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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 20 Recap

The government said that Langya Pavilion had escaped into the wanted criminal, but the Seventh Sister was patrolling day and night. It was impossible for the wanted criminal to break in. It was probably a false alarm. Ma Rulong’s men sent people dressed as officials into Langya Pavilion to search, but they found nothing. The pavilion master Qiu had long expected that the group of people were not good at helping Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu to hide the note, and Jiang Baiyu guessed that it was the pavilion master’s help. Pavilion Master Qiu left Jiang Baiyu to play chess together.

She said that this chess game seemed as simple as what he wanted to check, but it was dangerous. Pavilion Master had already guessed it. She saw that the piece of paper came from his father. With the prescription, I knew it was not simple, but I didn’t expect Jiang Baiyu to endure it for seven years. Jiang Baiyu assured the pavilion owner that no matter what happens in the future, he will surely protect the water without flaws. Although this game is dangerous, he will definitely win back.

The owner of the Qiu Pavilion told Jiang Baiyu that his father was working hard to study the prescriptions, so he developed a method to identify prescriptions. One vertical, ten horizontal, hundreds of thousands of frontiers, facing each other, using symbols to correspond to numbers, and numbers to correspond to Jiang’s family. The medicine grid of the herbal medicine library saves a lot of time for remembering the name of the medicine. The pavilion master handed the medicine to Jiang Baiyu.

According to Fang Yuncheng’s woman, Jiang Tianling said that a need is a need, and that that is not needed is also a need, and that Zhezhi doesn’t need to be so decisive. Jiang Tianling feels how much he needs an explanation. Zhezhixiang practiced dancing, but Jiang Tianling mistakenly thought that he was looking for short-sightedness. Jiang Tianling said that he was responsible for her, but looked at him helplessly, and clearly told him that she really didn’t need his responsibility.

Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu returned to Jiang Mansion and found that the prescription was missing. They could only rely on Shui Wuxia’s memory and wrote the prescription based on her memory, but Jiang Baiyu couldn’t understand it at all, so he could only ask Jiang Tianling to come and have a look. Jiang Tianling had to act with Fang Yuncheng and Qi Delong again, pretending to be a servant and standing aside, watching Qi Delong’s eating portrait of her father, he couldn’t bear it. After eating, he helped her father clean his mouth before he was more comfortable.

Shui Wuxia and Shen Qingli met. Shui Wuxia brought back a lot of spiritual grass from Langya Pavilion. He boiled the medicine and deliberately increased the amount. However, Shen Qingli’s injury had healed. Wouldn’t it mean that he would explode and die when he repaired it. Shui Wuxia wanted to see Shen Qingli’s wound. Shen Qingli had to change the subject. Every time they met, they talked about the wound, saying that they wanted to talk to her about something else and let her talk about what happened in Langya Pavilion. Shui Wuxia briefly recounted what happened to them in Langya Pavilion, and looked at Shen Qingli’s wound. Shen Qingli ran away under the pretext that something went wrong.

The school is about to go to criminal class. Qi Delong came to ask Shui Wuxia what to prepare. Shui Wuxia felt that it would be impossible to read a book in criminal class. If they could imitate the crime scene, it would be more vivid, so the two went to prepare the crime scene. Up. Qi Delong said that for a while, they pretended to be the deceased, and let Jiang Baiyu and Jiang Tianling speculate on the cause of death, which was better than rote memorization. Shui Wuxia was dreaming of Shen Qingli’s abnormal behavior last night, but Qi Delong asked her but she didn’t hear it.

Shui Wuxia pretended to be a dead person. From Qi Delong’s words before, she felt that Shen Qingli must be jealous, and decided to keep her distance from Jiang Baiyu in the future. Facing Jiang Baiyu’s approach, she was very resistant, facing his touch she was very stiff, after he found the wound, she hurriedly left.

On Jiang Tianling’s road, I met Zhezhi and saw her hurriedly asking her what’s wrong. It turned out that there was an old man in her seventies who likes to watch her dance. He had to let her go to the mansion to dance a song, but now she forgot to take her back. Go to Hua Lantern Square. Jiang Tianling asked her about how long it would take. She said that it was only a quarter of an hour. It should be too late for Huadengfang then. Jiang Tianling said he had a way to let her follow. Jiang Tianling bought clothes and jewelry for Zhezhi, but it was a pity that it rained, but Zhezhi said that she wanted to dance anywhere, so she danced on the bridge.

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