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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 19 Recap

In the first stage, the debaters tested the familiarity of the lovers. Jiang Baiyu was full of confidence, blindfolded and started to touch it from the first. The first person is very clear. The second person Shui Wuxia deliberately moved his hands to suggest Jiang Baiyu, but he thought he wanted to confuse him. He said that her hands were dry and aesthetically unsightly.

The hands should not be plump and round. The fourth hand is slender and slender. He judged it to be flawless. Jiang Baiyu was excited to take off the blindfolded cloth, but when he saw the person in front of him, he turned and defended that he had made a mistake, vowing that he would definitely not lose in the next level.

In the second pass, Jiang Baiyu was three-to-one. He thought it was a test of his masculinity, and felt that he could only pass the pass by winning the water flawlessly. Shui Wuxia also wondered whether this level was a test of force, so why did she let her go, because she couldn’t control so much, Shui Wuxia decided to let him win first.

As Jiang Baiyu thought, he won. He beat three and eliminated three people. He was very happy to ask Senior Sister Seven if she showed the strength that a man should have. Senior Sister Seven said that he did not show the grace that a man should have. The sweetheart said that if you hit, you will lose your emotional intelligence.

Jiang Baiyu thought there was another level, but Senior Sister Seven announced the results of today’s assessment. She didn’t know much about her beloved and lacked manly demeanor, so there was no next level. Jiang Baiyu said that Senior Sister Seven was deliberately concealing the target, it was cheating. Senior Sister Seven was also angry and added that she was good at sophistry and didn’t know how to measure, so she drove him out.

Jiang Baiyu was walking in the woods and suddenly heard the woman’s cry for help. Jiang Baiyu walked to her and squatted down and looked at the wounds bitten by the snake. He said that the wounds were not deep and they should have been bitten by a grass snake. It would be fine if they were cleaned.

Now, Jiang Baiyu felt that she should also be the maid of Langya Pavilion, and asked her if she knew Wuxia, and asked her to take him into Langya Pavilion. The woman pulled Jiang Baiyu and said that she was definitely bitten by a poisonous snake. She was almost unable to breathe and asked him to help remove the poison, but Jiang Baiyu did not play the card according to the routine, and used her hand to force her to press out the poisonous blood.

The woman hurriedly stopped Jiang Baiyu, took out the anti-snake venom medicine she was carrying with her and took it. The girl said that she could take him in, but her leg was injured and she couldn’t walk and asked him to hold her. He agreed to carry her away. Shui Wuxia and Senior Sister Seven stood by and watched. This was the last level. Shui Wuxia said that Jiang Baiyu was not so simple and rude at ordinary times. Shui Wuxia felt that a straight man like Jiang Baiyu would definitely not be able to pass the level.

Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia came to see Pavilion Master Qiu, who saw Jiang Baiyu’s sincerity for Wuxia from the previous test. Although Jiang Baiyu misidentified Shui Wuxia’s hand in the first pass, we can see his usual behavior. Very measured. Although he tried his best to win in the second level, he actually wanted to prove his strength and didn’t want to rely on her protection everywhere. In the third level, the weak woman threw his arms around, but he was not distracted by evil thoughts. , He passed the test.

Jiang Tianling saw the gentleman who was written in the book and dared to behave. He remembered that when he woke up that morning and saw Zhezhi and himself on the same bed, he had already insulted Zhezhi’s name and gave her an explanation, but if he stepped out of this For the rest of his life, he can only stay with her in one step, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Jiang Tianling saw that Yuncheng and Qi Delong were only acting on the scene, but because he said to Qi Delong that he would marry her, he would be responsible for Zi Delong’s father. Jiang Tianling was more determined to be responsible for Zhezhi, and he was driven out by Zhezhi as soon as he told Zhezhi. Qi Delong decided to confess to her father and told Fang Yuncheng to stop worrying about it.

The master of the Autumn Pavilion found a piece of paper in the ginseng box. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia took it back and repaired it. The piece of paper repaired not only removed the mildew but also fixed the handwriting. It needed to be left overnight, and the two exchanged each other. Tells the story of my childhood.

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