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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 4 Recap

Tang Xu waited until Jiang Xiaoning walked out of the ward. The two talked about the scene just now. Tang Xu’s other party Jiang Xiaoning was a little sad for not accepting his help. Jiang Xiaoning explained that he chose this way only to keep his job. The two returned home like this, billowing black smoke, Jiang Xiaoning discovered that the kitchen at home had been burned down by grandma, Zhao Yan fell asleep because she was too exhausted, and she regretted it when she woke up. The landlord was angrily on the side. Wanting to break the contract, Jiang Xiaoning fought hard and promised to restore the room to its original state. Tang Xu decided to help Jiang Xiaochuan and his party by finding a house for them first.

Xu Chengran received an alarm reminder on his mobile phone. As long as Gu Chuan’s heart rate exceeds the limit, the alarm will sound. Xu Chengran quickly called to ask about the situation, and Gu Chuan explained that he wanted to try sports. Xu Chengran reminded Gu Chuan to pay attention to his body and do what he could. Gu Chuan actually agreed in a good manner, and his kind tone made Xu Cheng incredulous. It turned out that Gu Chuan thought of the cheering words Jiang Xiaochuan had said to him, and increased his hope for life in his heart, so he couldn’t help but have the idea of ​​trying…

Tang Xu sent Jiang Xiaoning and his party to live in his old house. The spacious room was very clean. Jiang Xiaoning was very grateful. Early the next morning, Xu Chengran received a call from Assistant Liu, and his face changed when he learned that his father was in the hospital.

At this time, Jiang Xiaoning was taking care of her aunt in the hospital, and rushed to pick up Gu Chuan after the meal was delivered. Xu Chengran came to the expensive private hospital. His father lay weakly in bed and tried his best to persuade Xu Chengran to go home to take care of the business. But Xu Chengran was still very unwilling. The appearance of his father and stepson close together, his father flirting with other women The swearing look makes me look unpleasant, so it is better to run the studio with Gu Chuan to get freedom.

Before he finished speaking, Tang Xu walked into the room and reported the situation to Xu’s father respectfully. Tang Xu in front of him walked into his family when he was nineteen years old, and the two of them have become brothers. The father seemed to particularly like this new son who had achieved something at a young age, and looked at Xu Chengran very unconvinced.

Gu Chuan was surprised that Jiang Xiaoning still insisted on going to work. Jiang Xiaoning’s optimistic spirit seemed to have infected Gu Chuan. With Jiang Xiaoning’s voice in his ears, this ordinary morning also added a lot of joy. What Gu Chuan didn’t notice was that the corners of his mouth had risen unconsciously. Jiang Xiaoning is in the company like a fish in the water. He has the right source. The careful and clever Jiang Xiaoning is loved by many colleagues and has many opportunities to learn.

He even put forward his thoughts on the resort project in front of Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan did not expect Jiang Xiaoning and his own ideas. Unanimous. As night fell, Gu Chuan saw Jiang Xiaoning lying tiredly on the work station, and the design drawings on the screen proved that she did think about the project. Gu Chuan thought about it and asked Jiang Xiaochuan to go fishing with him on a whim.

Looking at the calm lake, Gu Chuan listened to Jiang Xiaoning chattering for a while. Although his face was impatient, he listened carefully. The fishing rod suddenly trembled and a fish was hooked. The two caught the fish together, unknowingly. Two hands touched together. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s fluttering big eyes, Gu Chuan’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and strange feelings arose. Gu Chuan quickly released his hand and sat back to his original position pretending to be calm. Only Jiang Xiaoning was left standing in place at a loss.

Gu Chuan turned around and sat in the study room at home to give Jiang Xiaoning the painting processing. Xu Chengran called to remind Gu Chuan not to go out during the thunderstorm tomorrow. The current in the air would cause the current on Gu Chuan to accelerate, but Gu Chuan did it for tomorrow. The work is still persisting.

On the other side, Jiang Xiaoning and Zhao Yan were having dinner and chatting about today’s affairs. Zhao Yan realized that when Jiang Xiaoning mentioned her boss Gu Chuan, her eyes would start to show love, so she couldn’t help but start to help Jiang Xiaoning plan to take down the boss. Jiang Xiaoning simply refused, thinking that the aloof Gu Chuan should not be with him.

The next day, Xu Chengran sent Gu Chuan to the company. Who knew that Tang Xu came to send Jiang Xiaoning to work. When Xu Chengran and Gu Chuan saw that the two met, they were angry at the same time. They fabricated a company rule on the spot to prohibit the internship period. When falling in love, Jiang Xiaoning would naturally not give up this opportunity, he still persuades Tang Xu to leave first, so as not to be embarrassed.

Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to the cooperative company again. Gu Chuan handed in the improved plan. By the way, he praised Jiang Xiaoning’s ideas before the cooperation. President Qin readily accepted the new plan and informed that someone was in the middle of rejecting the plan. The price has been raised, and now the situation is clear, and I have dealt with the traitor, and both sides will continue to cooperate.

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