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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning asked carefully whether he really helped Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan said frankly that not only Jiang Xiaoning’s ideas, but also Jiang Xiaoning’s attitude towards life have infected him. Jiang Xiaoning was very happy. Gu Chuan brought the good news back to the company, and everyone decided to have a dinner together to celebrate. Gu Chuan also agreed to join together, and let someone arrange a place for Jiang Xiaoning together, which is considered to have officially passed the assessment period. Everyone came to the high-end restaurant to celebrate.

At Jiang Xiaochuan’s reminder, Gu Chuan made a toast with a kind face. Under the reminder of his assistant, Jiang Xiaochuan brought a wine glass to Gu Chuan to toast. Everyone in the company knew that Gu Chuan did not drink and deliberately asked Jiang Xiaochuan to hit the wall. But Jiang Xiaochuan was very happy to toast Gu Chuan, even in the face of Gu Chuan. When Chuan refused, Jiang Xiaoning still drank a large glass of wine on his own, and even gave Gu Chuan and Su Manlin a hug. Xu Chengran, who walked in unexpectedly, was surprised to see this scene. He couldn’t help asking in the toilet about Gu Chuan’s thoughts.

Although Gu Chuan sternly refused, Xu Chengran still felt that he saw a different look in Gu Chuan’s eyes. Gu Chuan wanted to go back early, and Jiang Xiaoning rushed out to give it away, but seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s swaying appearance, Gu Chuan felt that it was more reliable to let him go and take her home. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning sleeping peacefully in the back seat of the car, Gu Chuan couldn’t help smiling. Jiang Xiaoning got out of the car and realized that he could not get home full of alcohol, so he decided to take a walk outside to smell.

Zhao Yan ran into Ouyang Tang after get off work. The appearance of this greasy man chasing him again made Zhao Yan feel nauseous. Seeing his hand attached to his shoulder, Zhao Yan simply threw another shoulder. On the other side, Gu Chuan watched as it was going to rain, thinking about calling Jiang Xiaoning again. Jiang Xiaoning heard Gu Chuan’s voice on the phone, bluntly saying that he had arrived home, who knew that the drunken stranger beside him was vomiting. Gu Chuan realized that Jiang Xiaoning was deceiving herself. Jiang Xiaoning could only confess the reason, and kindly handed a bottle of water to the stranger next to him.

When he saw the face, Jiang Xiaoning realized that he was the enemy He Sheng. He Sheng, who was expelled from the company, was unwilling to look around. Jiang Xiaoning, this really happened. He Sheng grabbed Jiang Xiaoning and didn’t let go. He pulled Jiang Xiaoning and walked in the rainstorm. Gu Chuan was worried when he heard the noise on the other side of the phone. He quickly got in the car and went back to Jiang Xiaoning’s home to search along the road. , I saw He Sheng and Jiang Xiaoning. Gu Chuan got out of the car quickly and punched He Sheng in the face.

He Sheng fell aside, picked up the broken wine bottle and rushed towards Gu Chuan, cutting through Gu Chuan’s arm. Jiang Xiaoning tried to subdue him, but he was also caught Scratching his arm, his arm shed blood, Gu Chuan’s heart rate rose again. Taking this opportunity, Gu Chuan grabbed He Sheng’s arm. Under the stimulation of the electric current in the rainstorm, He Sheng was directly electrocuted to the side and fainted. Gu Chuan fell to the side feebly, his heart rate dropping rapidly. Xu Chengran received a mobile phone alert and arrived in time based on the location, and sent both of them to the hospital.

Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning were bandaged in the hospital. Xu Chengran sent He Sheng to the police station. When He Sheng woke up, he was full of words that Gu Chuan had injured himself with an electric discharge. Of course, He Sheng’s breath of alcohol did not win trust. The police and Xu Chengran came to the hospital to question the two. Gu Chuan hesitated on the side, but asked Jiang Xiaoning to take him home.

Jiang Xiaoning sent Gu Chuan to his home, but he was still worried. Gu Chuan asked Jiang Xiaoning to sit downstairs and walked to the charging capsule again to charge. Xu Chengran sent the police away, and happened to meet Zhao Yan and Ouyangtang who came to the hospital. Ouyangtang cried and asked for an injury. Xu Chengran looked funny. Who knew that his ridicule once again provoked Zhao Yan’s vigilance. Xu Chengran also fell to the ground.

The timid Ouyang Tang looked scared and quickly refused the injury test, but he still called the police in an attempt to demand compensation. Zhao Yan simply wanted to warn of workplace harassment. Seeing that the situation is not good, Ouyang Tang had to flee. But Xu was really fond of the violent beauties in front of her, so she deliberately asked for a red envelope on WeChat as if she was reluctant. Sure enough, after Zhao Yan gave the red envelope, she decisively left and deleted Xu Chengran. Looking at the red mark in the chat box, Xu Chengran found it interesting.

After the charge was completed, Gu Chuan went downstairs to find Jiang Xiaoning asleep, and thoughtful Gu Chuan gave Jiang Xiaoning a blanket. At this time, the doctor’s call came, and today’s massive discharge of the heart caught the doctor’s attention. Although Gu Chuan has repeatedly refuted, the doctor reminded Gu Chuan not to fall in love, otherwise the accelerated heartbeat under the influence of intimate activities will lead to life-threatening…

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