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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 10 Recap

Ning Zeyu and Yuan Caixi asked the teacher to borrow the computer and recover the emails that Li He deleted. They found that it was a wrong answer. If Li He really wrote according to this answer, they would definitely fail. The person who sent the email probably wanted Li He to do worse on the test. As a result, Li He deleted the answer and didn’t read it at all. The person accused them of cheating. Ning Zeyu and Yuan Caixi put the so-called answers they agreed to on Director Ma’s. On the table.

Zhang Ye taunted Li He and others on the playground. Yuan Caixi stood up to defend Li He and said whether he cheated and Zhang Ye made it clearer. Director Ma Bai and Teacher Luo both saw the false answer, which proved that Li He and the others did not cheat. Director Ma decided to keep their monthly test results. Teacher Bai hoped that Director Ma could apologize to Li He and others. The director broadcasted to inform Li He, Jiangyuan, Yunxiang, and Lin Chuan that he did not cheat, and apologized to them. Li He and others decided to take another test to prove their innocence, and Director Ma respected their decision and agreed to them.

The school sent a mass news report that Pan Hao was still talking about Li He and them behind his back. Ning Zeyu was very angry and smashed his workbook on his desk. Pan Hao stood up and said that it is necessary to make it so loud, Ning Zeyu said not much. No, he was afraid that he would not be able to cover the voice of Pan Hao talking about others behind his back, so that Pan Hao would not listen to the wind or rain in the future, and say a few words that would not be bad.

Li Helai thanked Yuan Caixi, Yuan Caixi said there was another person he would like to thank, and told him about her and Ning Zeyu’s recovery of the mail together. Li He went to Ning Zeyu’s house to invite him to dinner. Ning Zeyu was surprised that he had become so kind. Li He also found C programming books on Ning Zeyu’s desk. Li He envied Ning Zeyu’s brain for being so smart. Ning Zeyu also envied Li He. Every day he came home with a table of hot meals. What his parents asked most was whether he was happy today rather than whether he had a full score in the exam.

Li Hefa said that Yuan Caixi liked it, and Li He was very happy to invite him to watch his game. The next day Yuan Caixi went to watch Li He play as scheduled. Li He asked Yuan Caixi to play basketball, and then Li He took Yuan Caixi to eat. It happened that many Ye Jingxi fans greeted Ye Jingxi. The fans cheered and screamed loudly around Ye Jingxi’s car. Li He sent Yuan Caixi home. Li He felt that the name of the big star was a bit familiar. It turned out that he was the brother that Han Ya said every day. If they knew they had seen her brother, she would still be embarrassed. Li He felt that he was tidying up and getting dressed, and getting his hair up was much more handsome than Ye Jingxi.

Ye Jingxi decided to go back to study, but also to find someone. Han Yayi learned that Yuan Caixi was very envious when she saw Ye Jingxi. After returning to Han Yayi’s news, Yuan Caixi took a nap. She dreamed that when she was a child, she and Daxiong had a birthday. Daxiong gave her a whistle necklace, and they were one of them. Later, she fell asleep and woke up to find that there was a big fire. The big bear came in and took her out, and then she woke up. Yuan Caixi took out the necklace and looked at it, thinking that she must have been too tired from playing basketball during the day to dream of Big Bear and the things she didn’t want to see.

Ye Jingxi transferred to the second class of high school. Han Yayi was very excited when he saw the real person. When he passed Yuan Caixi’s seat, he greeted Yuan Caixi, and Li He greeted him and asked him to return to his seat. Class was over. The classmates asked Ye Jingxi for an autograph. Ye Jingxi watched Yuan Caixi leave the classroom and hurried to catch up. At this time, other classmates and fans also ran over. He hurriedly pulled Yuan Caixi away and chased a group of fans behind him.

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