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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 7 Recap

Han Yayi sent Yuan Caixi to the infirmary and saw Huang Yuan lying on the bed. Han Yayi blamed her because Yuan Caixi ran for her and injured her leg. Their class also lost the game. Huang Yuan also knew she was wrong. , But she also got cramps and vomited. She went back to the class and apologized to the class.

On the second day of losing the game, Lee Hyuk performed his bet and put on a tortoise costume. Before he walked out, he had been mentally prepared for a long time. The classmates went to watch and take pictures. Zhang Ye stepped forward and taunted him holding his mobile phone to take a photo, and Yuan Caixi walked into the crowd to stop him. Jiangyuan Linchuan Yunxiang also came out to accompany him in a tortoise suit, and it didn’t feel embarrassing to face him with them.

Coach Bai came over to scold them and told them to change clothes and go back to class. Han Yayi came to the bathroom and dragged Lee Hyuk to the dining hall, and Gangwon and the others followed suit. The classmates were waiting for them, and Ning Zeyu even prepared a meal for him. Yuan Caixi and Ning Zeyu persuaded the classmates to deliver meals to Zhang Ye and the others. When Li He and the others arrived, the meal was ready. Li He led the classmates to line up and put the meal on the table in front of Zhang Ye. .

Coach Bai learned that Li He’s four people were wasting food before they finished wearing fancy clothes at school, and asked them if they had to turn the school down to a genius. Coach Bai told them that they were frog-jumped. After school, Li He waited for Yuan Caixi to take her home, in order to thank her for inviting her to dinner.

Li He didn’t pass the exam, and felt a little disappointed. Looking at Lin Chuan’s test paper with more than 90 points, he determined that he must pass the exam next time. Lin Chuan comforted him that it is not difficult to pass the exam. Li He went home happily and ran to the kitchen to see what kind of food he was eating today. His mother picked up his schoolbag and was very happy to see the test paper inside. She excitedly told Li He’s father that he was holding him and said that he was proud .

Li He explained that it was not his paper but Lin Chuan’s, and his mother took a serious look at the next one. His mood was not very good for a moment, and it was only 58 minutes. His dad immediately pushed him away and helped his mother to sit on the sofa. Let her calm down. Li He explained that he was a sports student, and that Lin Chuan was the best learner among them, and he was also very wronged.

When Lin Chuan learned of this, he immediately gave him an idea to cheat. A few people came to the classroom to listen to Lin Chuan’s analysis of their ideas. Yuan Caixi came to the classroom and heard their plan. He pulled Li He out and asked him to take out the cheat sheet. , Li He had to take out all of them. Li He said that although his parents would not scold him because of his grades, it didn’t mean they didn’t care. He just wanted to pass the exam to make them happy. Yuan Caixi decided to help him after learning about it.

There were four days before the monthly test, she told Li He to give it to her. Yuan Caixi told Han Yayi about this matter, but they didn’t think of how to make all the sports students pass. The more they thought about it, the more it became impossible. The two sighed while holding their chins, and they happened to be heard by Ning Zeyu. A few of them went to the dessert shop. Ning Zeyu also said to help. Yuan Caixi has been thinking about how to make all physical education students pass all subjects. In fact, for physical education students, as long as they pass the main subjects or pass half of the subjects, they are considered successful.

Coach Bai took the classmates for a run. After running, Coach Bai asked them to disband and do stretching. After Coach Bai left, Zhang Ye came over and felt strange. Zhang Ye said that Li He is great, but there are mountains outside the mountain in the second experiment. This point is not enough. Now the track and field team has hired the national team’s retired coach, and the training plan has been upgraded in all aspects. Li He and a few people planned to watch the training match of Experiment 2 in the evening. Yuan Caixi sent him a message to ask him to come back early for self-study in the evening. She has something to find him.

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