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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 46 Recap

Ashley Falcon came to Sheer’s cell, and he asked Sheer to leave first, but he had something to tell Sher before leaving. When they were young, the two brothers were very close to each other, and the Great Khan did not want to see this situation. They sent people to shoot Sheer’s little wolf, then made the wolf skin into a quiver and gave it to Ashele Falcon. Sheer has misunderstood Ashyl Falcon for so many years. He is unwilling to let Ashyl Falcon take risks alone, but Ashel Falcon clearly tells Sheer that there must be a sacrifice in the grassland, and that person is him. .

The next day, Sheer left Datang with Yicheng, and Ashley falcon also returned to Dingxiang in shackles. In the Sifang Pavilion, Li Shimin personally came forward to promote the alliance. When the tribes saw that Datang rescued their families captured by the Assile tribe, they also relieved their mouths. Then, with Li Shimin’s benevolent deeds, the tribes were ashamed of blood on the spot. The alliance, the signing of the covenant, in the future, regardless of blessings, disasters and wars, Datang will advance and retreat with the tribes.

Li Shimin summoned Changge, and he would like to give the honor of Princess Changge and let Changge stay in Chang’an for a happy life. Changge learned that Ashley Falcon went to Dingxiang alone for the danger. She was unwilling to accept Li Shimin’s arrangement. Li Shimin mentioned Mrs. Jin. It was Mrs. Jin’s last wish that Changge would be safe for her life. Back then, he wanted to arrange for Chang Ge and Mrs. Jin to leave Chang’an, but Mrs. Jin thought that she had betrayed Li Jiancheng. Li Jiancheng had always treated her favorably. She could not pass the hurdle in her heart, so she drew her sword in front of Li Shimin and killed herself. The former only asked Li Shimin to agree to her and keep Changge safe and happy for a lifetime.

Li Shimin has always loved Changge from beginning to end, treating Changge as his own. He does not want Changge to go to Dingxiang to venture into danger, but Changge could not watch his loved one in danger, even at this time. It is extremely dangerous, and she is also willing to take risks for Ashley Falcon. Li Shimin couldn’t stop Changge, he only asked Changge to take care of himself. Changan will always be Changge’s home, and he will wait for Changge to return safely. After all sorts of things, Changge finally released the hatred in her heart. Before she left, she called Li Shimin to her second uncle, and gave the sword that she had won in the past to Li Shimin again. Li Shimin wept in tears, his long song. Finally came back.

Changge came to say goodbye to his mother-in-law. In front of Mrs. Jin’s spiritual position, Chang Ge discovered Ashyl Falcon’s letter of advice, and only then knew Ashyl Falcon had already come. The letter was full of Ashyl Falcon’s affection for her. The two had experienced a lot of experience. Song a heart also fell on Ashyl Falcon unknowingly. After leaving Chang’an this time, Chang Ge toasted Mrs. Jin three glasses of wine. The first cup of wine was her wedding wine, the second cup of wine was her husband’s son-in-law, Ashley Falcon, and Mrs. Jin, and the third cup of wine was only for her. Ask Mrs. Jin to bless her son-in-law to be safe.

In the city of Dingxiang, Sheer came to see the Great Khan, and saw that the Great Khan had fallen ill in bed and couldn’t say anything. When he saw Sheer, he became angry and refused to see Sheer. Sheer was unwilling to agitate. Khan’s anger arose, so he had to leave first. The news reached Yi Cheng’s ears. Yi Cheng was not too afraid of Sheer seeing the Great Khan. She summoned Mi Mi and once again threatened Mi Mi with Buzhen’s life. After that, Mi Mi was taken to see Buzhen side, she hugged her brother tightly, but it was a pity that they were forced to separate again before seeing each other.

Sheer came to see Ashley Falcon without telling Yicheng. The two happily drank together. Ashley knew that Sheer had already seen the Great Khan, and now even Sheer himself could not believe that Yicheng would be innocent. man of. At this moment, Yicheng came to the dungeon, Sheer hurriedly left first, Ashley Falcon covered Sheer, and Yicheng did not suspect that Sheer came. Now that the frontline reports urgently, Li Tang is pressing against the army of various tribes.

Yicheng wants Ashley Falcon to fight for the grassland. Ashley Falcon is unwilling to help Yicheng, and Yicheng directly brings the scarred Mu Jin with Mu Jin. To threaten Ashele Falcon. Ashley Falcon wanted to agree to Yi Cheng’s request, but he also had two conditions. He wanted Yi Cheng to cure Mu Jin and the Great Khan, and Yi Cheng could promise to help Ashley Falcon cure Mu Jin. But the Great Khan needs to wait for the Hawkmaster to return in triumph before she will consider this matter.

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