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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 12 Recap

Wen Jinchen wanted to take a bath with Yueyue, and confidently said that it is normal for husband and wife to take a bath together, and Yueyue reluctantly shut him out of the bedroom. While sleeping, Wen Jinchen went back to the bedroom, and Yueyue tried to tell herself that no matter how wise he was, he had to control it. In the end, the two of them slept in the same bed for one night.

Yueyue promoted Long Xiaorong to the personal legal counsel of the Wen Group’s president’s office. He was essentially Yueyue’s assistant. She did not expect that Hanchuang studied hard for eighteen years. She thought she would use her own efforts to create a world, but now she Relying on personal connections, having said that, she still accepted Yueyue’s invitation very frankly. However, Wen Jinchen thought that he was looking for a light bulb for himself. He was very dissatisfied but helpless.

Wen Jinchen sent Wenjun to try to take Long’s smile out of the office, leaving Yueyue alone. Wen Jun tried his best to hold Long’s smile. When the two were entangled and argued, they were seen by the personnel manager, which was very embarrassing. On the other side, Wen Jinchen and Yuan Yueyue were both in the office. They happened to be smashed by the smile of Long who came back suddenly. A big light bulb seriously accused them of such bad behavior, which may cause adverse effects on the company. . Wen Jinchen reluctantly moved Long Xiaorong and Wen Jun’s desks out of the president’s office.

Yueyue found Pei Xiuzhe, informed him of the recent events, and asked one of them what to do next. Pei Xiuzhe believed that Yueyue had been concealing his identity because he was afraid that his sister Won Siya and Won’s family would be affected. Many things are gradually happening now. With the landing, Wen Jinchen’s identity is also clear. It’s better to tell Yueyue his true identity frankly. If Wen Jinchen really likes it, she will definitely understand it from her perspective.

Wen Jinchen asked Zhang Guiyi why Yueyue is even more alienated from him now that his identity has been chosen. Guiyi believes that the two are only in a contractual relationship. After all, they are not considered legitimate husbands and wives. Long Xiaorong was sent to see the elevator by Wen Jinchen because of the previous incident. Wen Jun helped her resolve the embarrassment of being discussed by the company’s employees.

Yueyue tells Long Xiaorong that she intends to confess to Wen Jinchen, and the conversation happened to be heard by Ye Zhiyu. Ye Zhiyu followed Yueyuelai as her well-decorated private room, and told her previous story with Wen Jinchen. A few years ago, the two were a very good couple. However, because they had no background and could not help the Wen Group, they were driven away by Grandpa Wen on the grounds that they were not worthy. After many years, they worked tirelessly. , Finally returned to Wen Jinchen with the chips. She also told Yueyue that she didn’t have any ability to contribute to Wen’s. Even if she fell in love, she would eventually be taken apart by her grandfather.

After listening to Yueyue, she realized that this was true. I intended to take this opportunity to confess my true identity, but now I begin to reflect on whether my previous thoughts were too simple. So we found Pei Xiuzhe to go to the roadside stall to eat skewers and drink. At the same time, Wen Jinchen, who bought the flowers, has been waiting for her in the restaurant.

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