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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 8 Recap

The four of Lee Hyuk secretly ran to the experiment two to watch their training match. Jiangwon was also worried that he would be recorded absenteeism. Lin Chuan said that there were also cases of late self-study and training before, so coach Bai said. Li He told them to go back before the second night of self-study and class. They lie in the corner to watch the training of the people in Experiment Two. Li He and the others were watching training. Coach Bai suddenly jumped from above. They were all surprised. Coach Bai came to watch the training, so coach Bai joined the ranks of the corner.

The coaches of the national team are really different as soon as they adjust their performance. Coach Bai said that he would go back and apply with the principal to see if he could invite the coach for special training for a few days. Several people were very excited. Coach Bai learned that they had skipped class to see, and hurried them back. They returned to the classroom before the second night of self-study. Li He talked to Yuan Caixi as soon as he arrived in the classroom. Yuan Caixi was very angry and didn’t want to talk to him.

After school, Yuan Caixi is leaving. Li He grabbed her bag and asked her what happened today. Yuan Caixi didn’t answer his question but asked him why he went tonight. Li He said he went to watch the game, he said he Knowing that she had an appointment with him, she came back early. Yuan Caixi became even more angry. It was he who said he was going to pass the test. She worked so hard to prepare the materials for him, but he went to absenteeism to watch the game. Yuan Caixi and Han Yayi went home.

Li He still didn’t understand what Yuan Caixi was angry with. He ran to ask Ning Zeyu and Han Yayi, but they didn’t tell him. Yuan Caixi was still very angry after returning home, and her younger brother gave her fruit and teased her about her deep love and blame, and she was so angry that she drove him out of the room.

The next day, Li He came to the classroom early, Yuan Caixi also came very early, and when he arrived, he saw Li He sitting in his seat and reading the test paper. As soon as Li He saw Yuan Caixi coming in, he greeted her and asked her for questions. Yuan Caixi ignored him. He admitted that it was his problem that he did not appear on time yesterday, and the letter of guarantee would never be again. Yuan Caixi said that if Li He really wanted to pass the test, he would not go to the football game last night. Li He was very puzzled. She said that he was absent from school to watch the football game last night. Li He explained that he went to see the training in Experiment 2 yesterday. No, he didn’t miss class and went out to play. After explaining it clearly, Yuan Caixi was not angry and gave him a topic.

Ning Zeyu and Yuan Caixi helped the PE students with their homework to help them pass the test, while Lin Chuan was individually tutored by Han Yayi. In order to thank Yuan Caixi, the four of Li He wanted to invite Yuan Caixi to dinner, but Yuan Caixi had already asked Ning Zeyu to go to the bookstore to talk about the topic. Ning Zeyu asked Yuan Caixi why he wanted to win so much to help Li He and the others review. Yuan Caixi said that she understood Li He’s performance as a sports student is not that important, but she can understand how she wants to take the exam to make her parents happy. They also helped out because of the last relay race, and this time she helped back and it was a tie.

According to Lin Chuan’s suggestion, Li He started to try to catch him the next day. Yuan Caixi greeted him in the morning and he was very cold. Teacher Bai in physical education class had no time to lead his classmates to do warm-up exercises and deliberately targeted Yuan Caixi. Han Yayi asked Lin Chuan if Li He had taken the wrong medicine today.

Not only was he indifferent to Yuan Caixi but also targeted Yuan Caixi everywhere. Han Yayi asked Lin Chuan what happened to Li He. Lin Chuan told Li He about the incident, and Han Yayi’s move to find Lin Chuan meant that Yuan Caixi couldn’t help himself. Li He was worried that if he kept ignoring Yuan Caixi, she would be really angry. Lin Chuan once again convinced him to find the right time to show concern and love her suddenly, and she would fall completely. Yuan Caixi decided to do what they had planned. Yuan Caixi didn’t act according to their plan, and they panicked completely.

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