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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 45 Recap

Gao Du and Chang Ge went out to find out the red salamander in Chang’an City. Among the red salamanders named Yang Cheng escaped. He hijacked Le Yan to threaten the two. Chang Ge pretended to agree. Gao Du took the opportunity to attack Yang Cheng. Also won. Gao Du interrogated the red salamander. The red salamander had already explained everything clearly. Chang Ge was ready to reveal the face of Yi Chengzhen and promote the alliance between the tribes and the Tang Dynasty.

Le Yan was injured on her neck. Chang Ge wanted to help Le Yan treat the wound on her neck, but Gao Du took over. He carefully helped Le Yan treat the wound. Looking at the warmth of the two, Chang Ge couldn’t help but laugh. After the incident, she believed that Li Shimin would marry the two of them, and the two of them could be regarded as getting what they wanted.

Gao Du arbitrarily deployed troops to eradicate the remnants of the former Sui Dynasty. Not only did Du Ruhui not blame Gao Du for arranging his troops privately, he also brought Gao Du to visit the ancestors and ancestors, and let Gao Du into the family tree of Du family. He is the son of Du Ruhui’s direct relatives. Du Ruhui knew that Gao Du had always been arrogant and wanted to climb to a high place by his own ability, but Gao wanted to be the attached horse. As a father, he had to pave the way for Gao Du. After that, Du Ruhui led Gao Du into the palace and told Li Shimin everything. Li Shimin personally agreed to the marriage of the two, Gao Du solemnly promised that he would take good care of Le Yan.

In the Sifang Pavilion, Datang sent a letter of alliance, and all the tribes knew about the conspiracy of the red salamander, so they were ready to sign the alliance. Unexpectedly, at this time, Mi Mi stood up to identify Chang Ge’s true identity. Yi Cheng threatened her with Mu Jin and Buzhen’s lives, so she had to expose Chang Ge as Li Jiancheng’s daughter, and she was cooperating with the red salamander. For revenge, it is not really for the sake of the desert at all, everything is the conspiracy of Changge. Looking at Mi Mi who betrayed him, Changge was stunned. Yang Cheng committed suicide to help Yicheng’s plan. Shuyu had to take Changge amidst the discussions of the tribes.

The identity of Changge has been made known to the public. Li Shimin knew that Yicheng made this move to force him to release Sheer. He asked Shuyu to negotiate with Yicheng. Datang was willing to release Sheer, but on the condition that Ashi Prisoners of war from all parts of the desert in Lebu’s hand. For Sheer, Yicheng had to agree to this condition, but he asked Sheer and Ashley Falcon to return to Dingxiang with her in front of the tribesman tomorrow.

Ashley Falcon and Sheer spent four days in the Ministry of Justice. The prince brought someone to take Ashyl Falcon away. He was ready to avenge Sheng Xin. At exactly this time, Shuyu came to the cell. He stopped the prince’s mischief and revealed the true face of Sheng Xin. The prince was so stunned that he never thought that he would misbelieve others. Shuyu came here this time by Li Shimin’s order to ask Ashyl Falcon to come and see him.

Ashyl Falcon followed Shuyu. He saw Li Shimin, but he never knelt down. He was not just Ashyl Falcon. , Is a long song person, long song will never bow to Li Shimin. Li Shimin didn’t care about etiquette with Ashley Falcon. He mentioned the current situation of Changge, and gave Ashley Falcon two options. One is to let Ashley Falcon and Changge stay in Chang’an and change their names to live. He is willing to guarantee that the two will have a worry-free life, and the second is a difficult and dangerous road.

Not only Ashle Falcon, but even Long Song will also be involved in danger. Changge is unwilling to change his name in Chang’an and live steadily, and Ashley Falcon will not agree to Li Shimin. He only wants Changge to do what she wants to do, let alone abandon the grassland. Ashley Falcon values ​​love and righteousness. Li Shimin also respects Ashley Falcon’s choice. He informs Ashley Falcon of his plan and asks Ashley Falcon to see another person before he leaves.

When the prince returned to the bedroom, he was decadent because of Shengxin’s affairs. Shuyu was accompanied by the prince. After this time, he also saw the change in the prince’s temperament and believed that this matter was not all bad for the prince.

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