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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 9 Recap

After taking the monthly exam, students like to ask others how they are doing on the exam and what the right answers are. Yuan Caixi asked Han Yayi how he did in the exam. Han Yayi found the last question difficult. Yuan Caixi also felt that the test paper this time was very difficult. He didn’t know how Li He and the others did in the exam. Yuan Caixi came out to ask if Li He had finished writing. Li He wrote it for fun, but I don’t know if it was right.

Especially the first question of the last question was handed in after finishing writing. Yuan Caixi was surprised that he had written all such difficult questions. , Asked him how much his answer was. When he heard that his answer was correct, Yuan Caixi said that Han Yayi had answered it for a long time, and Li He was very excited that he answered such a difficult question correctly, so he must pass this time.

Li Hela took Yuan Caixi to the amusement park to relax. The two went on the carousel together and had many other projects. The two had a great time. Ning Zeyu had asked Yuan Caixi to attend the lecture before, but before Yuan Caixi could agree, she was called away by Li He on the grounds that she was in a hurry. Ning Zeyu had been waiting for Yuan Caixi, but she never came.

After Yuan Caixi went back, she saw Ning Zeyu’s message to her and quickly sent a reply. Ning Zeyu wanted to ask where she and Li He went, why she didn’t go to the lecture today, but she typed and deleted the sentence. you are welcome. The monthly exam results came out, and Li He and the others passed the exam. They were very happy.

Director Ma got the evidence that Jiangwon bought the answer and called Li He and the others to suspect that they were cheating. It happened that Yuan Caixi took the document to Director Ma to sign. Yuan Caixi defended them, but the answer was the fact and the deletion of the email was also a fact. Director Ma didn’t believe them, and they left very angry.

Li He and the few people were in a bad mood and missed class. Coach Bai bought fried chicken to coax them, and Teacher Luo came. Teacher Luo believed that they did not cheat. The hard work before the exam was seen by Teacher Luo. It is not difficult to pass the exam. And also praised them. Teacher Luo told them not to underestimate themselves. She had high expectations of them, and Li He and the others went back to class.

Pan Hao preached that Li He and a few people were cheating in the class, and even if there was anything happening, the classmates believed it, and when Li He and others appeared, Pan Hao’s guilty conscience was not so arrogant. Director Ma issued an announcement that Li He and others cheated, and the students discussed their affairs. Ning Zeyu wanted Pan Hao to reply to the email to take screenshots so that he would not take things that did not belong to him in the future, especially the ones on the monitor’s desk.

After Li He went back, he was in a bad mood and put on his shoes. His mother asked his dad to comfort him when he saw him. His dad felt that the energy to eat something good at night was gone, and they decided to add something to the evening. Yuan Caixi sent a message that there was something to tell Li He, Li He was very angry and ignored her.

When Yuan Caixi came to the school, she came to the playground to look for Li He and explain to him that she did not show the screenshots to Pan Hao or show Pan Hao to the class. Yuan Caixi asked Li He why he didn’t hear from her. He said that he must be very angry at the time. Later, I thought it wasn’t her. Yuan Caixi said that she believed that they did not cheat, and asked Li He how he planned to deal with this matter, and Li He said to use his own method to solve it. Yuan Caixi warned Li He not to hold back any bad tricks and not to be absent from class on time, and then went back to class.

Ning Zeyu felt that there was a problem with the email. Jiangwon asked how to pass the monthly exam quickly. He might just want to make a surprise and didn’t want the answer at all, but after two minutes someone said that adding QQ had an answer soon. The content was sent to him, and the monthly examination papers were not available until the day before the teacher, so when Jiangwon received the interview, there might be no monthly examination papers at all. Ning Zeyu said that as long as the email was restored, he would know if the answer was true.

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