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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 44 Recap

Yi Cheng sent people to find Mi Mi again, so that Mi Mi always keeps her mission in mind, and don’t think that Sheer can support him and he will be unscrupulous. There was something in this person’s words, and Mi Mi couldn’t find the long song. Her heart was flustered, and Ashyl Falcon couldn’t find the long song either. Mi Mi was jealous of Yi Cheng, she never told what she knew, but Until the long song of the night did not return, she had to rush to tell Ashley Falcon that she suspected it was Yi Chenghui’s long song.

Ashley Falcon is going to find Changge. Mi Mi wants Sheer for help, but Ashley Falcon thinks she knows Sheer won’t believe him, and only Mi Mi pretends to assassinate him, Mi Mi can exchange for Sheer’s help. A bit of trust, telling the whereabouts of Changge from Sheer’s mouth.

Mi Mi plays a scene with Ashyl Falcon. She pretends to assassinate Ashyl Falcon and returns to the room with Sheer. Sheer had long seen that the two were acting. He learned from Mimi that the poison of Zhixi was given by Yicheng, and Changge was also caught by Yicheng. In order to save Changge, Mimi was willing to return to Sheer, watching Mimi’s affection for Changge, Sheer agreed to help Mimi inquire about the whereabouts of Changge. He also wanted to know this woman who was so weak in his eyes. How did he control the royal court step by step, and what was the purpose?

Sheer sneaked into Yicheng’s room. He learned the whereabouts of Chang Ge from Yicheng’s mouth. She was trapped in a wooden house on the outskirts by Shengxin. Yicheng planned to use her to blackmail Li Shimin and ruin the space between Datang and Damo. Covenant, and Yi Cheng also had a murderous heart on Sheng Xin. After learning the news, Mi Mi came to inform Ashyl Falcon of the whereabouts of Long Song. Ashyl Falcon rushed to the outskirts to rescue Long Song.

He killed all the people who tied Long Song with an arrow. He wanted to kill Sheng. Xin, Chang Ge stopped Ashley Falcon, Sheng Xin was the person who built the East Palace, if the two killed Sheng Xin at this time, it would definitely have an impact on the covenant. At this moment, Shuyu also led people to the outskirts. Sheng Xin kept calling out the Mobei envoy to plot a murder. On the impulse of Ashele Falcon, he killed Sheng Xin with one arrow without leaving a living.

Ashley Falcon held the injured Changge back to the room. He looked at Changge’s wound, half distressed and half blamed. Changge thought that Ashley Falcon shouldn’t have killed Sheng Xin so impulsively, but Ashley Falcon only Worried about the long song, if he can’t find the long song tonight, he even kills Yi Cheng together. Nowadays, the situation is special, and every step involves a stake. Even if Ashley Falcon wants to kill Yi Cheng, he can’t act rashly, but he will definitely not let Yi Cheng get through. When the two were warm, Ashley Falcon couldn’t help but bowed his head and kissed Chang Ge’s forehead, but Pearl came in untimely with the medicine, interrupting the warmth of the two.

Yi Cheng learned that Sheng Xin was dead and Chang Ge was rescued. She was holding her accountable, but Sheer came to confess everything. He left the news. Sheer wanted to know what Yi Cheng’s real purpose was, whether it was for the Ashele Tribe or the former Sui Dynasty. Regardless of whether Yi Cheng is the former Sui Dynasty or the grassland, her purpose is only one, that is, her son must become the king and dominate everything. Seeing the ambitious Yi Cheng in front of him, Sheer couldn’t help backing back again and again, only to feel that Yi Cheng in front of him was very strange.

The death of Sheng Xin made the prince furious, and the prince asked Shuyu to find the murderer within an hour, otherwise everyone would suffer the crime of sitting. In order to give the prince an explanation, Shuyu led people to search the Sifang Pavilion. Ashley Falcon stood up. He frankly admitted that he was the murderer last night, and that he committed the murder according to orders from Sheer. This matter involves Ashley. Lebu, Shuyu asked Sheer to go for questioning together, but Yicheng refused to surrender Sheer, but Sheer voluntarily went with Shuyu to prove his innocence.

The death of Sheng Xin made the prince very sad. He ignored Li Shimin’s rage and forced Li Shimin to investigate the cause of Sheng Xin’s death for him. After being outraged by the prince, Li Shimin also asked a few people around him for their opinions on the matter. Du Ruhui believed that they could follow the death of Sheng Xin and punish the Ashle Bud, so that the Ashle Bud could no longer stand up. . Although Fang Xuanling also agreed with Du Ruhui’s views, Yicheng made another ruthless move. She spread rumors in the city, saying that the Ashle tribe had already sent troops to the desert. This news shocked all the tribes. Everyone was like a frightened bird, ready to give up. Harmony back to the desert.

Changge was worried about the covenant. Le Yan came to see Changge. Changge asked Le Yan to take another risk with her to deal with this crisis. After that, Changge and Gao both brought Zhixi to Chihe for the Tie Lebu. It turned out that Chihe had been bought by the Ashile Tribe, and Zhixi was not dead. The two fought, and Zhixi broke the Ashilebu. As for the conspiracy, Ashle’s Ministry had no plans to attack the desert at all, and the letters in Chihe’s hands were all fake.

The next day, Chang Ge appeared in front of the envoys with Zhixi, and he told the truth about the matter. It turned out that Changge had already seen Mi Mi’s strangeness. She knew about Yi Cheng’s conspiracy, so she let Zhixi die in a suspended animation, first to protect Mi Mi, and second, to see what Yi Cheng wanted to do. .

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