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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning woke up and found that he had slept in Gu Chuan’s living room all night, with Gu Chuan’s washed clothes beside him, and a warm current could not help but flow in his heart. On the other hand, Tang Xu had breakfast at Xu’s house. Xu’s father suggested that Tang’s father was about to be released from prison, hoping that Tang Xu could visit him, and mentioned that he would hand over his subsidiary Huazhou to Tang Xu for handling. Tang Xu nodded and agreed, but thinking of the biological father he hated for a long time, Tang Xu kept thinking about it.

Jiang Xiaoning came to the hospital with breakfast, Xu Chengran called to ask Jiang Xiaoning to buy some food to make hot pot. Gu Chuan was dissatisfied that Xu Chengran used the injured Jiang Xiaoning, but Xu Chengran believed that Gu Chuan’s attitude towards Jiang Xiaoning was still unusual. Although Xu Chengran believed that Jiang Xiaoning was not Gu Chuan’s food, it was good to take this opportunity to get caught in the smoke. Gu Chuan listened to Xu Chengran’s words, but frowned closely.

Tang Xu promised his father’s request and came to visit his father. His father saw Tang Xu who is now wearing a suit and shoes, his eyes were full of joy, but Tang Xu still hated his father in his heart, hating him for killing his mother and ruining his life. . Tang’s father was speechless under Tang Xu’s accusation, so he had to watch Tang Xu go away.

Jiang Xiaoning came back with the vegetables he bought, and Xu Chengran let Jiang Xiaoning into the house. When the two found that there was no pot at home, Xu Chengran took the initiative to propose the responsibility for buying the pot. Watching Gu Chuan go downstairs, Jiang Xiaoning suggested that he should cook for Gu Chuan by himself. Gu Chuan immediately sent a message to ask about where Xu Chengran was going. Who knew that Xu Chengran deliberately left the two of them a chance to live alone. Gu Chuan was boring, but he couldn’t help but glance at the kitchen. Jiang Xiaoning asked Gu Chuan to come and help.

Gu Chuan would mistakenly help Jiang Xiaoning lift up his hair intimately. Who knows that Jiang Xiaoning’s original intention was to let Gu Chuan help. Gu Chuan felt ashamed for a while and hurried to hide. It seemed that Xu Chengran couldn’t get in touch at all. Gu Chuan had to eat with Jiang Xiaoning. His father suddenly sent a text message midway, and Gu Chuan glanced at it and put it aside. Jiang Xiaoning talked about the car accident that he had encountered at the dining table. Gu Chuan listened and observed Jiang Xiaoning’s expression…

Xu Chengran came to the coffee shop and found Zhao Yan in Jiang Xiaoning’s WeChat account. He secretly sighed that fate was rare, so he came up with a scheme to get a passer-by to stop Zhao Yan and ask him about the conditions for choosing a spouse. After asking, Xu It is true that this wink let passers-by leave. Xu Chengran made an appointment with Zhao Yan to deliberately take the opportunity of the last encounter to chat again.

As a veteran in love, Xu Chengran confessed that he saw Zhao Yan from Jiang Xiaoning’s circle of friends, and played a straight ball and asked to fall in love with Zhao Yan. Unexpectedly, even if Zhao Yan knew that Xu Chengran was a rich second-generation, she still refused, because Xu Chengran in front of him was like a rich kid who was idle and not in his eyes. But seeing the figure of Zhao Yan leaving chicly, Xu Chengran felt that his love for him increased even more.

Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning were eating, when the doorbell rang suddenly, and it was Gu’s father and Gu’s mother who came to visit. Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan who hurried to open the door fell and hugged each other. When Mr. Gu happened to be seen by the door, Mr. Gu was so frightened that she closed the door again, and when she opened the door again, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan pretended to be working arrangements, trying to get everyone out of sight. It is rare for Gu’s father and Gu’s mother to see his son having intimate behavior with a strange girl, and already acquiesced in Jiang Xiaoning as Gu Chuan’s girlfriend. Gu Chuan hurriedly urged Jiang Xiaoning to leave.

Only a family of three stayed in the room. The atmosphere cooled down again. Gu Chuan asked when his parents would leave. The indifferent tone once again stimulated Gu’s father, making Gu’s father use a reproachful tone. He began to question why Gu Chuan treated the two people so indifferently. Gu Chuan’s eyes were full of tears, but he insisted on refuting Gu’s father’s words almost coldly. The two were even close to breaking off their relationship and looked at Gu’s mother. Very distressed.

Jiang Xiaoning returned to the company and told Su Manlin what had happened in the past few days. Su Manlin heard that Su Manlin rushed to Gu Chuan’s home. At this time, Gu Chuan was calm at home alone. Xu Chengran came to visit again and said that his latest goal turned out to be Jiang Xiaoning’s best friend. Gu Chuan became impatient and pushed Xu Chengran away, just in time for the visitor. Su Manlin, Su Manlin’s voice of condolences did not make Gu Chuan smile again. What he got was only his short words and closed doors. Seeing Gu Chuan’s back to her, Su Manlin’s heart fell again and she had no choice but to leave.

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