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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 31 Recap

Duan Mucui looked at the sugar man Zhanyan had given him, and remembered what happened to him when he was a child. From a young age, Duan Mu Cui Niang told Duan Mu Cui that she must work hard, and she is the heir of the tribe, so she can’t have fun. Thinking of her mother’s words, Duan Mucui put down the sugar man and got busy with his work, but couldn’t help but picked up the sugar man. At this time, Ami came in and Duanmucui let go of the sugar man. Ami advised Duanmucui not to be too obsessed with fighting, and to take a look at the beauty and delicacies of this world.

Ami returned Juque to Zhanyan. Zhanyan suggested to Ami that he wanted to enter Duanmuying, but was told that Duanmuying never recruited outsiders. Zhanyan looked at the doll Duanmucui gave to her and vowed to rescue Duanmucui.

The old qi in Kaifeng city became more and more serious, so qi seemed to be able to swallow people’s emotions and amplify people’s anger and fear. The human race and the secluded race became one in the street, and even murder and bloodshed occurred. Shangguance had absolutely no control over these matters, and even Shangguance, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu were eroded by old manners. Shangguan Ce was attacked by old anger and tried to commit suicide with a knife. He Xue was rescued by him. He Xue helped restore Zhang Long and Zhao Wu’s mentality, and informed Shangguan Ce of the existence of the old spirit. Shangguance informed the people of Qifeng City’s disturbing mentality and told them not to go out.

After Hong Luan woke up, she found herself in the Human Race Camp. The female soldiers in Duanmu Camp were very friendly to her and made her feel warm. She also chose to stay in Duanmu Camp with Wen Gu. Wen Gu brought Hong Luan to worship Yi Luo, watching Hong Luan so sad, Wen Gu intimately comforted Hong Luan. Seeing that Cheng Qi was dead, the Prince You Clan sent someone to assassinate the human prime minister Jiang Yi.

Jiang Wenqing discovered that Duanmu’s victory over Anyi suffered heavy losses and the history may have been changed because of his appearance. Huchang became the commander-in-chief of the attack on Anyi City, and said that Duanmuying was a female soldier and had no combat effectiveness, which made Duanmucui very angry.

Zhan Yan silently guarded Duan Mucui who was out of the camp to relieve her, and accompanied her on horseback. Halfway through Zhanyan, he found clothes worn by the You clan, guessing that the man in black was about to attack the prime minister Jiang Yi, so the two rushed back to the camp to deal with the man in black but Duan Mucui was accidentally injured. Duanmucui’s blood dripped on the Juque Sword and merged with the Juque. He learned that he had really repaired the Juque with blood.

Seeing that Duan Mucui and Zhan Yan were getting closer, Kuchang spoke to remind her to pay attention to the difference between men and women. Wen Gu realized that Duanmucui was injured by You Clan’s sorcery, so he used You Clan Healing Techniques to help her out the poison gas, but Yang Jian mistakenly believed that Duanmu Cui was the You Clan’s key Duanmu Cui, and put Wen Gu in the dungeon. In reality, Yang Jian used the life lamp to check whether Duanmu was alive and learned that Duanmucui was still alive in Shen Yuan. In reality, people don’t remember Duanmucui and Zhanyan more and more, and sometimes even forget their names.

Seeing that Duanmucui was seriously injured, Zhanyan and Hongluan rescued Wen Gu from the dungeon. Under Wen Gu’s treatment, Duanmucui gradually regained consciousness and saw Xihualiu and Zhanyan’s face in the nightmare. Seeing Duanmucui awakened by Wen Gu, Yang Jian’s impression of Wen Gu gradually improved. Zhanyan was afraid that Duanmucui would be hurt by the You clan, and came to accompany Duanmucui.

Zhanyan told Duanmucui that they were both people after a thousand years, and because Duanmucui couldn’t let go of the past, they came to Shen Yuan, so she just came to take Duanmu away. Duan Mucui had some doubts about Zhanyan’s words, and decided to go and ask Yang Jian. Yang Jian told Duan Mucui that Shen Yuan was a world and might have seen what happened before. Duanmucui asked Yang Jian if they were in Shen Yuan, but Yang Jian thought Duanmucui was just thinking.

Wen Gu was bullied by people in the camp and rescued by Duanmucui. Duanmucui went to find Gao Bojian to reason, and took Wen Gu to Duanmuying.

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