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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 48 Recap

Changge will tell about the fact that Mi Mi has been threatened by Yi Cheng. It turned out that Mi Mi had already discussed with Changge when she revealed Changge’s identity at the conference. She had never betrayed Changge. Mi Mi deliberately did it, in order to get Mi Mi to gain the trust of Yi Cheng, and mix into Dingxiang City to find out information for her.

Yi Cheng prepared to kill A Shi Le Falcon in public to try to follow suit. Chang Ge and Xufeng and his group wanted to get into the palace and rescue A Shi Le Falcon, but Sheer took the initiative to help Chang Ge, and he volunteered to become Chang Ge’s hostage. With Sheer’s help, Changge changed her plan. She was divided into two groups. She held Sheer to the hall to rescue Ashley Falcon by herself. On the other hand, she sent Xufeng and Shuyu to rescue Empress Xiao’s mother and son, Mi Mi and Uncle. true.

In the main hall, Changge held She’er and threatened Yi Cheng to release Ashyl Falcon. Yicheng has only one son. She can’t afford to gamble, so she ordered the release of Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon and Sheer exchanged venues. Ashley Falcon passed by Sheer’s side and said thank you. He already knew Sheer. He was arrested deliberately to save him. He didn’t want to watch Yi Cheng make mistakes again and again, and he didn’t want to see Ashley Falcon die, so when she came to Yi Cheng’s side, she threatened everyone not to act rashly with Yi Cheng’s life.

Yicheng knew that Sheer would not kill her. She ordered Raymond to hunt down Ashley Falcon, but Sheer threatened Yicheng with her own life. Only then did Yicheng realize that Sheer and Changge had just joined forces. In a bitter drama, she was so angry that Leimen led someone to catch up with Ashley Falcon, killing him without mercy, and if Sheer did not agree with her, she did not have to stay by her side.

Changge and Ashile Falcon prepare to escape from the palace. Mi Mi meets the two in the dark. Changge tells Mi Mi that Bu Zhen has been rescued, and prepares to leave the palace with Mi Mi. Unexpectedly, Lei Meng led people to chase him at this time. Mi Mi blocked an arrow for Chang Ge. She hit the spot. Xufeng and Mu Jin and the others were also one step late.

Mi Mi was seriously injured. See you before she died. For the last time of Mu Jin, I only hope that Mu Jin can help her take care of Bu Zhen, and she has no regrets in dying for Long Song. Mimi’s Ling Changge kept crying, Ashyl Falcon hugged Changge tightly, and the situation in Dingxiang Palace was a foregone conclusion.

Mu Jin hugged Mimi and left the palace together. Sheer looked at Mimi in a stupefied manner. I can’t believe that Mimi is dead, but Mu Jin refuses to let Sheer touch Mimi. Mimi was killed by Lei Meng. Sheer rushed to find Leimeng to settle the accounts. Ashle Falcon hoped that Sheer could leave Dingxiang with them. Yi Cheng was destined to be defeated. Sheer refused Ashyl Falcon, and he did not stop Ashyl Falcon from thinking. Ashley Falcon was also unable to control what he did.

Li Jing’s army was overwhelmed, and the leaders of the tribes were panicked. Sheer also came to the hall to mess around. He wanted to find Lei Meng to settle accounts, hoping that Yi Cheng would wake up and the Great Sui was gone. Yi Cheng was sad that her son did not agree with him, so she was forced to take She’er away. She ordered the leaders of the tribes to leave safely on the spot, while Lei Meng led the Xiong Shi elite to meet the enemy and calmed the hearts of the tribes leaders. As everyone knows, Yi Cheng’s move just wanted Lei Meng to cover Sheer away from Dingxiang.

She walked with the leaders of the tribes. She should not die under the cover of the leaders of the tribes, but she could not let Sheer take a half risk. Raymond is loyal to Yicheng. He has been with Yicheng for thirty years. Now he only wants to stay with Yicheng and protect Yicheng to the last moment of his life. Yicheng knows Raymond’s loyalty, but Sheer is everything to her. Raymond must use his life to protect Sheer instead of her.

Raymond obediently sent Sheer away, and she couldn’t help but resist. On the other side, Ashyl Falcon came to visit the Great Khan. The toxin of the Great Khan has penetrated into the internal organs and is no longer able to lead soldiers to fight. Ashley Falcon is willing to raise the Great Khan for the next half of his life. He will tell the Great Khan about the current situation. He wanted to stop the war, restore peace to the world and restore stability to the grasslands.

Mi Mi has passed away, everyone came to send Mi Mi the last time, Mu Jin cried to say goodbye to Mi Mi, he brought Mi Mi’s favorite candy, but lost Mi Mi forever. For the rest of his life, he will do everything to fulfill Mi Mi’s last wish, and when all his things are completed, he will be able to accompany Mi Mi forever.

Changge sent Shiba and Xufeng and Shuyu to escort Xiao Zusun back to Chang’an. Situ Langlang also said goodbye to Changge. The two armies were about to fight, and Changge could not take care of the pearls. She also decided to send the pearls back to Mo. Nan, she will visit Pearl when she is free in the next day.

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