way for her career. Jin Orio wanted to introduce her to the real estate boss to take over the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei could also get a large amount of compensation. Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to listen to her verbose, so she wanted to leave when she got up. Gold Orio reminded her to think twice and don’t. Abandoned his own business to become the second Lin Sufen.

Ye Xiaomei suddenly received a call from Uncle Zhang, the guard at the nursing home, and learned that Sanshuang was selling sales in the nursing home again, so she hurried back to see what happened. Guo Sanshuang was unwilling to spend it in the nursing home like this, and wanted to use his expertise to sell. He carefully selected certified medical devices and sold them to the elderly in the nursing home. Guo Jiangdong secretly prayed that Ye Xiaomei would come back later.

Unhappy and enthusiastic, he tried Sanshuang’s induction wheelchair. He drove a round in the nursing home and immediately decided to buy one, but the price of 10,000 yuan was too expensive for him. Ye Xiaomei hurried back. Guo Sanshuang couldn’t wait to introduce these medical devices to her. She wanted to sell with Ye Xiaomei, but Ye Xiaomei ignored him.

Ye Xiaomei came to the top of the building alone in a daze. Guo Sanshuang followed closely. Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang had the same illness and opened their hearts to each other. After Guo Sanshuang’s mother passed away, her father started doing business and owed a lot of money everywhere. Foreign debts, after graduating from Sanshuang high school, he came out and worked hard for ten years. He finally paid off his father’s foreign debts.

He is still helping his ex-girlfriend to pay off his microloan. Ye Xiaomei was abandoned by her mother since she was a child, and she has lived with her grandma for many years. The more she talked about it, the more sad she wanted to use wine to pour her sorrows. After Sanshuang, she would drink with her. Ye Xiaomei was too drunk to drink, and soon became drunk and unconscious. Guo Sanshuang took her Take it back to the room and settle down.

Guo Jiangdong was cooking in his room and accidentally caused a fire. Fortunately, it was quickly extinguished without causing any casualties. Guo Jiangdong complained that the food in the cafeteria was poor and wanted to make a small stove to improve his life. Ye Xiaomei learned from Wu Hui that she had to reduce the amount of meat every day. Due to the impact of bird flu, the price of meat, eggs, and milk has been soaring, and the funds of nursing homes cannot make ends meet. Wu Hui asked Ye Xiaomei to explain to the elderly.

Ye Xiaomei went to the vegetable market to investigate the price of meat. She went back to sort out the income and expenditure accounts and found that Lin Sufen and Wu Hui often used money to subsidize nursing homes, and she was desperate. Guo Sanshuang sent her some vegetarian dumplings, and Ye Xiaomei took the opportunity to vomit bitterness to him. She wanted to use her savings to make up for the meat price difference.

After receiving government subsidies next month, she could improve. Ye Xiaomei gave the money to the cafeteria. The administrator, told him to still follow the original food standard and not to lower the standard because the price of meat is too high. The administrator revealed that Wu Hui gave him a subsidy yesterday. Finally, Ye Xiaomei came to the Golden Oriole and wanted to return the 50,000 yuan that Lin Sufen gave her during her lifetime, but the Golden Oriole flatly refused.

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