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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning began to make his own model. Gu Chuan secretly watched from the side until night fell when Jiang Xiaoning’s work was finally completed. Gu Chuan quietly approached Jiang Xiaoning and began to give instructions. Gu Chuan’s precise request gave Jiang Xiaoning a reminder. The two went home from get off work together, and happened to encounter a power outage in the elevator.

The two were trapped together, thinking it was their own cause. The maintenance personnel were coming, and the two had to wait together. Jiang Xiaoning squatted in the corner and chatted with Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning, who had always thought that he was possessed by God, was enlightened by Gu Chuan.

The topic continued to extend, and the two talked about their life pursuit Gu Chuan said that he only wanted to win the Golden Coast Award, and then retired. When he learned that the idol was going to strike, Jiang Xiaoning was unwilling to do so. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning insisting on it, Gu Chuan nodded and agreed. The maintenance team opened the elevator door. Gu Chuan hugged Jiang Xiaoning and left the elevator first. Jiang Xiaoning turned his head to extend a helping hand to Gu Chuan and looked at the palm Jiang Xiaoning stretched over. Thoughts flashed in Gu Chuan’s mind. I feel familiar…

The car was driving in the dark, and the conversation between the two continued. Gu Chuan found that Jiang Xiaoning’s father had also been a designer, but he had passed away, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit in his heart. When he arrived at the destination, Jiang Xiaoning bowed to Gu Chuan. When he got home, Jiang Xiaoning explained that it was the conversation and encounter between the two today that gave Jiang Xiaoning a lot of thought and epiphany. The words were full of thanks to Gu Chuan.

After reading Jiang Xiaoning’s text message, Gu Chuan suddenly felt heartache, and immediately called to report to the doctor. The doctor decided that Gu Chuan must have met his beloved candidate. Although Gu Chuan was still avoiding, he still looked forward to asking questions. If you really meet the beloved, what can you do to protect yourself, the doctor still asks Gu Chuan in a very confident tone to believe that he will be able to develop a method, although this sentence has been heard for more than ten years, but Gu Chuan said Once but involuntarily gave birth to some hope.

Jiang Xiaochuan and Zhao Yan are still repairing the kitchen, and they are finally done this time. The two talked about Xu Chengran, and Zhao Yan determined that Xu Chengran was a standard scumbag, but Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but say something nice for Xu Chengran. The topic turned to Gu Chuan again, and Zhao Yan still looked forward to her sisters taking this opportunity to grow.

On the second day, Jiang Xiaoning came to Gu Chuan. Unexpectedly, Xu Chengran was dragged by Xu Chengran. Xu Chengran put on a pitiful expression and asked Jiang Xiaoning to help him to conquer Zhao Yan. Seeing Xu Chengran’s haggard appearance, Jiang Xiaoning was also very haggard. Unable to bear it, he helped Xu Chengran make an appointment with Zhao Yan. Xu Chengran was very excited and hoped to be able to chase after victory in the evening.

After the quarrel, Gu’s father, Gu’s mother and Gu Chuan were discouraged and decided to go abroad again. Su Manlin came to see him off. Gu’s mother grabbed Su Manlin’s hand, hoping that Su Manlin, as Gu Chuan’s friend, could help take care of Gu Chuan’s love. When Su Manlin heard that Gu’s mother Gu Chuan’s beloved girl was Jiang Xiaoning, her jealousy spread, and she could hardly hear what Gu’s mother said. I had to say yes, but a thorn grew in my heart.

At the request of a colleague from the company, Jiang Xiaoning came to Gu Chuan’s home with the food he prepared. Gu Chuan, who was immersed in grief, saw Jiang Xiaoning who looked like a flame, and couldn’t lift the strength anymore. They were sad. Talking about the previously made model together at home, and remodeling it again.

Xu Chengran came to the food stall to look for Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan was dissatisfied that Xu Cheng had mixed Jiang Xiaoning in it, but Xu Chengran looked like he was not afraid of boiling water, so Zhao Yan, who was extremely poisonous, had no tricks. An angry Zhao Yan turned and left, and immediately turned on the phone to chase Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning, who had just finished remodeling the model with Gu Chuan, took out his mobile phone, and Zhao Yan’s anger came out of it. Jiang Xiaoning hurriedly ran home in a hurry and accidentally dropped the notebook in Gu Chuan’s sofa…

Fortunately, the sisters between Zhao Yan and Jiang Xiaoning had a deep affection, and they were coaxed in a few words. The next day, Jiang Xiaoning called Tang Xu to take her aunt and grandma home. Who knows that her aunt’s expression fell cold when she saw Tang Xu’s expression. Jiang Xiaoning knew her aunt’s prejudice against Tang Xu, but Tang Xu was very busy. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s face, the aunt didn’t say anything. The car drove to the door of the accommodation arranged by Tang Xu, and the group went upstairs.

My aunt was strolling in this strange house, full of joy. Who knew that seeing the pictures of Tang Xu and his father in the study, his face became completely serious. Up… Xu Chengran was too drunk because he missed Zhao Yan too much, and came to Gu Chuan’s house with a daze, and fell asleep. Gu Chuan had to place the tall man on the sofa and inadvertently fumbled for a strange book. With a dubious attitude, Gu Chuan opened the notebook left by Jiang Xiaoning…

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