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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 30 Recap

Hong Luan was injured by the Yannv, and all this happened to be seen by Yu Du who came to look for clues. Yu Du wanted to tell Duan Mu Cui that becoming a beggar was a meticulous work. Cheng Qi was worried that his collusion with You Clan would be exposed, so he cruelly killed Yu Du. When Wen Gu and Zhanyan arrived, only the body of Yu Du and the injured Hongluan were found. Cheng Qi took the opportunity to come with his brother, and framed Zhanyan and Wen Gu as murderers and spies. After several days of observation in the camp, Jiang Wenqing found that history has not changed, and that he only needs to wait until the deity is enshrined.

Yu Du was murdered and died. Duanmucui and Duanmuying’s sisters were heartbroken and determined to find the murderer to avenge Yu Du. Duanmucui thought that Zhanyan and Wen Gu were murderers, and came to the prison, but Zhanyan never expected to meet Duanmu again in the prison. Duanmu, who was still immersed in the grief of Yu Du’s murder, rushed into prison, and stabbed Zhanyan with a sword without saying a word. Zhan Yan once again realized that Duan Mucui at this time did not remember him at all.

Zhan Yan remembered what Yang Jian said, Shen Yuan belonged to a place outside the sky. Duanmu Cui in Shen Yuan didn’t know Zhan Yan, and when he entered Shen Yuan, reality would obliterate everything that existed. Duanmu could still survive in Shen Yuan, and Zhan Zhan Yan did not. However, Zhanyan still believes that she can wake Duanmu and take her away from Shen Yuan. Although Duan Mucui was sad, he saw that Zhanyan’s skill and guts were not like a murderer at all, so he recovered his reason and decided to interrogate him.

Suddenly, Kuchang, who broke into the prison, learned that Zhanyan was capable, and decided to compete with Zhanyan to try his strength. The injured Zhanyan lost to Huchang, and was soon at a disadvantage in the competition. Duan Mucui always felt that Zhanyan seemed to have known each other before, so he stopped Huban in time and planned to observe this person carefully. Duan Mucui saw Zhanyan’s skill and remembered what Yu Du said about Zhanyan before his death, and felt that it must be fraudulent. Duan Mucui discovered that Zhanyan’s giant Que Sword was special, and seemed to be very close to him, and even more confused about Zhanyan.

Duan Mucui went to meet Jiang Yi, wanting to avenge Yu Du. Gao Bojian persecuted Duanmucui, but Duanmucui had been protecting Zhanyan, feeling that Zhanyan was not the murderer of Yu Du. Ami wanted to help develop her face and apply medicine, but Duan Mucui stopped her. Zhan Yan asked Ami to go out, wanting to tell Duanmu Cui something about the army alone. Gao Bojian felt that things might have been done by a beggar, but he didn’t recognize it when he was a beggar. Gao Bojian was no longer jealous.

Zhanyan told Duanmucui that she was only here to take Duanmucui away. Zhan Yan told Yu Du’s death that it was because Yu Du found a spy in the army, so he was killed by the spy in the army, and the spy in the army was a beggar. Zhanyan wanted to see the clues left by the death of Yudu, looking for evidence that Chengqi was the murderer of Yudu.

Cheng Qi sent the news of Duanmucui’s attack on Anyi city ten days later to the Prince of the You Clan, and the Prince You Clan chose a strong general as the vanguard to fight. Examining Yu Du’s body, Zhan Yan found that the murderer was a left-handed man and the murder weapon was a scimitar. Zhanyan felt that the murderer must go back to the prison to kill people in order to destroy the evidence. Zhanyan and Duanmucui went to rescue Hongluan and Wen Gu. Duan Mucui was worried that Xi Zuo would leak the attack on Anyi City, and was very depressed. Zhanyan and Wen Gu went to the scene to check and felt that there might be grass seeds on the killer.

Duanmucui lied in front of everyone that Hongluan was about to wake up, and wanted to beg to come. As expected, he came to kill people at night, so he was captured by Duanmucui. Zhanyan found evidence of the correspondence between Chengqi and Prince Youzu in Chengqi’s camp, and Jiang Yi appeared to learn the truth. Before Cheng Qi died, the situation of using You Clan magic weapon to general camp was passed on to You Clan Crown Prince.

Duan Mucui thanked Zhanyan for helping her find the murderer of Yudu. Zhanyan talked about the streets of Kaifeng City. In order to comfort Duanmucui, Zhanyan took out candy from Qiankun’s bag to comfort Duanmucui.

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